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Her Broken Wolf

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Taelorknew what she had to do. Did she want to do it? No but she had to for survival. follow Taelor as she faces betrayal love pain trust and watch as she is pushed to her limits.


I looked at the crowd in front of me searching for my friends. "MATE" my wolf howled. I looked at the figure the crowd sorounded it couldnt be him. Anyone BUT him. It can't be the blue eyed blond boy that has honed his muscles to perfection. Lucas Steele could NOT be my mate. He was not only Alpha steele's son, the quarterback, who every girl threw themselves at well every girl but me Wynter and Veronica My sister. A manwhore who plays girl's heart like a gamer plays video games. but he also hates my brother. Everyone thinks my family and I are Gamma's but thats not true. Suddenly I feel myself get thrown to the ground not knowing who it was and my training that my brother and father taught me before my dad died kicks in. I twist and land a hard quick kick to the stomach. "OWWW. Damn it tae that really hurt!" My best friend Kade says with slight tears in his chocolate brown eyes. As usual his strawberryblond hair is disheveled. "oh sorry Kade I was lost in thought and you suprised me." I say feeling kinda bad I didn't mean to use my alpha strength on him. "It's fine Lun- umm Taelor." he responds catching his slip. Only My betas Kade and Wynter know mine and my brothers secret aside from well my brother.

"Where is Wyn-"I stop as hear a scream that I know all to well. "You stupid omega why do you even come here you are worthless!" Isla steele Lucas's blonde haired green eyed barbie doll sister screams. Something in me snaps maybe it was the need to protect my beta who I love as a sister. Kade sees My silver eyes start to turn red. Kade saw that I was going feral so he called to the one person who knew how to calm me. "LIAM!!" He calls myolder brother Liam's golden eyes meet mine and he slightly bears his throat. He might look like our mom with black hair and gold eyes, and he may be older but we know that between us I am more dominant. Lucas's head snapped up His electric blue eyes meeting mine. "MATE!" he yells startling the crowd into silence except or his sister and her crew of Islettes. Liamand Kade knew that if I lost control I was going to end up hurting or worse killing Isla. I growl all off the omegas cower in fear along with the gammas. I even see Lucas wince. "Stop your sister Steele. If Taelor loses control it won't be good."Liam says as he remembers what Taelor did to a rogue who tried to take her kill, he shivered and pushed the memory away. "enough." My voice came out colder than ice. Isla looked up and smirked. "Please tell, Why on Earth would I do that?"she asked playing coy. "Because if you don't I'm going to show you what the hell a real luna is." My voice never wavered or betrayed the rage I felt. "Oh? and who is the real luna mutt?" "I am!" I heard the crowd suck in a breathe."Not only am I Your brothers mate by the moon goddess's will, I am also the last Santana. That automatically makes me a luna doesnt it?" I ask feigning ignorance."Leave her be Isla!" lucas says. "she is my mate which makes her your luna and sister. It also means You mut look out for her." I couldnt believe it he was calling me weak. I straightened my shoulders "Beta Kade Beta Wynter if you choose to follow me pack your bags we leave at 5:00 pm" I saw them nod their heads, they knew I knew they would folow me to the ends of the world. That is what real family and good betas do. As for Lucas I knew what I had to do and I felt no pain.

Hi everyone!!!! I hope you liked this chapter. I'm really new to writing so if you could tell me what you think that would be awesome! -Luna

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