Bulletproof Kisses

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Hello's & Goodbye's

Sam gazed upon the woman who stood before him. The resemblance she had to Maria was undeniable, except for the jet black hair and added piercings. Maria had rarely spoke of her, but knowing that she had a twin who she disliked, was all Sam needed to execute his plan.

This woman standing before him was a hothead and a flirt. Sam saw the way she was eye balling him deviously. He had seen the way her blue eyes twinkled with mischief upon introducing himself. Sam smiled at her grin.

“Well, isn’t this a pleasant surprise,” Marianne expelled heartily, moving to the side. “Come in.”

Sam smiled briefly as he entered, his eyes suddenly roaming over the entire interior of the white walled house. His eyes stopped on Marianne who closed the door and came around to face him.

“I’m Marianne Chandler by the way,” she introduced, sticking out a hand.

Sam took it and gently shook. “It’s a pleasure,” he replied gentlemanly.

With her hand still in his, Marianne took a moment to thoroughly examine the guy. Except for the small bandage that he sported on his head, Marianne found him flawless. Piercing steely blue eyes, ashy blonde hair, a protruding nose and a stubborn chin- supported by an athletic build. She always wondered how her plain sister was able to get herself such beautiful men.

Her mouth twisted begrudgingly as she cast her eyes away from Sam. “So, what brings you here, and where is my sister?” She questioned as she moved towards the sofa.

Sam’s face slightly fell at the question. The last thing he needed was a prying woman. “I heard from the grapevine that you were back in town,” Sam said, knowing that the ‘grapevine’ he was referring to was her mother.

While he had been momentarily blacked out on Maria’s living room floor, he had received a call from Julia, who hinted that Marianne was back. She wanted them to have dinner- all four of them- to celebrate new beginnings over a freshly cooked meal. And of course, Sam had wondered why Julia hadn’t called Maria to tell her all that, but upon further contemplation, he was glad she didn’t because he would use the opportunity to meet with her ‘evil twin’ beforehand… And alone.

“Samuel,” he heard his name being called repeatedly before he snapped out of his faze. He glanced upon the face of an enigmatic Marianne, who was eyeing him suspiciously.

“I’m sorry,” he smiled. “I was lost in thought.”

“Can I get you something to drink?” She asked, already moving towards the kitchen. “Water, beer, soda..?”

“A glass of water would be fine, thanks,” he exclaimed loud enough for her to hear.

As Samuel moved towards the sofa to take a seat, his head started throbbing again, and he was forced to remember what the bitch, Maria, had done to him. He hissed suddenly, his veins pulsing with anger as a wave of disappointment flashed through him. He was disappointed in himself for letting her escape him so easily, for having the upper hand in the fight he thought he should have won. He should have taught her a lesson– a permanent one that would have her in the hospital bed for months or possibly in the morgue.

Sam knew she had to pay— pay for betraying him. He’d make certain of it.

Upon the completion of his thought, Marianne reentered the room with a glass of water and coke in her hand. Sam plastered a smile on his face as he took the glass from her hand.

Marianne took a slurp of the coke, glancing at Sam over the rim of the can. She saw the stoic expression on his face, which caused her curiosity to pique. “What happened to your head?”

Sam gritted his teeth. “Your sister did it,” he admitted steely.

Marianne blinked, staring at him blankly before she burst out laughing, thinking it was a joke.

“A man with humor, I like that,” she smiled flirtatiously.

Samuel’s expression lacked mirth which was all the proof Marianne needed to know he wasn’t joking.

“You aren’t kidding,” she concluded, with a scoff.

“I hear you don’t like your sister that much and she shares that mutual feeling for you,” Sam pointed out as he took a sip of the chilling water.

“Well, you heard right,” she confirmed.

Samuel smiled. “Do you know Leon Oakley?” He began asking, watching as the smile smeared Marianne’s face.

After showering and dressing, Maria stood in the bathroom for what seemed like hours, contemplating on whether or not she should tell Leon about her sister. If her sister was back and Maria was now in Leon’s company, it meant that he would eventually come to know about her.

She was nervous. Her heart was hammering violently against her ribcage and she knew there wasn’t quite much she could do to stop it. Leon would be angry; that much she knew atleast. This was something she should have told him years ago, but no, she decided to keep quiet because she didn’t want her sister in her life– for reasons she’d rather not talk about.

Maria heaved a sigh, developing within herself, the courage to do what she knew she had to. And so, she went to the living room, where she found Leon on his laptop.

For a moment Maria couldn’t do a thing but admire his white undershirt rolled up to the elbows while his muscles flexed with the movements of his hand. He was wearing his rectangular shaped reading glasses that seemed to get most of the support from the bridge of his nose. He was a fine man, there was no denying that. Maria swallowed.

