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Her Broken Wolf

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My Life

5 years later

"Come on Tae get up we have class." I wake up meeting Jett's chocolate brown eyes and black hair.
"Go away some of us were patrolling last night and are exhausted." I groan extremely tired which is expected from going 2 weeks without any sleep. "Come on theres a new guy his name's lucas" my wolf perks up when Jett says this but there's no way it could be the Lucas I know, after I rejected him and left with my betas to join the black rose I havent herd any news except he doesn't have a mate and is alpha.
"Fine" I grumble throwing on my black hoodie over my black t-shirt nd black leggings with my black combat boots. "I see you're not taking interest in the rumors about the new guy, apparently it's Lucas Steele. Can you believe it?" Noah my new blonde haired black eyed beta asks. "As in alpha Lucas Steele?" I ask a little mad how could he be here he won't ruin this, I've become the lunaof the most notorious pack/gang.
"Yea do you know him silver."jett asks using my nickname becuse i dyed my hair that color to match my eyes. "Unfortunately my friend yes i do. Any news on the ex-alpha richard?" i direct the last part to noah. "no sorry, hes slipperry. we'll have him soon"he said promisingly. "Well lets get to class. I say getting on my bike. It was nice to feel the wind in my hair, i mean yea I shouldd ride wearing a helmet but where is the fun in that?
3rd period
"Class please welcome Alpha Lucas Steele, Mr. Steele If you would, could you sit by Ms.Aurora?" Our music teacher Mr. Snider asks lucas. Mr Snider is a nice but old man with graying hair and brown eyes. "Actually Samuel I will sit by Taelor." Lucas says addressing our teacher by his first name. "mr. Steele if I were you I would listen to Mr. Snider, this seat is reserved for my boyfriend." I say in a sickly sweet voice knowing that even though I rejected him he won't want any male near me. "What boyfriend?" his eyes spark in anger as he asks this the same time my ex-boyfriend walks in, but who's going to tell Lucas we broke up? "him" i Gesture to the blue haired boy wih piercings. Lucas doesn't know when to quit"Taelor enough you left me and our pack after pretending to be a gamma. Just except you are my mate so I can beome strong enough to take over the damned Blackrose pack." He says this to me like I'm a disobedient pup and I've had enough. "Let me tell you somehing Lucas. I AM the luna of the black rose pack and no wolf or human is changing that so sit your annoying ass down before i nueter, declaw and, shave you before you can blink Got it Fido?" I snap done with everyone acting like egotistical morons. "Taelor you are my-"he starts but I cut him off "Number one It's luna taelor. Number two I rejected you." the entire class gasps its extremely rare for mates to be rejected. lLucas starts to say something but I'm Fired up "I, Taelor Marie Santana Reject you Lucas Carter Steele, as my mate and isay this with the moon goddess and these classmates as my witnesses not only are you thereason my betas died but also the reason I lost my brother."I say "Taelor....." He starts "WHO killed him Lucas because it wasnt Isla it wasnt rogues it Damnsure wasnt your parents or his mate, so tell me Lucas Steele WHO PULLED THE TRIGGER?" I demand "I did........I pulled the trigger" He whispered with tears in my eyes I grab my things and walk out of the class room, Lucas let his packmates kill my betas and he himself pulled the trigger on my brother.
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