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The Demon's Divine (I'm a Demon's Pet )[Unedited]

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(Lucifer’s pov)

“Fuck....” The woman on my couch moans. I cringe as I watch, her eyes roll in sexual pleasure.

I don’t know if I should be annoyed or angry. My best friend, Dastran, seemed to be enjoying himself, for he was the one soiling my couch, with his and her body fluids. Now my shit is ruined. I’m never touching that again. A new couch is already in order, as I text, Ollsor, my butler to order me a new one.

He replied with a thumbs up.

" Are you two finished?” I asked trying to keep my wraith down to a minimum. For the last few days it’s been a struggle since my father left me in charge of Earths affairs, after his unexpected trip back to hell, and my patience has worn thin. Stress has eaten me alive and I barely can see the surface. My life as the fun loving Prince of hell has officially, turned to future leader of all things demon, and human.

Dastran looks up at me with a pout, his orange eyes, full of what I can assume is false apology. ” I’m sorry, Luci,” he said , pulling out of the brown hair woman on the couch. She whimpers, sitting up, sending a glare my way. Not my fault, your in my house having sex. ” I didn’t hear you come in.”


The greed demon knew what he was doing. I look at the woman, she didn’t seem like any demon I knew. Sniffing the air I catch a whiff of her scent, which was a mix of vanilla, raspberry, and...........human. I realize.

I then spot the marking on her neck that confirms my suspicions. It was swirl down her collar bone in a magenta color. Shit, the greedy devil did it again. That’s a lust demons slave.

" Dastran,” I start, running my hand through my hair. ” Who’s slave is that?” I felt like a mother scolding her child. Right now I did have time for the orange eyed demons shenanigans. I had much better things to do then replacing contaminated couches, and playing lost and found.

The greed demon, smirks, pulling up his pants, leaving his chest exposed. ” What ever do you mean?” He shakes his blonde hair, from side to side as to rid himself of its messiness, but it only seemed like he made it worse. ” I found , Megan here.” He points at the human, that is now fully dressed. “All by her lonesome, wandering about.”

I narrow my eyes at him. It’s funny how he expects me to believe the bull he’s spilling out his mouth. The nonsense Dastran pulls out his ass is comical, to the point I wish he’d stop. It just makes him sound and look stupid.

" And where exactly was the human wandering about?” I was getting tired of these games.

The sad truth behind my questioning is to stall the death of the female slave before us. She broke the contract she signed with the lust demon that owns her. No other demon can touch or have sexual intercourse without the permission of that demon. I could tell the contract was broken, because the mark on her neck was slowly turning black and causing her veins to bulge and turn a sickening green.

Dastran knew it too. A smirk graces his lips and his orange eyes burn brightly.

" Fuck you,” the woman said pointing a finger at me. ” Does it matter where the hell I came from?” She staggers toward me nearly tripping over her feet. The effects of breaking a demons contract was taking an effect on her. ” All I wanted was a good time.” She continues. ” The old geezer that bought me was never around. Even if he was the sex was never good.”

The greed demon laughs behind her as he relishes in her rants, and her current state. I shake my head, rubbing my hands on my face. ” Well this got you know where.” I tell her. ” Your going to die because of some selfish needs.”

The woman frowns, then looks down her arm where more spidery green veins have bulge. She doesn’t cry, or beg, just causal shrugs. ” Well at least, I’m dying happy.”

I don’t don’t what came over me. Rage that was built up over a period of time released, itself, when the woman before me didn’t mind dying for her own selfish needs. I saw red for a minute, when I came out of my wraith episode, there’s blood on my hands and my favorite suit. I’d moved from my spot on the wall, and now standing in a pool of human blood. The woman lays with her eyes and mouth open in pure terror. Her chest is torn to shreds leaving it a unrecognizable mess.

Dastran on the other hand seemed to enjoy this and is now licking the human blood off his face that splattered on him. ” That was intense.” He states. He’s about to stick his fingers in her blood, but I slap his hand away.

“Can you please stop messing around for a minute?!” I seethe through my teeth, He holds his hands up. ” This wouldn’t have happened again if you’d stop stealing other demon’s humans. That was the seventeenth person this month. Why won’t you go buy a slave or pet of your own?”

" But that’s no fun, Luci,” he pouts wrapping an arm around my shoulder, which I lifted off of me immediately. ” How am I suppose to feed on a mere human that’s fresh out the shop. They haven’t any greed. They just reeks of desperation and depression.”

I sigh, taking my phone out of my pocket, I text Ollsor, again this time informing him of a new rug and to clean up the dead body. He once again replies with a thumbs up.

“Well if you don’t want to pick a pet from the shop the annual Pet & Slave convention is being held in Eden City this year, maybe you can find someone there.” I suggest standing up and placing my phone back in my pocket. Dastran nods, then smile. ” Your coming with me.”

“No.” I said, straightening my suit.

“Yes.” He replies



“Fuck okay, fine. I’ll go. But only on one condition.”

“Like what?” He asked sounding eager, like a kid getting an award for something they had done.

What a child

“You have to stay away from other demon’s slaves and pets, and no sex. Deal?”

“Deal.” he said without hesitation. We stand there for a minute, letting my words hover around us.” Wait.” Dastran face falls. “Did you say no sex?”

I nod, holding back a laugh. I always wondered if Dastran is actually a lust demon. I’m pretty sure he has more fun then any succubus or incubus I knew.

“Nooooo. I take it back. I take it back.” He whines. I think I saw a few tears leak from his orange eyes.

“Sorry, a deals a deal. Hasn’t your momma ever told you not to make a deal with the devil?” I smirk, his orange eyes glow, but he knew he couldn’t hurt me. I was his future leader, and best friend.

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