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Mabel was once a well-known girl in her high school who thought she had the perfect life. She had a boyfriend, her childhood best friend who was always by her side, the perfect parents, and everything really. Everything seemed to be going well until she had to go through the most disgusting break up with her boyfriend. The next day, it seemed as if everyone hated Mabel as soon as she walked inside the school. Now for the past year she has been the most hated person in the entire school, and she doesn’t even know why. Everything changes when this attractive looking boy enters the school. As soon as he is seen, he’s all everyone talks about. Some say that he’s in the mafia or a gang, others say that he has a terrible past just by the looks of it. Rumors about this man never seem to stop. No one knows because he isn’t talking to anyone. All it took was a slight coincidence for Mabel to truly see what hidden secrets were behind those stone, cold gray eyes. Why is everyone acting so nosy on some random guy’s life? Did he hurt someone?

Romance / Drama
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One year ago...

Mabel's POV:

I finally come to the cafeteria, clearly aware that I'm ten minutes late to lunch. I find where Hannah is sitting and surprised to see her with the cheerleaders.

I thought she didn't like the cheerleaders.

I hesitate for a few seconds. I remember that I'm ten minutes late to lunch so Hannah probably didn't want to eat alone.

Why did Ms. Loche choose me out of all her students to clean her messy classroom?

I stop thinking too much and head to their table. I pat Hannah on the shoulder to let her know I've arrived. She turns around and sees me.

"Where the hell have you been? I was starting to think you got kidnapped." I sit down and laugh nervously.

"Ms. Loche wanted me, out of all her students to clean her room." I roll my eyes.

Hannah scoffs in response. "It's about time someone cleans her room."

"Yeah," I say.

There was an awkward silence at our table until one of the cheerleaders speak up.

"Anyways, as I was saying before I got interrupted," she gives me a pointing look. Now I suddenly feel guilty for interrupting.

The girls are listening to what the cheerleader was saying, but what surprises me more is that Hannah was also engaged to what she was saying.

I try to listen to what they're talking about. It seems like they are talking about boys.

"If there's ever a new guy in this school next year and he's exactly my type, back the fuck off because I sill fight for him." One of the cheerleaders say.

Then everyone is talking about their type which is making me feel like I'm being left out. I notice no one is talking to me so I pull out my phone and text Hannah.

Me: Do you wanna go somewhere else now I'm kinda bored:/

I turn off my phone and wait for her to see the text. Hannah picks up her phone and doesn't even unlock it to see the message I sent her.

"Mabe how are you bored?" She says casually catching everyone's attention.

She didn't have to embarrass me like that.

"Do you not like talking to us?" Kendra says innocently.

Hannah should know that I personally don't like Kendra. So why the hell is she talking to her?

Kendra is some popular girl who always cares about her looks. She was trying to get with my boyfriend, Logan to break up with me for her selfish needs. Logan being the most loyal person ever, didn't want to do it.

I can't believe this girl has the nerves to talk to me like that. I decide not to sound mean and reply.

"It's not like that, I would love to talk to you guys but I'm just not feeling it today." I look at Hannah hopefully to see if she gets what I'm saying.

"Oh yeah, she was cleaning a few minutes ago so she must be tired." She says.

Everyone gives me a sincere look. I know they're only trying to be nice. I already know none of the cheerleaders like me.

"So I guess you have to go with her." Khole says to Hannah.

"Oh no it's fine. Is it okay if you go by yourself?" Hannah asks.

What the hell did I miss? When did Hannah ever want to talk with the cheerleaders? I'm definitely going to talk to her about it.

"Yeah it's fine." I try to sound like I'm okay when I'm not.

I stand up and exit the cafeteria. I start walking when I realize that I'll be skipping my lunch. I can just eat when I get home.

I remember that Logan is probably outside with his friends. My legs start walking to the football field. I find Logan outside by himself.

I walk over to him and wrap my hands around his waist.

"Hi." I say softly.

He turns around and hugs me back, kissing my head.

"Hey beautiful." My heart flutters at the name.

"Why aren't you with Hannah?" He suddenly asks.

"She's talking with some of her friends." I reply.

