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Being a woman in a man's world has always been hard. Whether it came to politics, work, or just every day life, being a woman could be hard. It was even harder to try and lead in a man dominated world. Men were the leaders in every aspect of life. They led the pack, the council, appointed other men to lead below them and fight. Woman were seen as beings that needed to be protected and stand behind their male. Andrew Danielson just didn't see it that way. He was alpha of Silent Ash, a pack who resided in the deep southern part of the United States. His luna, who before her untimely death, had only bore him one child. Nicole Danielson. She was Andrew's pride and joy, and the current Alpha of Silent Ash. She needed no one but her beta and gamma, Lance Richards and James Witten to help her lead. She was a force to reckon with, and she intended for all the alphas to know it. Her journey of being one of the only reigning female alphas in the United States proved to be hard. It was full of ridicule from other men, thinking the female too weak and in her feelings to run the pack smoothly. She intended nothing more than to show them wrong. Although her father agreed, he still believed she needed her mate to reach her full potential. So when Aldrich Branson, the feared, but respected alpha of Nightshade, the largest pack in the western part of the United States, comes to her asking

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B Goforth
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Chapter 1

The sounds of panting bounced off the walls of the cold, steel room as the sounds of bones breaking and shifting caused a shiver to run down Alpha Andrew's back. He clenched his eyes shut as his daughters scream once again filled the room.

"Please! Dad, make it stop! Please!" She screamed from her spot on the floor, the bulletproof window and steel walls slightly muffling her voice from Andrew's decaying hearing. Her body had already began contorting in unnatural ways as her wolf continued to push to the surface of her humanity. They were becoming two-in-one.

It'll soon be over Dear, I promise. Andrew mind-linked to his daughter, hoping to somewhat soothe the young shewolf.

His daughters eyes met his as tears ran down her red, sweaty face. Her blonde hair was stuck to her cheeks, and beads of sweat rolled down different parts of her body from her fever. Her face contorted in pain as another bone shifted within her, causing her to release another blood curdling scream. Andrew's eyes slammed shut once again, his wolf whining inside him at the pain of his only child.

His wolf continued to whine, wanting nothing more then to run to his daughter.

Hush with the whining. Our health is slowly declining. The pack will need her. Andrew said harshly to his wolf. He hated this just as much as he did, but there was nothing they could do.

He felt his wolf sink back farther into his mind, leaving him to his own thoughts.

"Alpha." Beta Richards, Andrew's closest and most trusted friend said, drawing Andrew's attention back to the steel cased room. Where his daughters human body once lay, was a gorgeous black and white wolf. Just by looking at the magnificent body of the animal, you could easily tell this was an alpha. Her paws were larger than the average wolf, long, sharp claws attempting to dig into the steel floor. Her body was strong and muscular, the muscles on her back legs tensing and releasing as she stood up to walk around. But what caught Andrew the most was her eyes. Blue eyes pierced into Andrew's brown ones, reminding him of the eyes his Luna had.

"Oh my God.." mumbled Richard, staring intently at the beautiful beast.

Power radiated from the wolf, as she slowly began to take small steps towards the glass. Andrew watched in amazement as his daughters wolf came to stand before him. He didn't flinch or blink as she pulled her lips back, a deep and intimidating growl rumbling through her chest as she bared her large canines at him. If it had been any other wolf, Andrew would have killed them the second that snarl left their mouth. But with her being an alpha, such as himself, her reaction was expected. Her newly awakened wolf was in full control, his daughter not yet able to control her. She knew he was an alpha and wanted to challenge him, her alpha genes already heightened.

Andrew smiled proudly as the wolf began slamming against the glass, her power hungry rage uncontrollable. In that moment he knew that great things were to come to his pack. The fear and anxiety he had been feeling weeks before his daughters shift seemed to dissolve away. His health no longer mattered, he knew he was a goner. But as he stared into the power-hungry eyes of his pack's future alpha, it all seemed to be okay.

5 years later.

Paws slammed against the ground as the wolves ran, the majestic black and white wolf leading in the front. No matter how fast the other wolves ran, none of them could even match the speed of the beast ahead of them. Her breath came out in pants, foggy air coming out of her snout like white puffs of smoke, as she released the air from her lungs. Her head was angled downward, her black ears flat to her head, as she dodged trees that blurred as she passed by. Her eyes never left the brown matted fur of the rogue that ran ahead of her, his legs desperately pushing him on.

