The Getaway

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Day 0

Since I left home, almost a year ago, I decided to take adventures and explore, everything with the determination of being happy with my reality, of finding myself. I traveled to a lot of places, I met a lot of people and lived their culture with them. It was amazing. But there’s one thing, after leaving Los Angeles, I never put thought on relationships.

And since the beginning of my journey, when I met Jack, I never stopped thinking about him. So, when he had the idea of going away just the two of us, I couldn’t say no. And it makes sense, actually. I need this time alone with him to figure what’s this thing going on between us.

After just one month of being in Barcelona, I’m on an airplane again, the second one today. We are headed to Puerto Rico to then take another plane that’s going to take us to Anguilla and then take a boat, I don’t know what’s coming up next on the trip. He didn’t say, he wants to surprise me.

I look up at him, he is sleeping on his seat right next to me. I’m so excited of spending these two weeks with him and only him.

But at the same time, I’m nervous. We have never spent that much time together.

This past week was just a hint of what is coming up next. He came to my place almost every night to have dinner together. Every single night he gave me a glimpse of what we are going to do on the trip. He talked about jet skis, hikes, scuba diving, about going to clubs. Apparently, he has everything planned but I still don’t know the whole thing yet.

It’s strange to think that we are going to spend two weeks all by ourselves. I still say we could have figured that out in Barcelona, but I’m not complaining to go on a little vacation.

Thankfully, Paulina agreed on letting me go for two weeks. It was strange because I literally just started working for her but I can’t say I’m not happy she agreed.

“What time is it?” Suddenly a raspy voice speaks next to me.

“For us, around eight.” I say, without moving my eyes of the National Geographic magazine in my hand.

“Mmm.” He sits up, stretching his arms. “I was off for how long?”

“Around two hours or more. We still have five more to go.” I say, now looking at him. “I can’t believe you convinced me on spending a full day on airports and airplanes.”

“It’s going to be worth it.” He says, coming near me. “Besides, you are doing it like a total champ.”

“I think I’m finally getting used to flying.” I say, truly. “I’m still nervous with the take offs and landings though.”

“You’ll get used to that, too, hun.” He places a kiss on my cheek and then stands up. “I need a wee.”

“Go on.” I move my legs, letting him pass.

When he comes back, I’m curled up in a blanket. The sky is dark outside and adding that I haven’t slept in at least twelve hours, my body is asking to zone out. He sits beside me and signals me to get closer to him. He puts an arm around my shoulders and curls me up to him. I smile, I like sleeping on his chest.

“You’re so warm.” He says to my ear.

“And you’re so comfy.” I glance up at him, feeling butterflies in my stomach seeing his green eyes close to me. “I think I’m taking a nap right here.”

I can’t help but get all flustered when we act like a couple.

“Okay, baby.” He says to me, I go a bit up and peck his lips. “Good night.”

“Night.” I say, closing my eyes and resting on his chest.

I smile to myself while trying to sleep. It’s weird to feel butterflies just by a tiny kiss.

That’s something else he said he wanted to take slow. The most contact we had this past week, was the two-minute make out session we had in the back store of the gallery when it was my turn to close. It was so short but so full of passion. And to think I once thought he only wanted me for a fun weekend. I think he’s proving himself now.

Still thinking of that little make out session, I fall asleep, feeling his chest going up and down under me.


The plane number three of the day just landed in Anguilla, my hand is still in Jack’s just like the three last landings. I don’t know what time is it anymore, nor in here in Anguilla or back home. I’m just really, really tired.

“Finally here.” He says looking at me. “Let me get our things so we can get off.”

“Let me help you.” I say, standing up just after him.

“It’s okay, there’s someone coming for our bags.” He says, stopping me.

In this small plane there’s only sixteen seats, eight on each side but only four of them were taken, we were the other two. Quickly, the only flight attendant comes help us and gives our bags to another flight attendant that was waiting outside. I walk outside first, the heat immediately hitting my face. I take the little stairs down.

“Mr. Jack, what a pleasure to see you again.” A man dressed in a suit says to Jack, who is now standing next to me.

“Hello, thank you. Maurice, right?” Jack says, shaking his hand. The man nods his head. I just stand there, all confused.

“Should we get going, sir?” The man says, pointing to one of the cars parked near the airplane.

“Sure. Let’s go, babe.” Jack says, holding my hand. It’s now that I notice two attendants loading the car with our bags, five bags in total and his guitar.

When we are finally inside of the car, Maurice starts driving and asks for our passports. We hand them both and he keeps driving inside of the airport.