As if sensing her presence, Leon turned around and caught her staring. Maria’s cheeks flamed, as she tried to avert her gaze and distract herself, but she was already caught. With the same inspection, he took his time to admire her long legs clad in skinny jeans and her bare arms exposed beneath the sleeveless top she wore. Her firm breasts strained against the material of the blouse that almost seemed transparent over her skin – gently rising and falling with her intakes of breath. His brain suddenly reminded him of the sinful things his tongue had done to the magical globes.

Damn. Leon gritted his teeth as he felt a familiar stirring in his groin.

Clearing his throat, he closed the laptop and placed his glasses on the table before addressing her. “Can I get you something to drink or eat?” he asked. “I can call room service.”

Maria was silent for awhile. “I’ve gotta tell you something,” she blurted, fidgeting with her fingers nervously.

Leon, seeing how dismayed she looked, fully turned his body to give her his full attention. “What is it? Is something wrong?”

Maria allowed silence to reign for some passing seconds.

“The person who called me earlier was…,” she cleared her throat. “My sister.”

Leon’s brows knitted in confusion. “What? What sister?” he queried.

Maria didn’t know how to suddenly break such an important news to him, but she knew if she wanted a clean slate, she’d have to.

“I have a sister,” she swallowed. “A twin actually.”

Leon stared at her blankly, huffing out an unconvinced breath.

“You’ve never told me about a sister,” he pointed out crisply. “You never mentioned a sister once in our relationship.”

Maria timidly took a seat on the sofa. “I- I didn’t… ” she stuttered. Trailed off. Searching for the right words to say. “We aren’t close and I knew she would complicate things, so I – I kept her existence from you,” she blurted.

Leon choked a mirthless laugh. “Are you actually being serious?” He asked as he rose from his seat, staring at her in disbelief.

Maria stood, wanting to quell the liquid fire that flashed in his eyes.

“I didn’t think it was important at the time. I-“

A muscle flickered in his jaw.

“You didn’t think it was important?” he snarled bitterly, glowering at her.

She heaved a sigh. “I didn’t want to talk about her,” she defended an octave louder, trying to gain control of the conversation that seemed to be slipping from her grasp.

He scoffed. “Tell me.. ,” he bit out coldly. “Was every aspect of our relationship a lie?”

Maria swallowed, blinking back the stinging in her eyes. “No,” she breathe out almost breathlessly.

“Leon, I wanted to tell you many times, but my sister is not so pleasing to talk about. I often blocked her from my life. I-“

“She’s your sister for Christ’s sake and I was your partner!” he growled. “I never kept anything from you!”

Maria flinched. “If you understood the relationship, you’d see why I kept it from you.”

“But you never gave me a chance, did you?” He stepped past Maria without saying another word, his anger seemingly tangible as he went by.

Maria’s lips trembled, but she quickly used her hand to cover it in hopes that she would somehow suffocate the impending tears.

She knew all those years ago that she should’ve told him about Marianne, but after he’d left her, she never imagined it would come back to bite her in the ass.

Taking in a lungful of air, Maria took her bags and strolled in the direction of his room. She paused at the door, when she saw him stripping off his shirt with enough force to tear the material.

She swallowed. “Leon, I’m sorry,” she whispered lowly, but he was able to hear.

He paused and flashed her an icy gaze before continuing with what he was doing.

“All this time I thought I knew who you were, but you were a stranger all along,” he scoffed.

Maria sucked in a breath.

“I didn’t lie to you,” she defended brokenly.

Leon stopped, his hard absy chest exposed to her in all it’s glory.

“You really are unbelivable, you know,” he stated firmly, before brushing past her.

Bare arms touched, igniting within the two, a fire that was only extinguishable by them. Maria tightly closed her eyes, as she stiffly turned.

“I’m going to Hannah’s,” she croaked, watching as he paused in his tracks.

He turned to face her, his eyes stone cold. For a moment he only stood there, staring at her and contemplating on whether or not he should protest against her decision. Quite frankly, he was getting tired of her stubbornness.

“Safe ride.” The words came from his mouth without a second thought. Leon wanted to pull them back, but knew from the look on Maria’s face, that they had already hit home.

She nodded stiffly. “Yeah,” she cleared her throat. “Thanks for everything you, um…” She trailed off, not being able to complete her sentence.

“Bye,” breathlessly the words came out, shaky and disjointed.

Leon watched as she disappeared from his line of vision, and when he heard the door click, he slammed his fist into the wall, muttering a loud, “Fuçk!”

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