He was slowing, this Nicole could obviously see. If she had wanted too, she could have easily pounced on him, snapping his neck and ending his pathetic life with only one bite from her extended canines. The warriors behind her knew this also, them all snickering to themselves as they let their Alpha have her fun.

After one to many minutes of chasing the pathetic mutt in front of her, Nicole and her wolf grew bored. Her wolf roared inside her mind, excitement and adrenaline pumping through their veins. Nicole's wolf lived for this- the hunt.

When I pounce, you all circle around. Do not let him go.

There were many submissive Yes Alpha's from the warriors through their mind link as they pressed on. A dangerous snarl ripped from the females chest, saliva dripping from her canines as she leaped into the air, claws out at full length, and latched onto the rogue. His body tumbled to the ground, bringing Nicole down with him, her claws never leaving the flesh between his shoulder blades. The warriors circled around as they were ordered, forming a circular wall around the two wolves.

The rogue growled as he struggled beneath Nicole's body, fighting desperately to escape her hold.

Come grab him, Lance.

Sure thing, Alpha. Lance, her beta, happily linked back, his wolf letting out a growl of amusement as Nicole rolled her blue eyes at the cheerful voice he used.

He padded forward, his rusic brown wolf latching his jaw onto the neck of the struggling rogue. The rogue immediately stopped moving, knowing that any second, Lance's jaws could snap closed, ending his life for good.

Nicole's fur began to slowly dissolve away as her body shifted from wolf to human. She stood, naked, dead center in the circle formed by her team of warriors. A smirk made its way to her face as she stared at the shaking rogue.

"Well, looks like we found him. " she tauntingly announced to the warriors.

They snickered, growls and howls filling the clearing where they stood. The rogue, who was obviously trying his absolute hardest to hide his fear, growled loudly at all the snickering. Lance bared down on the rogue's neck, breaking the flesh and causing a small trickle of blood to wet his fur. The rogue whined in discomfort as his growling stopped.

"Alpha, what should we do to him?" asked Nicole's gamma, James, who had shifted moments before.

Nicole stared deeply into the black eyes of the rogue, taking her time deciding what they should do.

"Kill him." she simply said after a minute of thinking.

Lance growled excitedly as the rogue began to bark and growl, his desperate attempts at breaking free stirring up again.

"But first, let him shift." Nicole said, staring down at the rogue.

Lance gave her a confused look, but released the wolf after a moment. The young rogue whined, making himself as small as possible as Nicole's eye bore into his.

"Shift." she commamded, her smirk turning into a frown as a young boy lay before her. "Speak. Explain yourself, Pup."

The young boy glanced nervously at the wolves surrounding him, before his eyes went back to Nicole's. "I know I shouldn't have been on your land without permission. I- I just- I can't go back. I can't."

Nicole's eyes narrowed at his words. "Go back where?"

The boy looked down, his eyes filling with shame. "M-my old pack, Alpha."

Nicole bent down in front of the boy, her head tilting to the side. "How old are, and where are you from?"

The boy couldn't meet her eyes, her dominance too much for him. "U-u-up north, Alpha. I'm fifteen."

Nicole sighed, glancing at Lance, before looking back down at the boy. "Tell me why you left your pack and went rogue."

"I-I cant, Alpha." the boy mummered.

"My beta will have to kill you then, if you can't give me proper reason to let you onto my lands." she replied, her eyebrow raised. "We don't want that, do we, Pup?"

The boys head shot up, his eyes widening. "No, please! Let me stay! I'll do anything! I'll even be an omega, Alpha!"

Lance stepped forward, his voice hard as he addressed the boy. "Then answer my alpha. Why are you running from a pack up north?"

The boy stared at Lance with fear in his eyes. These people scared him, even the female who they called Alpha. "Alpha old alpha..he...he killed my father, claimed he was a traitor to the pack. He said I was next so...I ran. And I ended up here, where you caught me."

Nicole glanced at Lance, Lance giving her a look back. "What did your father do to be called a traitor?"