“Do you always travel like this?” I ask in a whisper. “First class and private planes? Drivers?”

He smiles at me and shrugs, I can see the red in his eyes telling me he is tired, just like I am.

The driver only stops for five minutes while they check our passports. They also check the trunk but it was just procedure. Then, Maurice drives for about fifteen minutes. We are quiet, but I think it’s because we are very tired of all the traveling. You can see a glimpse of sun coming out in the sky, that means we have been awake for far too long.

Finally, the car enters into a Harbor, I’m amazed by all the boats and yachts in here. He parks in an entry, where a group of four people are waiting. Maurice stops the car and someone comes to open the door for us.

“Thank you?” I say, then I chuckle to myself. Jack chuckles at my reaction.

I get off, looking around. We are going to spend the next two weeks in one of these boats, I mean I can’t complain but, this is just insane.

“It was a pleasure to drive you again, Mr. Stone.” Maurice says, Jack shakes his hand again and then just turns around.

“Let’s get to the boat already. I’m falling asleep on my feet.” Jack says looking at me, his eyes are kind but his tone is flat. He starts walking without me and it takes me a second to follow him.

“Where is the boat?” I say, following him. He stops to let me reach him, and then holds my hand, moving his phone to his pocket.

“It’s already waiting for us out there, we have to walk to it.” He says to me while we walk. “Are you hungry?”

“A bit but I think I’m more tired than hungry.” I say with a yawn. “I like the weather.”

“Let me call them so they can have something ready when we arrive.” He says, getting his phone out again.

We walk for about three minutes, the group of four people following right behind us. Then, I notice the boat that is waiting at the end of the dock. Holy motherfucker. I try to keep my face serious but the truth is, I have never seen a boat that big before.

“Is that... Our boat?” I say in a gasp. Jack turns to look at me and chuckles, leading our steps.

“You’re so cute.” He says, finally stopping in front of the gigantic boat. “This is home for us for the next two weeks.”

“I can’t believe this.” I open my mouth, looking at the boat that is right next to us. I feel tiny next to it. “I’m… Speechless.”

“Come on, let’s get inside now.” He says, placing a kiss on my temple and walking away.

I thank the people that got our bags and then with the help of Jack I get inside, taking the stairs to the first deck. Two of the attendants get inside with the bags and there’s other two attendants that were waiting for us, they’re both wearing white polos and khaki pants. Jack says a brief hello to them and then waits for me to get inside.

It’s enormous, even more from inside. It’s so beautiful, all wooden floors, pastel and soft brown seats, the lights are dimmed and it makes it look even more luxurious than it is. My face must be a poem right now, this is insane.

“What the fuck.” I whisper to myself, this isn’t like the past eight months I spent traveling around.

Not even close. Living with three dollars a day and couch surfing, eating dollar meals. This is definitely not close to anything in my entire life.

“We made you both a grilled cheese, sir.” The female attendant says, she’s walking next to us. “If you need anything else, feel free to call us.”

“Thank you.” Jack says for the both of us before taking the stairs to the next deck.

And once in the next deck, that it’s half open with an open area, Jack finally stops walking and turns to look at me.

“Here we are.” He says, I shake my head. What the fuck.

“Holy shit.” I say, I just can’t keep a poker face anymore. “I can’t believe this. It’s... Wow. It’s wow. That’s what I have to say. Wow.”

He hugs me and lifts me from the floor, I see a big smile on his face. I laugh, looking down at him. After a few seconds he places me back on the ground.

“Seriously, two weeks in here?” I look at his green, reddish eyes. “Fucking paradise. Thank you.”

“It’s nothing.” He says, only for me to hear. “We need this.”

I smile at him, biting my bottom lip.

“Now, let’s eat so I can show you your room.” He says to me and points to the table. “I’m very, very tired.”

“Me, too.” I say, following him.

Two plates with a delicious cheesy sandwich in each are waiting for us on the table. I don’t even sit down to eat it, my stomach was making noises. He doesn’t sit either, we stay in front of each other just eating. I look outside the wide windows, the sun is coming up and the tinted glass makes the sight a beautiful one. It’s blue, purple, pink and orange, all in the same sky.

When we finish eating, he guides me to the next deck. This one is the smallest of them all but it’s still bigger than three times my apartment. He walks and stops in front of a door.

“This is you.” He moves his head for me to open the door. I do, I can see he likes to surprise me.

Another ‘Wow’ to my list of wow’s in these short twenty minutes. This room is incredible. The bed is enormous, and it has a closet and its own bathroom. In the ceiling, it has a round window that shows you the sky from your own bed apart from the wide window on the side.

