Devilish Affection [18+]

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Chapter 2

I let out a groan as I feel a hand moving up my leg. It was so cold and I patted my body, trying to pull the duvet up but it was nowhere close. The hand traveled upwards, turning my hips around and I jumped, slamming my leg up and hitting Tony in the stomach.

“What the hell?!” I screamed at him, scrambling off my bed and standing on the other side. My heart raced in my chest, pounding louder and louder as he glared at me with his brown eyes.

“I wanted to see if you’re wet for me.”

I wanted to burn him.

“Fuck. Off.” I hissed the words at him, grabbing the closest thing to myself and throwing it at his naked body. An empty plastic bottle. “Mom!” I shouted loudly as Tony groaned, scratching his belly and running his hand over his bald head.

My once beautiful mom stumbled into the room, giggling. Her face had more wrinkles on it than she had ever seen and her blue eyes, the same colour I had, were brightly lit, the high of some sort of drug still not worn off. “Emily!” She giggled, walking towards me. “Oh sweet Emily.” She tugged on my cheeks as if I was a child. “Have you seen the new friends I’ve made?” She grinned.

I held her hands and pulled them down as Tony walked towards her. “He tried to touch me again.” I sighed, tired of the men in the house. “I told you mom, he needs to stop picking my lock.”

Mom giggled as Tony stood beside her, an arm around her waist and I wanted to smack his face for touching her. “You need to loosen up, sweetie.” She grinned widely, the breath of vodka floating towards me. “Maybe a dick or two-” she wiggled her eyebrows.

“Stop.” I dragged my hands through my hair. “Did you clean the house like I asked? You know Nick is coming today to inspect the house.”

“You clean the house.” Tony spat the words out.

“Shut the fuck up.” I glared at him.

His hand lifted and before I could block it, he slapped me across my face, my cheek burning as my mom gasped. “Tony! Why did you do that?!”

I took a few steps backwards, clenching my hands behind my back as he glared at me. “Nobody speaks to me like that.” He dug his hands into my mom’s shoulders. “Come on, let’s leave the whore alone.”

Mom sighed, glancing over her shoulder at me as she smiled brightly. “I’ll take everyone out and you can have the whole house to yourself, sweetie.” She smiled but Tony pulled away, slamming my room door closed.

I fell back onto the bed and let out a deep sigh, rubbing my cheek that was burning. The physical abuse had started when he had walked into my house, pretending to be my new dad and I had been happy until he had raped me. I dragged my hands through my hair, trying to push out the memories of myself screaming and crying, calling out to my mom who sat with me later, telling me it was okay, that he would stop and he was going to help with the money.

There was no help with the money. There was nothing but just snatching and getting what he wanted and mom allowing it. Mom never said anything to him, practically falling in love with him every day and no matter how many times I cried and screamed and begged them to stop, it never stopped.

The pain was always there, hidden behind a smile.

I heard the front door slam shut and I stood up, twisting my hair into my bun and holding it in place with a hair claw before walking out of my small room. I walked towards the bathroom on the other side, shaking my head at the used condoms on the floor and the disgusting smell of vodka could be smelt throughout the whole house. I bent down, opening the white cabinet door under the sink and picking up my toothbrush that I always hid from them all.

I washed it before putting the toothpaste on it and looked up at myself in the dirty mirror as I brushed my teeth. My blue eyes were dull, the exhaustion clear in my eyes, and I sighed, brushing my tongue as well. A few strands of my black hair fell from the messy bun, and I bent down, spitting the toothpaste out of my mouth as I rinsed my mouth with cold water.

I washed my face with cold water before patting it dry with my own pink Minnie mouse shirt. I had no idea what and who had used the dirty towels on the ground. Everything needed a wash.

Walking out of the bathroom, I headed downstairs, picking up my mom’s dirty underwear and her dresses that she definitely took off for sex. I sighed as I saw the state of the living room. Used condoms laid on the ground. The two vodka bottles that she had bought had been empty and a bottle of coke had fallen onto the ground, soaking up into the ground. “Oh God.” I couldn’t help but groan out my frustration as I looked at the time.

Ten in the morning and Nick was coming to inspect the house just so he could fix the heating for me because winter was coming and I would freeze to death.

I headed to the kitchen where one of the cupboard doors was hanging off and I muttered a curse, before opening the cupboard under the sink and getting the tool box out.

Every time I came home from work, someone was always here with my mom, either partying until they passed out but I didn’t care because I would get my food and go upstairs, locking myself in my room.

You’re guilty conscious doesn’t let you move out.

Betty’s words sprang into my mind and I stopped screwing the nail back into the cupboard. I couldn’t move out because I had no money saved other than a couple of hundred that I was saving towards rent. I was broke and everything outside these four walls cost an arm and leg, especially for someone like me.

My mom was my mom. She was happy when she was high and she was angry when she was drunk. I knew when to stay away. I hated her friends, I hated everything about them but she never hit me. She never physically abused me like Tony did. She never told him to stop.

I rubbed my face and continued working. I needed to clean up everything before I could find something to eat if there was anything left in the cupboards or the fridge.


I stood near the gold mirror in the living room, trying to blow the strand of hair from my face. I blew on it, and it barely lifted like the Disney movies. Taylor Swift continued singing You Belong With Me in the background as I huffed and puffed, trying to lift the strand of hair up.