The boy sighed, his eyes welling with tears. "Alpha Bolton is a vile man, Alpha. He had my mother and sister staying with him, basically made them his mistresses against their will. My father demanded they be returned home, and... Bolton killed him."

Nicole felt anger course through her. "Your mother and sister, are they alive?" Tears streamed down the boys face as he shook his head. Nicole shared a look with Lance, before she directed her attention back to the boy after a moment. "Go, Lance will show you to the pack house. No harm will come to you here."

Nicole felt pity for the boy, knowing that Alpha Bolton, who was a pack alpha in Ohio, was a cruel and old fashioned man. He was one of the many alphas of the country who believed woman were nothing more than an object made to pleasure men. She often found herself feeling sorry for the woman of his pack, who had no choice but to stay and endure his ways.

Pack members stood at the pack house, howling happily as they saw the warriors and their alpha had finally made it home. The boy and Nicole went to stand in front of the bonfire some pack members had built. Nicole shifted and stood in front of her pack, the boy shyly looking at them all, as they stared at him with confusion.

"We return with the rogue, whose been sneaking in and out of the territory through the night. He had us chasing him for quite some time, but once again, our warriors were one step ahead. We caught him, and I planned on killing him, before I learned why he had been on our lands in the first place. His name is Tommy, he's fifteen, and is seaking refuge from his pack in the north. If any families have the extra room, he needs somewhere to be placed."

The pack remained quiet, everyone looking at one another. Finally, a woman stood up, bending and kneeling to Nicole, flashing her her neck in submission. "Alpha, my mate and I lost our son last year. We would like to take the pup in."

Nicole smiled and nodded. "You may. Tommy, go with them. We'll induct you into the pack at a later time."

"Thank you, thank you, Alpha." Tommy said, submitting to her, before walking away with the woman.

Cheers erupted from the whole pack, even Nicole's father, who stood off to the side, howled in celebration.

The pack slowly spread out, some going to the table to eat, some straight to the bar, and others to their mates. Nicole stood still in her spot, her heart aching as her wolf whined at a young mated couple.

"Daughter." The deep masculine voice of Nicole's father reached her ears as she turned to face him, taking the robe from him that he held out for her.

"Dad." she replied back as she slipped on the satin robe, tying it in the front to cover her nudeness.

"You did well, I'm very proud."

A smile made its way onto her face as she hugged her father, a feeling of warmth and happiness making its way into her chest. "Thank you. He explained that he was apart of Bolton's pack and I couldn't turn him away. He's just a kid."

Andrew nodded, rubbing the stubble on his chin. "I know. I've always hated that bastard of an alpha. My father and his father were good friends, allies in the civil war. The Bolton's have always been that way though."

Nicole was shocked to hear that her grandfather, Alan Danielson, had been friends with Jacob Bolton's grandfather. Her grandfather was a kind and just man, she never could imagine him being friends with the likes of a Bolton. "But grandpa is so much...better than any of the Bolton's. Why was he friends with one?"

"Because, regardless of the differences of their ways and ours, they are strong allies to have. You need to keep as many alphas on your side as possible, regardless if you agree with how they run their pack or not."

Nicole furrowed her eye brows, feeling like a child who was at school. "Why would I want allies who are sick and twisted, Dad? They don't seem like a very good choice of people to fight beside." She looked back at her laptop as she continued speaking. "And either way, half the alphas hate me. So.."

Andrew chuckled quietly. "Ya know, I sometimes forget how young you were when I thrust this title onto you. You have much to learn." The man paused, taking a sip if his drink in his hand. "When wars break out, it doesn't matter what this pack believes in that others don't. The only thing that matters is that you are fighting for the same thing. Your allies might be some of the worst wolves you can imagine. You may despise them as an alpha, much like you believe they do you. But on the battlefield, facing 5 different packs who are fighting together for the opposite cause as you, opinions don't matter. My father used to always tell me, 'There is at least one thing worse than fighting with allies - and that is to fight without them.'"

Andrew took a sip of his water as he finished talking, watching the gears in his daughters head turn as she pondered on his words. Finally she nodded, smiling softly at him. "You're right. I didn't think of it like that."