“Oh my god.” I can’t help but smile, I look at him, he is looking at me hiding a smile. “You had this all planned. You’re evil.”

“Maybe.” He says with a smirk. “A tired little devil, in fact.”

“Yeah, we should get some sleep.” I say, moving my hands to his shirt. “Thank you again, for all of this. My mind can’t even process it.”

“Have a nice rest, Frances.” He says, giving me a delicious kiss. “See you in a few hours.”

“Sleep well.” I say, letting him go. He’s just two doors from mine.

After I see him enter to his room, I close my door and jump on the bed, stretching my whole body. I can’t believe I’m on a yacht, with him. For two damn weeks. How am I get myself to sleep when I’m on a place like this?


I wake up disoriented, I see the sun shining bright outside and on top of me. I stay on the bed, the room is cold and its making it hard for me to get off the bed. I glance at the clock on the side table, it reads two, I have been off for more than eight hours but I needed it. I finally sit up, now noticing through the window that there’s no land near us. I stand up immediately.

We are in the middle of the sea. We are in the middle of the sea!

Excitedly, I take a quick shower and put on my swimsuit, wearing a big button up on top. I get outside of the room, seeing that Jack’s door is still closed. I walk to the end of the floor to the open area.

This is so beautiful. I stay in there for some minutes, my elbows on the rails, just looking at the white waves the boat is making in its path, the boat is moving slowly.

I love the feeling of the sun on my skin, the light breeze, the clear blue sky above me. I’m in love with this and its only beginning. I can’t believe I’m here.

“Good morning, miss.” Out of nowhere the female attendant appears, taking me by surprise. “Well, afternoon.”

“Hi.” I say, moving my hand to my chest. She scared me.

“I’m Rachel and I will be serving you during your stance.” She says to me with a bright smile. Her skin is perfectly tanned, it goes perfect with her blonde curly hair. “Would you like to have lunch or maybe a drink?”

“Lunch, that would be amazing.” I say, now noticing how hungry I am. “Uh, do you know if Jack is awake?”

“No, miss. I think he’s still sleeping.” She informs me. “If you like to follow me, the food will be served downstairs.”

“Okay.” I say, nodding my head. With that, she walks guiding our way.

Once on the second deck, I tell her I would like to eat in the table outside. I sit and I order just water for the moment. She leaves and I stay there, looking at the distance. I’m on a table outside that has a roof but you can still feel the sun coming through it. It feels nice.

This is crazy. I’m on a yacht. In the middle of the Caribbean sea.

“Good morning.” I hear that husky voice along with the sound of steps. When I turn around I see Jack, walking to where I am. He is shirtless, wearing just navy swim trunks.

“Uh, you’re shirtless.” I say, pushing myself to close my mouth. I’m still not used to his inked chest or to seeing him shirtless.

And to think we already had sex, once.

“You’re pretty observative.” He gives me a smirk, coming closer to me. He gives me a kiss on the cheek, and then sits down. “Do you mind if I...?”

He then takes his pack of cigarettes out of the pocket of his shorts. He usually not smokes when I’m around but I guess that’s because we have never spent more than a few hours together, now it’s different.

“Yeah, I don’t mind.” I say, looking at him.

I have to admit, it’s very sexy to see the cigarette in his hand and around his lips, and how his fingers move when he lights the lighter.

Soon enough, the attendant, Rachel, comes with two drinks. My water and something that looks like a piña colada, she places it in front of him and tell us the food will arrive shortly.

“I forgot your favorite drink is actually piñas coladas.” I say, taking my water.

“Liam is an excellent bartender. He was the one that made me addicted to these things.” He says, referring to the male attendant we saw earlier today. “Do you want a sip?”

“Sure.” I take the drink from him and take a sip. “Oh my, it’s delicious.”

“Keep it, I will order another.” He winks at me, and soon enough Rachel comes back with two plates of food.

“This also looks delicious.” I say, looking at the perfectly cooked fish on my plate. “Is this place real?”

“Yes, baby, it is.” Jack chuckles, looking at me. “Hey, Rach, can you bring me another one of those? I think we are going to keep drinking them the rest of the day so, just keep ’em coming.”

“Please, do.” I add, looking at her with a smile. She chuckles at us and then leave us.

“Well...” He says, grabbing the water in front of me and moving it up. “For these two amazing weeks.”

“For these two amazing weeks.” I say, clinking the glass with his. “Cheers.”

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