For The Mafia's Son

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Adrian Indelicato, son of the world's most notorious mafia, has been homeschooled all his life. Janet Clayden is a poster child. On the first day of school, they fall into each others arms.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter-1 A Hot Somebody


Have you ever experienced that moment, you know...the one when you stand in front of a mirror, and see a totally different you?

Well, that’s something I am experiencing now.

It had been a long time since a wore something tomboy-ish.

So, I decided to go with an oversized T-shirt and torn jeans, not to forget my sneakers.

Trust me, I look good.

Today is the first day of a new semester, a new year at The Theodore High, Wyandotte.

My school is a big one, built in a heritage site which was once functional for industrial activities during war times.

After the information I just supplied to you, you must be thinking that I am a G.K geek, but no guys, this is because of the excessive repetition of the same info all these years by my school.

While, talking to you guys, I am just coming down the huge spiral staircase of our Mansion.

The above line screams rich, right?

Yeah, that I am.

My parents own one of the largest energy based industries around Detroit.

Julianne and Edward Clayden.

Own The Clayden Industries.

And I, Janet Chanel Clayden, am their sole heir.

I eat from five star restaurants, sleep in premium sheets, move in expensive cars, and wear from the best designers in Detroit.

I have all sorts of tinkling gadgets, diamond jewelry and high heeled shoes.

Now, raise your hands those of you, who want to swap places with me.

I know there would be a lot of people who’d kill to be in my place.

But I rather kill myself than ask for a such a life.

A lot of you would’ve wished being born in luxurious households, if you aren’t in one, but for me, a mediocre one would’ve been better.

You watch, and follow, a lot of rich kids, assuming that they have all you need, to live a life.

Yeah, they may have everything, except for one.


Life. That’s what they lack.

I don’t remember how many times, I might have put a fake persona in front of people, at business parties, at balls and at dinners.


Because, I am rich. And rich people need to be different from others. They need to outshine the ones who don’t share the same status. That’s what my parents keep telling me.

All my life, I have attended grooming classes and mannerism workshops.

I hate eating everything with a fork. I hate putting a stupid napkin around my neck. I hate going to balls.

But can I do anything about it?


My parents got this huge mansion built so that they could live in hotels.

Yeah, that’s exactly what they wanted.

I am 17 and I have never been on a family vacation, because my parents don’t have time.

I think its enough of the sad talk, I am hungry.

I move around the main hall and enter another one, with a side lobby, that takes us to the dining area.

As most of the house the dinning area is large. With a seating for around 15 people.

Fifteen seats. For three family members. And out of three, two of them are hardly home.

I go directly in the kitchen and hug Martha, my care taker.

Martha is a woman in her mid-forties, and she is the one who has been there for me always.

“Good morning, Janet, darling.” She says as she turns back to hug me.

“Good morning, Martha.” I reply after kissing her cheek.

“Well, I made your favourite breakfast today. Chocolate pancakes.”

“Yeah, I could smell them all the way from main hall, Thank you.” I told her as I picked my plate and placed it on the island.

I, then went around it and sat on one of the stools in front of it.

As, I finished my breakfast, Martha addressed the three servants of our house.

I had just finished my breakfast when one of the guards came to me to inform that a car was waiting for me outside.

I knew who it was.

My best friend and partner in all crimes.


I said a quick good bye to Martha and after grabbing my backpack, made a dash for the main door.

I ran all through the porch to a black Mustang.

A girl with jet black locks, and even a darker shade of eyes smiled back at me.

Yup. That’s her.

“Yo! Chick, you...look different.” She remarked.

“I know, all thanks to you.”

“Your parents didn’t freak out seeing you in a oversized T and torn jeans?” She asked.

“Nah. They weren’t home to be able to do that.” I sighed.

“Well, on a positive side, you got saved from an hour long lecture.” She said.

“Phew!” I acted sarcastically.

And she laughed.

“Let’s go bitch, we have a brand new school day.” She screamed and put the music to max.

Sylvia Maden, is an overly excited girl. She is always on the mode ‘hype’.

She is everything I have.

We reach school on time, that’s our usual.

After parking the car we move towards the sliding doors of Theodore High.

That’s something new in this dead old building.

A lot of students pass us and exchange pleasantries with us.

Okay, I’ll answer the question that just came to your mind.

We’re popular.

I’ve been the captain of the Rowing Team since freshman years, which is a pretty huge thing being in a school that’s just beside river Detroit.

Sylvia, on the other hand is the Swim Team captain.

Rowing. Swimming. Football.

They are the most loved sports here.

Me and Sylvia share a pretty good rapport with everybody in school.

I mean at least, we are not the bitches. We may be the queens but not the bitches.

That spot is reserved for someone else.

After walking for about 5 minutes, we reached our lockers.

“Hi girls.” Our friend Tony, came and stood beside us.

“You are one too.” Sylvia said.

I snickered.

He is gay.

“I am gay, not a girl.” He said through gritted teeth.

“Same difference.” She remarked.

She loves to get on his nerves.

Actually, scrap that, she loves to get on everybody’s nerves.

“By the way, there’s some pretty hot news for you.” He whispered.

“What?” I asked.

“New entrants.”

“What?” Me and Sylvia asked at the same time.

“There are three new guys in school. Hot. New Guys. Totally Fuckable.” He said flailing his arms to express his excitement.

I cringed at the last word.

“We don’t care, bro. They aren’t hotter than us.” Sylvia said, pointing at me and her.

“That’s right.” I said, patting my best friend.

“Let’s go, girl. We are getting late.” Sylvia dragged me by my arm.

“You look great today, Janet.” Tony complimented when we were just about to enter the other hallway.

“Thanks.” I said just as he faded out of sight.

We had Chemistry in the first period, and I’ve never been late to my class, generally I am 5-10 minutes early.

The chemistry lab is situated on the first floor.

So we climbed the staircase. I could hear, loud noises. People were laughing, screaming and stuff. But I paid no heed to that and just kept climbing.

“Fucking Stop!” Somebody screamed up there.

What is happening?

I decided to climb faster to check the noise, leaving Sylvia behind.

And trust me. It was my worst decision for the day.

I had just reached the top step, when somebody collided with me.

Actually, a hot somebody.

And that was my last thought before my back hit the staircase.

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