Bulletproof Kisses

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All You Women Are The Same

Hannah thoughtfully tapped the phone against her chin as she began to pace the room back and forth, contemplating on her choices. Maybe she did a wrong thing by calling Sam; after all, Maria was her best friend…but she loved Sam.

“Damn!” she hissed, feeling as if everything had gone out of control.

She loved Sam, but her ‘best friend’ didn’t know that. No one knew except the victims of the affair…An affair that was ongoing a few months ago.

Hannah hissed, raking her fingers frustratingly through her hair, contemplating on whether or not she was doing the right thing. Maria had been her friend for almost a decade; she loved her but made her love for Sam blind side her.

She never considered Sam the abusive type, in fact, it had come as a shock to her when Maria told her about what happened and even more so when Sam confirmed it. Judging by the bruises on her face, Hannah could tell that it wasn’t just a slap to the face. And when realization of what Sam would do if he caught Maria there, dawned, a feeling of panic overcame Hannah’s body.

He would probably hurt her even more.

It was until a tear slipped from her eyes, did Hannah realize she was crying. Angrily, she brushed them from her face and slammed the phone to the table before stomping purposely into the room Maria was in.

She found her on the couch, staring blankly through the window with the still faint bruises on her face. Hannah’s heart tightened, but she swallowed, cleared her throat and prepare herself for what was to come.

“You’ve gotta leave here,” she whispered firmly, seeing the way Maria slowly turn with confusion etched on her face.


“I’m sorry,” Hannah interrupted, hugging her shoulders and holding back the tears.

Maria’s brows furrowed.

“Han, what are you talking about?” she asked as she rose from the couch and in the direction of her friend, not having the slightest idea of what she was speaking of.

Hannah took a step back. “Samuel is on his way here. You’ve got to leave,” she explained, a tear escaping her eyes.

Maria froze, her eyes widening with the information. “How–”

“I told him you were here,” Hannah admitted disjointedly, averting her gaze from Maria.

Maria gasped, suddenly going pale by the news. She opened her mouth to speak, but was too befuddled to utter even a word.

“I can’t explain everything now but you’ve got to get out of here— Go to Leon, he will help you, he will keep you safe…” Hannah trailed off. “I’m sorry for betraying our friendship.”

“What are you talking about? What is all this?” Maria questioned indignantly, her eyes wide with terror.

“You’ve gotta go now!” Hannah yelled as the tears flowed from her face.

Maria flinched. “What did you do?”

Hannah wiped a hand across her mouth and momentarily averted her gaze before firmly bringing it back to Maria.

“Sam and I have been having an affair for months now,” she blurted shakily, seeing how stark white Maria’s face had gone.

“It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t plan on it but we fell in love slowly but surely. I let my love for him blind me to our friendship, but I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you,” she clasped her hand to her chest.

“He said that as soon as you were married, he would soon divorce you so he would get half of your belongings and then we would be together.”

Maria stumbled back to the couch, disbelief making her knees weak.

“Jake was always away on business trips, I felt alone and Sam was always there,” she cried.

Maria gasped, using her trembling hand to cover her mouth. “You are my friend,” she croaked.

“I always considered you a friend and I’m so sorry for all this Maria, but if you don’t leave now Samuel will be here and he will hurt you. Go please,” she pleaded with her, now and again using her hand to wipe her tears.

Maria stood, amidst the pain that seemed to be slowly consuming her heart.

“Out of all this,” she used her hand to gesture around her. “I trusted you, I knew that I could depend on you, but…” she trailed off. “How could you?”

Hannah shook her head. “I’m sorry.”

Maria stood after developing a little composure. With tears flowing from her eyes and her heart breaking into a thousand pieces, she moved towards Hannah.

“All this time you’ve been smiling to my face and screwing my fiancé behind my back!” she spat in disgust.

“I didn’t mea–” Hannah began, but was silenced by a hard and stinging slap to the face.

“He did this to me,” she said, pointing at her still bruised face. “What makes you think he won’t do the same thing to you?” she questioned rhetorically.

Hannah stood silent, tears streaming down her face with the imprint of fingers to her left cheek. Without saying another word, Maria grabbed her bags and went through the door.

The sharp wisp of wind greeted her as soon as she stepped outside Hannah’s apartment. She took a quick moment to revel in the feeling before she stepped off, allowing the wind to dry the tears on her cheeks. And just as the wind dried her tears, she made a silent promise that this would be the last.

The last time she cried. The last time she allowed her heart to be broken by lies and betrayal. As she walked aimlessly along the side walk with bags in hand, her phone rang, slightly frightening her.

The number was unfamiliar which resulted in Maria’s hesitance to answer, but slowly she swiped the screen and placed it to her ear.

“Hello,” she answered with as much normalcy as she could muster up.

“It’s me,” the person on the other end informed, Maria recognized it to be Leon.

She tightly closed her eyes and strongly resisted the urge to hang up. He would make her cry, she didn’t want to cry again.

“What do you want?” her voice betrayed the firmness she wanted to portray.