The doorbell rang and I froze, looking at the time to see it was Nick’s time to come. He was right on time. I quickly pulled the yellow cleaning gloves from my hands and placed them above the fireplace before hurrying towards the door. “Coming!”

I pushed my hair back and pulled my shirt down, still wearing my pyjamas as I pulled the door open and let out a sigh of relief as Nick stood in the doorway. He smiled but frowned at the smell in the house. “Come on, Kid, you gotta make sure they stop with the drugs. It’s not good for you to be inhaling all that shit.” He sighed as I stepped to the side and let him walk inside the spotless house.

I ignored his words and closed the door behind him. “Do you think you’ll be able to fix it?” I asked as he walked towards the basement door.

“Yeah, I’ll see what the problem is and see if I can get a guy in today for you, how about that?” He chuckled at the grin on my face. “Make me a cuppa, will ya?”

I nodded my head as he walked downstairs and I headed to the kitchen. Every inch of the house had been dusted, vacuumed, wiped and was shining spotlessly. The clothes were all in the washing machine, getting washed and all the dishes were cleaned. I put the kettle on, waiting for the water to boil.

Nick and his brothers were all from the UK. He was older than Mick and Andy and despite them moving here roughly fifteen years ago, Nick always wanted tea and never a coffee.

I put the tea bag into the clean cup and poured the boiling water on it from the kettle, mixing it with the tea bag before adding milk and sugar. I took the tea bag out after a long stir and then picked up the tea and walked downstairs after him in the basement which was lit with a dim light.

“What do you think the problem is?” I questioned as I held the cup out to him. The basement was painted white, but everything that had belonged to my dad was inside here. The barbecue that the whole street would love when dad spent a day out, cooking for everyone. There would be music, and dancing on the road, and drinks would be served and it would be a street party that dad did every single year.

When he had died, he had taken the spark out of the street with him, leaving me to pick up the pieces after mom.

“I’ll have to get you a new boiler.” He sighed, rubbing his forehead as he drank the tea before saying. “I’ll see what I can do, but it’ll take a couple of weeks maybe.”

“It’s fine.” He had done a lot for me and spending a couple of weeks with cold water or sometimes the rare occasional warm water was fine as well. “I’ll get you some biscuits.”

He chuckled, watching as I ran upstairs. I had kept the cookie packet hidden from my mom. Nick followed me upstairs and into the kitchen as I placed the cookies on a plate and put them in front of him. He sat on the stool as I poured myself a cup of water.

“Listen, Kid, I gotta be up front with you, you know that, right?” He said and I nodded my head, knowing exactly where this conversation would be going. “You’re late with two months of rent and I have tenants waiting who’re willing to give double of what you’re offering.”

“I can pay you a little, now? It’s not much but I’m getting paid in the next couple of weeks.” I put the cup down and he shook his head, stopping me from walking out of the kitchen.

“Look Emily.” My name was said with seriousness and I knew I was going to have the big talk. “You’ve got a tap open at Joe’s, you’ve taken out a loan from Mick and haven’t been able to pay it back yet-“I opened my mouth to protest but he lifted his hand up. “I know it’s only 500 dollars but it’s not something you can afford right now. You’re two months behind on rent and your boiler is fucked. This house is broken-” He glanced at the cupboard I had screwed back in as if it was hanging on its hinges. “You’re in a sinking ship, Kid.” His eyes were filled with pity and I hated it.

I was a strong girl. I could do it.

“I’m going to look for another job- just wait-” I quickly hurried out of the kitchen and upstairs to my room, grabbing my bag and running back downstairs as he stood in the hallway. “I have two hundred dollars. I can pay you towards the rent, and I know it won’t make much of a difference-” my words drifted as I tried to look for my wallet.

“I swear it was in here.” I muttered, throwing the stuff onto the floor and kneeling down, trying to look for my purple wallet. “I-I had the money saved up for weeks.” I had cut down on buying anything for myself the past month, saving every penny I could.

Nick sighed as I shoved my stuff back into the bag and stood up. “You have to pay me, darling. I’ve got to do something about this place or it’s just going to collapse.”

I nodded my head. “I’ll pay you as soon as I can, I promise.“I knew he knew it would still be a little longer after I was paid but he nodded his head.

Nick bent down and kissed the top of my head. “You know if it was just your mom, I’d kick her out of here the next fucking day.“He said and I nodded my head, as he said goodbye and closed the front door behind himself.

I sat down on the stairs. They had all grown distant with my mom, just like she had grown distant with everyone.

Bending down I grabbed the bag and pulled out my phone, unlocking it with my finger before scrolling through the contacts and finding Joe’s number. I rang him, and he picked up after the fourth ring.

“What’s up, Kid?”

“Joe, can you look for my wallet in your shop? That’s the last place I had it.” I spoke into the phone, pressing my palm onto my forehead, trying not to worry.

“Give me a sec.”

I could hear him talking to a few people at the shop, asking them if they saw a purple wallet, to let him know. A few seconds later, he came back onto the phone. ”Can’t see anything, Kid.”

“Okay thanks.” I sighed and ended the call, placing the phone on the stairs as I laid back on the stairs. I groaned.

Fantastic. I had lost my wallet and my whole life within a day.

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