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Devilish Affection [18+]

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"I'll Fuck The Word Friend Out Of Your Mouth If You Give Me A Chance." -*- Emily life takes a turn when she loses her purse, only for it to be found by the Mafia Boss, a man who changes her life within a night. -*- [TRIGGER WARNING- Abuse, Rape, Violence, Blood. Strong language. If this makes you uncomfortable, please do not read. Your mental health comes first. ]

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

A child’s laughter filled up the diner I was standing in. Frank Sintara sang Fly Me To The Moon through the speakers in each corner, his voice low compared to the loud talks and giggling from the customers.

“Emily, I need you to move your ass.” Betty called from table five and I nodded her head, my back turned towards the till as I quickly texted my mom.

Going to be home late tonight.

It was lively at the diner and it was already nine in the evening. There were rare busy days at Mike’s Diner because of Betty and I, who both run the place, mostly because Betty made sure to use all her social media accounts to promote the place just so they could make more money and be paid more. Betty was the star of Mick’s diner.

My phone flashed as the bell above the door pinged, another customer standing in line. Bring Vodka on your way home. Tony is here. My mom replied back with a winking emoji and I internally cringed.


“Sorry.” I turned around, smiling at the four year old boy who was standing on his toes to look at me over the counter. I shoved my phone back into my apron and smiled at him. “What can I get you, Drew?”

He pointed to the red velvet cake and I smiled, sliding the door to cakes aside and putting a cake slice on a plate for him. “Do you want ice cream with that?” He would be high on sugar but it was Friday today and Friday meant Drew went to his dad’s, where Susan, his mom, was happy to send him high on sugar.

He nodded his head, big brown eyes lit up with excitement. “Yes please.” He didn’t even look at his mom, who was sitting at her table, eating her food.

I scooped up vanilla ice cream for him and he put fifty cents onto the counter and I smiled, handing him the plate, practically leaning over the counter. “Let me get you your change.” I smiled as I placed a spoon on it and he looked at me excitedly.

Susan would pay for the cake, but Drew liked to know he paid for it himself. He had been coming to the diner ever since he was a baby and he had learnt how to walk in the diner the first time. I typed it onto the till and it opened, showing me the money we had made in four hours and I gave him a penny back.

“Thank you, Emily.” He held the coin and the cake before walking towards his mom who smiled at me before moving to make space for him. Betty walked towards me, handing me the dirty plates and I picked them up, putting them in the grey basket, before pressing the rotating button, letting the dishes be taken to the kitchen.

“I wonder when Mike will be back to fix this place up.” Betty groaned, walking behind the counter. “It needs more help if we’re going to constantly be busy like this.” She sighed, handing me the cloth and the spray to clean the tables. “I’ll serve and you clean.” She smiled and I nodded, watching as she grinned at the cute boy.

I walked around the counter, and started cleaning the tables. “Here you go darling.” Tom, the old man who was taking his wife, Mary out on a late night date, smiled at me, picking up the plate and holding it out to me. “Do you need any help back there or do you think Andy can handle it?”

I chuckled, picking up the dirty plates of waffles with chocolate sauce from the white table and piling it onto the plates in my hand. “He’s been working his ass off but I think he can do it.”

“I should give Mike a call and tell his ass to come back from Scotland, shouldn’t I?” He hummed to himself, pulling out his phone from his blazer pocket. “Mary, Where’s my glasses?” He frowned, trying to pat his pockets.

Mary chuckled. “On your head, darling.” She looked up at me. “Do you want us to wait for you? We can go home together.”

I smiled at her. They were my neighbours, the lovely couple who had been taking care of me for a long time while my mom disappeared with her boyfriends. “I’m going to be home late, today, and I’ll have to stop by at Joe’s-” I said, balancing the plates. “I’ll walk it home.” I said and they nodded, watching as I walked away.

“Fuck, Betty.” I glanced over my shoulder at the line that was growing, from teenage boys to hookers, to drug dealers, all coming for a break. Putting the plates into the grey basket, I shook my head. “I’m going to go and help Andy in the back.” We had never been as busy as this.

She nodded, watching as I walked through the double white doors and into the kitchen that Andy was controlling all by himself. “Start the plates.” He pointed to the dishes all piled up. “Why the fuck is it so busy today?” He was glaring while piping Nutella sauce on a waffle order.

Andy was a big man, maybe as big as The Rock, body filled with tattoos and a look that always scared people but he was the softest teddy bear ever. Cooking and baking were his favourite thing to do and being one of Mike’s brothers, he always worked in the kitchen.

I wiped my hands onto my apron and instantly started cleaning the dishes, placing them into the blue tray. “I think there’s probably a drug overload outside. Maybe they’ve found a new spot to sell stuff and it’s closer.”

