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The Demon's Divine (I'm a Demon's Pet )[Unedited]

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The world has literally turned into hell, taken over by non-other than demons themselves. The angels won't help so, we are left at the hands of this diabolical creatures. Over the last century they had come to an agreement that all demons where to become nobles and high respected individuals, stripping any person with a high wealth status to a commoner like the rest of us. Since we no longer have a government, Satan the devil himself, rules us as a whole, will his hench demons scatter throughout the world claiming different lands, and ruling those themselves. The demons roam the city and control every aspect of our lives. So much so if you make the simplest mistake your as good as dead. No questions asked. Not only that, but the demons created a strict caste system that everyone has to follow, even the demons. But as you may have guessed, Humans are on the low of low. Our system works in three choices: Slave, Maid, or Pet. It doesn't matter if your male or female, one will be your fate sooner rather than later. I was born into this world. A world where Demons roam the land and Angels are cowards. My name is Belle Storm And I am a Pet.

Romance / Fantasy
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(Belle’s pov)

"Akillies’s Pet Shop, the best quality pets in all of Eden City. Built and founded by Akillies Willheim, in 2045, this large establishment-”

I sigh blocking out the annoying perky, female intercom voice, that rings throughout the pet shop. Six months and I still haven’t gotten over how irritating it was. Maybe it was the way her voice sounded exciting about the enslavement of all humanity, or I’ve heard it so many times it’s become redundant and maddening to the point I wish my ears would bleed.

Nevertheless, I’ve learned to cope and found ways to ignore the dreadful nonsense. I gaze out my glass prison, not staring at anything in particular. My eyes eventually land on, my neighbor, Mia. She sits curled up in a ball shaking uncontrollably. Her blonde hair hangs around her face shielding it from any curious demons.

I gaze at her for a while wondering what horrid thoughts has plagued her mind, until two Wraith Demons stop in front of my humble-hint the sarcasm- abode. They stare at the digital plague located next to the glass I’m encased in. The plague reads my personal information to my eating habits and blood type.

Through the thick glass it’s hard to hear what they’re saying, but in turn they soon leave without sparing me another glance. Which was fine. Mia on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. An incubus stands in front of her, cell. His handsome features filled with lust.

She doesn’t notice him at first until he taps lightly on the glass. Startled, Mia scoots father in her cell, away from the lust demon. He smiles showing, pearly white teeth. His magenta eyes sparkling with amusement. Me, I found nothing funny, nor did Mia it seems.

No sooner, the greed demon and owner of the shop, Akillies Willheim, approaches with his can in hand, and his handler, Leon, in tow. I scoot closer to the glass, hoping to make out what they are saying.

" Ah, Mr. Quince. It’s been a while since I last seen you in my shop,” Akillies said, as they both stared at Mia, attentively, but for different reasons. ” What do I owe this pleasure?”

Mr. Quince grins. ” Well, my last pet has run out of...stamina if you will. I need something fresh, new. Something like her.” He taps Mia’s cell, making her flinch. I felt bad, but what the hell- no pun intended- could I do. She was there and I was here. ” How much for her?” The lust demon asked.

“How much are you willing to pay?”


What an idiot, I thought.

“200,000 Argents,” Akillies orange eyes glowed, with anticipation and greed. I could practically feel his body humming with power. If there’s anything I’ve learned never trust a demon, especially the greed, ones. Those orange eyed freaks where the worst, compared to the others.

“Deal,” the incubus, said without hesitation.

They shake hands, and Mia’s glass prison opens allowing Mr. Quince to enter. The poor blonde flinches as the lust demon comes closer to her. She tucks her knees under chin, trying to make herself look small, but her attempts were rather futile. The demon crouches down in front of her moving a strand of loss hair from her face, he whispers something in her ear, and she nods.

Rising up he grabs her arm gentle tugging her up and exiting the glass box. Akillies, has returned with a collar and a leash, handing them both to, Mr. Quince. He hooks them around Mia’s neck. My heart goes out to her as I see tears waterfalling out of her green eyes.

I didn’t know her very well, but she’s been her more than my six months. So, seeing her go has no real effect on me, but I still pity her as I pity so many others and myself for the fate that awaits us when we get bought and sold.

Akillies leads Mr. Quince toward the entrance of the large shop, and I watch as my glass prison buddy for the last six months disappears, leaving me to wonder what going to be fall poor, innocent Mia.

I gaze around the shop spotting the other humans trapped in their glass prisons, on display for all demons to see, like animals in a zoo. I guess you could say Karma’s a bitch.

My gaze trails over everyone finally falling on the empty cell next to me, that used to hold, Mia.

’One down 2,0000 more to go,′ I sigh to myself as an envy demon stops in front of my glass with interest.

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