Andrew smiled back nodding once. "Like I said, you have a lot to learn. As do Lance and James. Their fathers are helping them day by day, as I help you."

"And we all three thank y'all for the help." she replied. "That still doesn't change the fact half the country hates me though."

"They don't hate you. They don't understand why I didn't sell the pack or auction you off to the highest bidding alpha. But they don't know you like I do. They don't know how strong you are, regardless of your gender."Andrew smiled once again at his daughter. "I'm so proud of you. I don't regret making you alpha one bit."

"You sure did pick a hell of a female to pass it onto." Lance said, wrapping his arm around Nicole. He had put on a pair of running shorts and sneakers, but his upper body was left bare. She blushed at the compliments, her face heating up as Lance squeezed her shoulder. "Some of the elder wives requested for you to eat at their table tonight, Alpha." Lance whispered into Nicole's ear, an amused smirk on his face.

An annoyed growl left her lips as Lance told their request. She hated sitting with the elder wives. They always had something to say about her being Alpha. If it weren't for them being elders, she would show them just why she was Alpha.

"Tell them maybe another time. I have things to do." she whispered back, smiling to a young pup that accidentally ran into her leg.

"I-I'm sorry Alpha." the young girl, no older than five, nervously apologized, relieved when Nicole smiled and replied with, 'It's okay'.

Lance waited until the little girl bounded off before nodding his head, turning to relay the message back to the wives. He stopped in his tracks as his eyes glazed over, the nervous voice of James ringing through his mind.

The Beta and Gamma from Nightshade are at the east border.

A growl rang through Lance's head as he focused in on James.

What the hell are they doing on our border?

They say they need to speak to Alpha.

Lance sighed and turned to Nicole, relaying the messages through link to her.

Her eye brows furrowed as confusion filled her mind. "They couldn't have called before coming? How rude." she said, turning to look at Andrew. "Dad, I have to meet with another alpha at our border. I'll be back soon."

Andrew nodded, gesturing for her to go as he picked up another drink. She smiled and turned with Lance, running to the border where James was.

When she finally reached where James had said to go, Nicole shifted and calmly walked up to the two men that stood at her border, her blue eyes clouded over with anger.

"Alpha." the two men greeted her, bowing their heads in acknowledgement to the woman standing before them. Her nudness didnt phase them, since it was common for everyone to see nudity in their culture.

"Why the hell are you on my land?" Nicole demanded, ignoring the men's bows, her voice cold and collected as she glared at the two wolves.

The wolf in front, the man she recognized as being the beta, glared back at her. "We aren't on your land. The land we are stepping on is neutral. Don't act ignorant, Alpha."

The gamma smirked as he saw Nicole look down at the land, sighing as she realized he was right. "You are at my border, requesting to speak with me, uninvited; and to make it worse, during a pack celebration. I have a problem with that, Beta."

Lance stepped up beside Nicole, sneering at the blatant disrespect coming from the wolves. He handed her a long shirt he had carried with him while he spoke. "My alpha has asked you already, why are you here, Nightshade?"

The two wolves shared a look as the beta took a step up, his eyes meeting Nicole's glare. "Alpha, you have the best team of warriors that this side of the country has seen. Our Alpha has requested that you help him in finding a certain group of rogues causing havoc in our territory. He-"

"Why didn't your alpha come and ask me himself?" she interrupted, folding her arms and shifting her weight to her left leg. "He doesn't have enough respect for me and my pack to come ask in person?" she scoffed, turning to share an offended look with Lance and James.

"Well, Alpha, he had other things to do than meet with a self-centered female that thinks she knows what she's doing." said the gamma, his eyes glaring into Nicole's as he sneered at her. Nicole could tell he was the jokster of the two, what with how airy and light his vocie was, even while sneering at her.

Lance and James snarled at the disrespect their alpha was receiving from the opposing pack's leaders. Lance's claws lengthened as his canines extended, another snarl ripping through his chest as he crouched down in a defensive stance. "Those are fighting words, Gamma." said James, his teeth bared.

The two visitors crouched defensively as the two pair of betas and gammas stared each other down, waiting on one another to attack.

"Boys!" snapped Nicole, glaring at her beta and gamma. "Stand down."