"You were bored?"

"Yeah," I sigh. He's silent for a few seconds.

We're in the same hugging position when I feel his heart rate increasing. His breathing is also picking up.

"Mind telling me what you're thinking about?" I tease.

I look up at him to already see his eyes looking at mine. His eyes show desire and.. need? He starts leaning down and captures his lips onto mine. I kissed him back. At first it's a passionate kiss, but it soon turns into a steamy kiss.

I feel his hands roam around my waist and into my shirt. My skin immediately responds as it starts to feel hot. I pull away first as I lose my breath.

We're both panting, but we still make eye contact when we start breathing normally. He takes my arm and drags me to the bleachers, making me sit there. He basically drops me to the seat, slightly hurting my ass.

I rub my sore butt and start laughing. "Someone's serious." I joke. When I look up at him I see his eyes dark and full of lust.

He's actually serious.

I clear my throat and stand up, but he quickly sits me back down and hovers over me. My eyes widen and my heart picks up its pace.

"I've been waiting to do this for so long." I suddenly feel like I can't talk anymore.

"I- I d- don't feel like I'm ready." I stammer. I look at him and see his brows are furrowing. He must be mad.

"What do you mean you feel like you aren't ready?" He asks in a pissed voice.

Why is he mad?

"I don't feel comfortable with this," I push him away gently.

"You're never ready." He mumbles.

"Excuse me?" I look at him sternly.

"I know damn well you heard me," he begins. I listen to him carefully.

"Every time I try to do this, you are always 'uncomfortable' what the fuck is there to be uncomfortable about? I'm your fucking boyfriend!"

I can't believe what I'm hearing right now.

"You have to be comfortable with me! Why are you so scared? Are you scared I'm going to leave you?" He says disgustingly.

"I- I just don't want to! Why are you yelling at me so much?" I feel tears watering my eyes.

He scoffs. "Pathetic. Why did I even think you would want to have sex in the first place?"


He thought I wanted sex. He wanted sex and not a relationship. I'm in utter shock right now that I didn't even realize tears had already left my eyes.

"You mean by what you're saying right now, is that you've never loved me?" I whimper. He says nothing. That's all I need to know my answer.

I suddenly feel anger rise in me. This man in front of me is disgusting to look at right now. Before I even realized, I slapped him. Hard.

"You're disgusting." I seethe.

"Bitch." He calls me. I push him to the ground and punch his fragile nose and within four seconds blood comes down it. He groans in pain and I walk away.

More tears start to leave my eyes so I decide to go home and rethink this again.

I check my self out, making sure Hannah knows where I am.

Me: I'm going home early but I'll be back tomorrow❤️

I get inside my car and drive to my house.

He really thought I would have sex with him in public.

The next day..

I came back to school acting as if nothing happened yesterday. I open the front door to the school entrance and as soon as I come in people look at me and start whispering.

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. I try waving at some people that I talk to but they give me blank looks. I look around and see a group of girls giving me a dirty look.

Why is everyone acting so weird?

I decided to walk to my locker. Once I see my locker I unlock the code and open it. Several pieces of paper fall to the ground.

I pick them up and see if there is anything written on them, but the words I read make my heart stop.



Pick me girl.

Worthless bitch.


My face starts to turn hot. My breathing almost hitches. I hear laughter behind me so when I turn around it's a sight I thought I would never see.

Kendra and her friends are laughing at me, but what shocks me to my inner core is that Hannah is there.

Laughing at me.

Logan walks past me giving me the coldest stare he has ever given me. He walks over to where the cheerleaders are and stands beside them. He rolls his eyes at me and smirks.

I slam my locker aggressively startling people around me and speed walk my way out of the hallway. I go and hide in one of the bathroom stalls and bawl my eyes out. Hot fresh tears leave my eyes and it feels like I can barely breath.

Hannah, my best friend from childhood betrays me in the most coldest way possible.

What did I ever do to her?

Did I do something wrong?

Is she mad at me?

Out of all people, why her?

My head hurts so much, but I continue crying. The only noise in the bathroom are my ugly sobs.

How am I going to survive the day?


Words: 1,673

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