“I’ve told these idiots, they don’t sell here. Joe is going to kill them if he finds out. This is a neighbourhood filled with little kids.” He rang the bell, and placed the plates onto the conveyor belt that went through the open window to Betty.

I dried up the plates and laid them up for him. “What else do you want me to do?”

“Wash and cut up the strawberries.” He ordered and I nodded, following his instructions.

An hour went by as I helped Andy decorate the plates, bake the cakes, and make the homemade ice cream before throwing it into the blast freezer.

“Emily! Need you out here!” Betty called in a hurry, her voice full of urgency. I quickly picked up a piece of chocolate and stuffed it in my mouth as I hurried out to see the queue growing.

“Holy fuck.”

“Close the door and move people off the tables if they’ve eaten. I’m not running a fucking five course meal here.” Betty was stressed as she made the strawberry milkshake.

I kept a smile on my face as I walked towards Susan’s table, who was cleaning Drew’s mouth with the tissue. “Are you guys done?” I questioned, picking up the empty plates. “We need tables, Su.”

She chuckled, nodding her head, and glancing at the long queue. “Any idea why it’s so busy tonight?”

A young boy standing in the queue answered her. “There’s a new club opening tonight, just down the road and they’re not serving any food. You’ll be like this all night.” He chuckled, a smile on his face as he turned around, talking to his friends about the girl he had a crush on.

“There’s the answer.” I shrugged my shoulders, having no clue about the new club. “Is Ekon coming to pick him up?” I asked, wiping the table as Susan stood up and dusted Drew’s tracksuit.

Susan had had a divorce from her husband two years ago, giving Drew two houses. They were my other neighbours. They celebrated Christmas and every holiday together for his sake but I knew, one day they’d get back together. She was absolutely beautiful, a Goddess with the perfect body, black braids to compliment her golden brown skin tone and though she was fifteen years older than me, she looked younger.

She nodded her head. “And you’re going to make sure daddy doesn’t sleep, does he?” She looked at Drew who nodded his head. “Do you need any help?” She glanced at the queue.

I shook my head. “I’m closing up until we can get it under control.” She smiled at me and waved goodbye as I picked up the plates and followed her towards the door.

I turned the open sign around just as a suited up man walked in. “Please, I need a coffee or else I’m going to pass out.” His blue eyes were anxiously looking at me, as I held the door.

One man wouldn’t hurt. One cute man.

Smiling, I let go of the door. “Come in.”

He let out a breath and walked in, standing in the line as I closed the door and walked with the plates towards the counter. Standing on my toes, I whispered to Betty who was handing a man a burger and chips meal. “There’s a hot guy in a suit and he’s new. I want to serve him.”

Betty laughed and nodded her head, typing in the order for the next customer before nudging me with her hips. “Go and get the plates from Andy.”

Another fifteen minutes passed before I stood in front of the new suited man, the last customer until the tables were cleared again. “Hi.” I smiled and he returned a smile, looking up at the menu above my head.

“I’d like a coffee and a Ferrero Rocher milkshake to take away please.” He ordered, placing the money onto the counter and I nodded my head, typing in his order and giving him his change back. “Thanks for letting me. I really needed it.”

“Big night?” I couldn’t help but question as my curious eyes looked him over.

He was new and I had never seen him here or anywhere near the neighbourhood. His blonde hair was slicked backwards with gel and his blue eyes were bright, as if he was already high on caffeine.


I ran my eyes over him. “You’re wearing a suit at half ten in the evening and we don’t get any suit people here.” I glanced at the table Tom had sat on. He was the only man to wear a suit in a neighbourhood that was seen a lot in tracksuits.

“Oh.“He chuckled, glancing down at his black suit as Betty put the coffee cup in front of him and pretended to be busy behind me as she started wiping the back counter. “I’ve got a meeting for an offer and I’m thinking if I look presentable, I can squeeze in a business deal as well.”

I smiled. “Nice.”

“I’ll open the doors again.” Betty said and I nodded, watching as she walked around the counter and towards the door, pulling it open and letting the cold breeze blow in.

“It’s at the new club that’s opened up.” Mr Suit stated as I placed the dirty plates Betty gathered, into the grey tray and let it move on the conveyor belt.

“Are you new around here?”

He pulled the collars of his shirt, a nervous tug as if it was too hot. “Do I look that obvious?” He smiled a little, lifting the cup of coffee to his lips. “I think they own the club and wanted the meeting there. They’re big people and I need all the money I can get.”

I understood the need for more money. I was completely and utterly broke and was hanging on by a thread. The thread called friends and family. My neighbours were helping me, and the house I was living in was Mick’s other brother, Nick’s house. My dad had lived there his whole life and after his death, they never kicked us out despite not being able to pay for the rent for the first six six months after his death.