James's eyes widened as he stop glaring at the two wolves to look at Nicole. "But, Alpha-"

"I said, stand down." she growled, her Alpha tone ringing through the trees.

Lance and James immediately stood up right, obeying her command, while the two opposing wolves slowly raised up, their eyes still wild by the confrontation.

"Tell your alpha, that if he wants my help, he can come and ask personally." She paused, pretending to think for a moment. "Or at least have him call first." With that being said, she turned around and made her way back to the pack house. Lance followed suit, not before growling dangerously at the opposing beta, as James stayed back, making sure the two wolves left.

Nicole Danielson was tired of men telling her what to do. Since she was a little girl growing up in Silent Ash, she had always been told what to do. Her father, though he was a loving father, had always pushed her and taught her the ways of running a pack. When you go to do this, you must do that. When you go to speak to them, you must speak like this. It was a never ending list of things she should and shouldn't do. Since her mother was no longer around, she had relied on her father to teach her the ways of being a lady. But, when you had a strong and powerful alpha teaching you everything you need to know, you also learned how to be headstrong and demand nothing but respect from those around you. Nicole wasn't mad at her father for all his nagging and discipline throughout her life. In fact, she was somewhat grateful for his persistence in teaching her the proper ways to carry herself. It helped her deal with the ridicule, or as she liked to call it, bullshit, that all the other Alphas of the United States threw at her.

When Nicole had become alpha at just twenty one, the country seemed to have a near uprising as the news spread. Alphas from all over left emails, wrote letters, and even called Andrew Danielson, wondering why the hell he had given his daughter the title of alpha. They didn't know, or understand what would possess the strong and competent alpha to just hand over his pack to his only child, who happened to be a girl. A lot of the alphas up north had called the council, demanding they look into it and put a stop to the hypocrisy known as a woman alpha. The council, having more pressing matters than a woman trying to lead, shot them down.

This angered the alphas, and many turned to making threats of coming to the southern pack and forcing Nicole to relinquish her title. Nicole still felt the pride she felt swell up in her chest as she remembered her packs reaction to that one. They had stood behind their alpha, threatening to fight any warriors or alphas that tried to come onto their land and touch her. At the packs approval of Nicole Danielson, and also the threat of another civil war breaking out between the packs, the council ordered the threats to stop. Now, two years later, Nicole was still leading her pack, still not having the approval of all the countries alphas. But she, nor he father, cared.

Andrew was a strong man, who was known worldwide for his participation in the civil war. It lasted five years, and he fought the entire time, eventually fighting beside Arvin Branson, the ruthless, but nonetheless, respected alpha of Nightshade pack in Montana. They fought to keep peace between the packs, and overthrow the alphas who wanted to control the country in a dictatorship. No one really understood, nor will they ever, how the civil war started. But that had been more than a hundred years ago, and the council was hellbent on making sure it didn't happen again.

No one really knew who started the civil war. Most blamed it on Andrew Danielson and Arvin Branson. But really, it was something that had been building for years. They only knew that it was because certain alphas felt they weren’t being given the freedom they deserved. Rules had been set by the large council, forbidding children who had not shifted from being condemned to death or banishment. A lot of the alphas who disagreed were angry about this law. You may ask why the large council had to make it a law in the first place? It would seem to most that killing and harming children would be a line nobody would dare cross. That wasn’t the case though.

Many alphas would have mistresses, their luna not being enough to satisfy their sexual needs. It’s barbaric, the thought of wanting anyone but your mate in your bed. But not all alphas see it that way. Alphas are known to be possessive, hotheaded; but they’re also known to have higher sex drives than any other type of wolf. Sometimes one woman isn’t enough, so they took mistresses.

Accidents would happen during the mistresses heat, and an illegitimate child would be born. The fathers of these alpha born children couldn’t have an illegitimate child wanting the position, so they had them killed or banished to go rogue. Andrew Danielson was one of the alphas who was against this, and he, along with Arvin Branson of Nightshade, and a few others, joined together to stop it. War ended up breaking out, and many packs were left in ruins, bloodlines wiped out of existence. It was a hard time. Blood was shed, lives were lost. It was something no one ever wanted to experience again.

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