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Carla Stevens, No. ONE Women in the Fashion Business for the last 6 years. She is always the first to be in Thought when someone thinks of Fashion. Recently though she's been through it, loosing her parents in a divorce, Having to Take a fall of a Company completely Destroyed to the ground and her new Employee that has the choice of a toddler.

Romance / Humor
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The interviews

Carla, The CEO and Owner of the Worlds biggest Fashion Company. The fearless Women who built her empire from the Group to the sky's limit in 6 years. The women that everyone knows and wants to be.

A soft spoken, Reasonable, Professional and Iconic women of the decade. She has made more allys then any Company would with force and has support from all over the world, high and low. She was the women that the News would describe as "Women on the top of the world" And she would agree that once in a while but lately she seems as tho nothing has gone right in her life.

One of her recently built Company was Blown to the ground by a Terrorist which cause a significant amount of loss to be faced by the company as well as the Business. Her parents that were on no so good terms getting a divorce and moving out the Country on two completely different places, Her Long time Bestfriend Turning her back to her and Exposing her secrets to the news. It all was going down hill but one thing about her that everyone knew, She always faces the problems instead of running away. She decided to take the loss of the fallen company on her own and addressed the issues that was rising along the media with the leaked secrets. She publicly came out as Queer and Addressed that she had been dating a Girl until last year where they broke off on good terms.

With her honesty and Bravery she was quick to have people on her side to help take down everything her Ex Bestfriend Leaked and Managing to clear tge issues as easily as it came.

Since her Assistant, who was her ex Bestfriend, left. She was in search for the perfect trusted Person ro fill in the role and just to her luck as always, one of the Employees mention their Cousin that recently moved into town and was looking for a job. Usually Carla would not have paid any attention to it but the employee that mentioned that was one of her longest lasting employee that has been through thik and thin with the business and that clarified why The Cousin was An option for the job.

She held an interview week where she would look into possible candidates and see if they fit the criteria she was looking for. There were 3 possible people and she still had a bundle to go so she decided to pick two more then look into them.

Her first pick was a Serious, Business class girl. Steph Carringdol, In her late 20s, married for 2 years with a child born only 5 months ago.

Second was Danny Wiltmore, more preppy and loose then the last but she seemed like she would be doing her work seriously, she was 23 years old.

Her third was her Employee's Cousin, Kate Halls, 25, experienced with assistant work and a Degree in Psychology.

Her fourth one was Cristina William, a shy women In her early 30s, Has has experienced with secretary work before.

And finally Arman Wood, A Fresh out of Job Young man of 22. Not much experienced but has a way to twist words that captives the listener in.

Carla Placed the five CVs at her dest, Laid all next to each other and checked them, compared them then decided to take two off.

Danny and Steph could get a job anywhere with ease with their dedication towards their Job so Carla didn't worry bout that causing trouble as she took the two cv off. That left her with 3 people. Arman seemed fit for the marketing firm as he might be able to attract more people. That landed him out the assistant position and into the Marketing intern right away.

Carla was left puzzled between Kate and Cristina, both equally talented and deserving of the position. Carla was busy looking into the recommendation letter from Kates old job when someone walked into her office, well walked was a gentle way to say it, they ran in. Carla was scared out of her seat when she recognised the person to be Her older sister, Amanda, The world wide sensation for ghost hunting and anything paranormal. "Why? Why did you run in?" Carala sighed as her sister laughed at her. Unable to form any words clear to her sister.

"Ah you should have seen your face" Amanda Laughed as she sat on the desk and faced her annoyed sister. "And don't pretend you're not happy to see me. Give me a hug" Amanda made a puppy face and stretched her hands, waiting for a hug. Carla couldn't resist her sister. Having not seen for for a year almost Carla leaped into a huge tight hug.

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