I would have worked my ass off if I had the qualifications for any other job other than waitressing. It was a hard world out there. Mick’s diner was the only job that was willing to pay me a little extra and I knew that was because they understood I needed it.

“I hope it works out well for you.” I said, continuing to clean the counters. “Is there anything else I can get you?” He had already paid for the coffee and Betty had made the milkshake for him.

Mr Suit stood up, glancing at the expensive watch on his hand that would definitely get him robbed if he stayed past eleven on the streets. “I should go.” He picked up the cup of coffee, gulping the hot liquid in one shot. He was fucking immune to heat.

“Can I come over tomorrow and tell you how it went?” He asked, his eyes lighting up with hope. I nodded my head. I was going to be working anyway and the money would be good. “It was nice meeting you, Emily.” He glanced at the name tag on my apron before putting the cup down and fixing his blazer.

“Nice meeting you too…?” I didn’t know his name.

He winked. “I’ll save that for tomorrow.”

Smiling, I watched as he walked out of the diner with his milkshake and Betty wiggled her eyebrows at me. “Look at you flirting.”

“If speaking is flirting then I’m a whore.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes.

“Idiot.” She wrapped her arm around my head, locking me in a headlock and her arm tightened. I winced and she let go of me instantly. “What’s wrong?” The frown was clear on her face and she knew I wouldn’t tell her the truth.

“Fell down the stairs last night while walking in the dark.” I chuckled as she leaned on the counter and looked at me. “Landed straight on my arm.”

“I’m telling you, you need to get out of that party house.”

“And where do I go exactly?“I raised an eyebrow. “You know I’ve been working my ass off looking for jobs from eight to four but don’t have the qualifications they need and I have no experience.” I picked up my empty hot chocolate cup and placed it into the washing up tray. “Any extra money I make goes to helping mom with the medicine.”

“You mean drugs.”

“It helps with the migraines.” I muttered as a group of girls walked into the diner, dressed in different shades of blue dresses.

“Either you’re naive as fuck or you’re guilty conscious doesn’t let you move out.” Betty pushed herself off the counter. “I’ll go clear tables.”

“I don’t have a guilty conscience.” I said to her and she chuckled, muttering, whatever you say babe.

It was my dad’s house, the only thing I had left of being connected to him. That didn’t make me guilty or the fact that I was working my ass off to make money for drugs for my mom just so she could stay in my life a little longer and not run away.

I dragged my hands through my hair and smiled at the girls.


I pulled the straps of my bag down from my shoulder and grabbed my purple wallet, walking into Joe’s shop. “Hey Joe.“I waved as I walked past the aisles of whiskey and opened my wallet. Sighing, I looked at the wallet. Two hundred dollars which was going to help towards the rent. My credit cards were up to it’s limit and my debit card had three dollars left in it. I was completely broke until the day I got paid.

Placing the wallet on the shelf of the vodka, I squatted down and looked at the different brands. “Joe, can I pay you next time?” I picked up two Smirnoff Vodka bottles and stood up, walking towards him. He was part of a biker’s gang, a group Andy was part of as well and both the men could give each other a challenge on who had the most tattoos on their bodies.

Joe twisted the chair towards me, looming at me. “I’ve already got three whiskeys added to the list, Kid. How many times do they come?” He shook his head, shoving a brownie in his mouth.

I smiled as he pushed me the brownie tray towards me. “My mom’s happy.” Shrugging my shoulders, I put both the bottles into my bag and pulled the straps up on my shoulder. “When I get paid, I’ll pay it all off.”

He motioned towards the brownie and I picked up two pieces. “Any problems, call me. I can easily get them out of the house.”

Chuckling, I nodded my head. “Love you, bye.” I leaned up on the counter and kissed his cheek before walking out of the off licence shop and into the cold. I pulled my worn out coat a little closer as I walked the streets at one am.

Joe had been the father figure in my life when I had lost my dad at fifteen due to brain tumour. He had been at the last stage of cancer when I had turned fifteen and when he had died, it was the hardest part of my life, especially when my mom pulled away, using drugs and alcohol to spend the rest of her time with.

I had dropped out of school at sixteen when Nick had come, and said he couldn’t afford to not take rent off us. It was when I knew mom wasn’t working and I had taken the job at Mick’s diner instead, spending my nights there and my mornings working at a different diner that had closed down two years ago, leaving me with only one job that I could barely stretch over the month.

I walked up the street where I lived, seeing Tom looking out the window of his bedroom and he waved his hand at me. I smiled and waved back, knowing he had waited until I had reached home. Letting out a sigh, I pushed the front gate to my house and walked down the stairs, hearing the loud music playing in her living room.

Shaking my head, I walked inside, ready to drop onto the bed and let the night disappear within a blink of an eye.

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