“Look, I’ve been having a nagging feeling ever since you left — Are you OK?”

Maria swallowed. “I’m fine,” came the dry reply.

“You don’t sound fine.”

“I am!” Maria insisted.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Maria sighed. “I’m trying to get away from my psychopathic fiancé and my back stabbing ex-bestfriend,” she confessed ruefully.

“What do you mean, ex-best friend?” he asked. “Where are you now? Are you walking?” he demanded answers.

“It doesn’t matter now, does it?” she quipped.

“Just tell me where you are and I’ll come and pick you up, then we can talk.”

Maria hesitated, knowing that Leon was probably the only option she had left. She owed him a proper explanation, but after that she would be on her way. She told herself she needed to depend solely on herself from now on.

“I’ll text you the address,” she quickly said before disconnecting the call.

Maria sighed heavily before doing so.

Hannah later opened the door to find Samuel and another woman she would assume to be Marianne, judging by the fact that Maria had a twin and she knew it couldn’t possibly be Maria. Still she was shocked to find Marianne at her door– alongside Sam at that. Her brows suddenly knitted in curiosity, the dislike for the woman rekindling like an old flame.

“What is she doing here?” Hannah demanded crisply.

“Well I see that you two have met,” Samuel exclaimed in amusement. “Now it will be a happy reunion,” he grinned as he stepped past her, his eyes already scanning the place.

“You don’t get to judge me bitch,” Marianne hissed. “Seems like we did the same thing to little Maria.”

Hannah couldn’t utter a word in comeback and seeing that her one sentence defeated her, Marianne winked and stepped past her with a smirk on her face.

“Where is she?” Samuel demanded angrily from behind when he realized there was no sign of Maria.

Hannah flinched, suddenly remembering that she had Maria’s sudden disappearance to explain. Timidly, she closed the door and heaved a sigh before moving to join the two.

She fidgeted nervously with her fingers when she was in their presence.

“She– she um…she said she was going to take a walk to clear her head. She’ll be back in awhile.”

Sam took a step forward, mere inches away from Hannah; his blue eyes piercing and cold.

“Look me in the eyes and repeat what you’ve just said,” he challenged. Hannah swallowed visibly, lifting her head to his.

Her mouth opened, daring her to repeat but it no longer clamped shut as she glanced away, unable to.

“You let her go,” he concluded wryly.

“Why are you so obsessed with Maria?” Hannah shouted. “You let me ruin our friendship because I love you, but now it seems as if the feeling wasn’t mutual,” she cried.

Samuel choked a mirthless laugh. “No, it wasn’t,” he confessed bitterly, watching the tears pool in Hannah’s eyes. “I mean, the sex was great Hannah but did you really believe I would leave Maria for you?” He laughed mockingly.

“You seemed like a desperate lay, and I took the chance. No hard feelings.”

Hannah blinked and the tears fell. “You said you loved me. Said you’d leave her for me and I believed you,” she cried.

“How foolish of you to,” came the dry remark.

Hannah’s lips trembled in disbelief.

“All you women are the same,” he scoffed. “Ready to fall to your knees for the sake of a díck.”

Hannah’s back was now against the wall with her body trembling in shock. She failed to believe it was the same Sam who had been holding her in his arms just a few days ago.

“Now tell me where the fuçk she went before I give you a replicated version of Maria’s face,” he threatened.

“I don’t know,” Hannah breathe out.

“Tell me where she is dammit!” he yelled, particles of his saliva flying to Hannah’s face while the corded muscles pumped in his neck.

Hannah flinched, seeing the blue depths of his eyes darken like the sea on a brink of a violent storm.

“I–I really don’t know,” she cried.

Samuel wasn’t convinced, neither was he deterred by the tears falling down Hannah’s face. The fire was pulsing in his veins and he demanded an alternative to quell it. Lithely, with nose flaring and eyes raging, Sam grabbed Hannah by the throat and pinned her to the wall.

She gagged on the lack of air, her face going red with the blood that was unable to flow freely through her body. Sam pressed his finger tighter, a smile twitching at his mouth when he saw her suffering, telling himself that she deserved it.

“Whoah! Whoah! I think that’s enough buster. I don’t think we need a dead body complicating things,” Marianne’s voice came.

And as if a button in him was clicked off, Samuel released Hannah, who stumbled to the floor, coughing violently. She wheezed, she coughed, she cried but neither of them assisted her.

“Where was Maria coming from when she came here?” Sam demanded.

Hannah crouched on the floor, still clutching her throat to ease the soreness and the burning.

She shook her head. “I don’t know,” she wheezed then coughed.

A muscle flickered in Sam’s jaw.

“Well it’s obvious this bitch won’t budge so I guess we’ll have to find some other way,” Marianne intervened in annoyance.

Sam muttered a curse. “Let’s go,” he said to Marianne. “I’ll see if her GPS tracker is on.”

And with that, they both left, leaving Hannah behind who suddenly curled herself in a ball and began to cry profusely.

Today she lost the two persons she claimed to love the most.

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