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I Need You

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Noah Daniels struggles to adjust to his new life in Lagos after moving from the East. It's hard working two to three jobs daily to earn a living... Vivienne Andrew - the second daughter of Mr.Moses Andrew, She is beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted but also a spoilt brat. Whatever she wants, she gets What happens when she wants Noah for herself ...will he fall in love with her or will it forever be a one sided Love ? "Hi i'm Noah i will be your personal driver from today, you can call me when ever you need me" " yeah whatever" just take me home *Mature content *

Romance / Drama
Veerose 🌹
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Chapter 1

Vivienne Pov

''Get up you bitch its already past 9 and your flight is by 11am'' Ella yelled from the living room

What the hell! that girl can be a pain in the ass sometimes

''Okay fine, I'm up. Jeez girl calm your tits down"

I totally forgot that i would be living New york for Nigeria today damn i gonna miss this place.It summer break so i will be spending my holidays with my mom and Siblings in Nigeria aka Lagos city.

I'm Vivienne Andrews daughter to Mr.Moses Andrews, the CEO of Andrew's corporation yeah i know what you're thinking i'm a rich spoilt child who spends her daddy's money well you are not wrong that is what it is .

I stretched as i stood up from the bed my body aches after last night party and it is never a good idea to wake up with a hang over 'great my head hurts' it feels like i just left a boxing match.

I walked into the bathroom to have my bath 'aaaaah the feeling of warm water against my skin ' God this what i need at the moment.

I got out and walked straight into my walk in closet looking around for an outfit i settled with a blue crop top,skinny black jeans, and black boots , i applied a little powder, some mascara and a lip gloss to wet my dry lips and i'm ready to go.

"Damn girl you look so hot" Ella said as she saw me coming down from the stairs

"Shut up " i replied her

"what ever you say " so how long are you going to be in Nigeria? she asked as she set breakfast on the table .

"well i don't know till summer break is over i guess. I don't wanna go it will be boring jeez all the locals there are so annoying, you don't know how life over there is " i said to her while shaking my head.

"Come on its not that bad after all it is your country we're talking about here so don't start with all the bad talk" she said patting my head

"Yeah okay just serve me bitch i don't want to be late for my flight " I said while i sat down to have breakfast

"seriously! you did not know that when you were fast asleep on the bed i bet you were dreaming of him " she sarcastically said

"jeez girl why do you always think naughty " i said shoving her away to get my purse ufrom my room, i was done with breakfast...She just laughed it off

I am at the airport now about to board the plane i waved at Ella from my stand i'm gonna miss her so much. We became friends first year of college and we have been inseparable ever since.

After we passed the securities i'm now in my seat with my ear plugs on, its gonna be a long flight .

We arrived in Nigeria after hours and my legs hurts from being bend overe 'jeez i'm gonna need a massage when i get home'.

Immediately i got outside the airport my mom called

"Hi mom ... yeah i'm outside the airport...Why won't Mary come pick my up...What the hell ...Come on mom...Okay fine "

My first day in Nigeria and non of my family members want to pick me from the airport what a way to start my holiday 'So now i have to stick with an ugly driver '

"Where the fuck is that driver? i said staring into the crowd And that's when i see a board with my name written on it " well okay not bad" lets just get this done, i want to go home i said to myself walking towards the direction of the person holding the board.

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