Bulletproof Kisses

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Getting Ready

The following day, Maria woke up feeling very excited. She was really happy for Sam because she knew he worked hard on making a deal with a eligible buyer. She wanted to look her very best for the dinner, because she knew first impressions last and she wanted to make a good one with the dealer, on behalf of Samuel.

She was happy it was her day off, so she would have the time to prepare herself for the evening. She did her daily chores and sat on the couch when she was done, awaiting Hannah, considering she always came over on Maria’s day off’s.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang and Maria quickly sauntered through the small passage to open it. Hannah had two bags in her hand, which Maria assumed to be lunch.

“Hey, you look happy,” Hannah acknowledged and Maria smiled, anxious to fill her friend in on the good news.

They moved towards the sitting area and through the kitchen where Maria poured them both a glass of fruit juice.

“So tell me what’s going on,” Hannah exclaimed.

“Samuel landed the deal he’s been working on for months!” she squealed and Hannah’s eyes widened.

“Oh my! That’s so awesome. He really deserves the break,” Hannah retorted sincerely.

Maria nodded. “Tonight he’s going to sign the papers with the boss over dinner. I’m to accompany him,” she grinned.

The glass paused half way to Hannah’s mouth. “Really?” she asked in surprise.

“Mmhmm,” Maria nodded proudly.

“So isn’t Sam a bit awkward around you. I mean, after….you know,” she shrugged, knowing that Maria would understand what she was talking about.

Maria sighed. “No he’s not. I told you, all that was a mistake I’d like to stay in the past,” she said rummaging through the bag in curiosity.

There was an awkward silence.

“What’s this?” Maria asked after a time when she came upon a container.

A grin sliced Hannah’s face. “Ohhh, girl. My mom introduced me to this spot just a few blocks from here. Its a Jamaican restaurant, and that right there is what they call jerked chicken, with…”, she trailed off, tapping her chin for the word. “Festival dumplings,” she beamed in excitement.

“What?” Maria asked, confused.

“It’s so delicious, you have to try it,” Hannah beamed in excitement.

“Jerked chicken Han, that sounds…off,” Maria cringed.

Hannah sighed, rolling her eyes. “Just take a bite of the damn thing,” she exclaimed in frustration, opening the lid of the small box.

Maria looked down on the thing, the smell wafting across his nose in delight. It looked like chicken for sure, with a dull shade of orange to it. She watched as Hannah pulled off piece, pushing it in her direction.

“Forget the name, just taste heaven,” she said convincingly and Maria sighed, taking it from Hannah. Hesitatingly she bought it to her mouth and took a bite.

As she chewed the tender meat, her eyes widened with incredulity. It wasn’t like anything she had ever tasted; the rich spicy flavors bursting on her taste buds tasted kind of smoky with a sweet-like sauce that was tinged with pepper. Maria closed her eyes, astounded by the amazing taste.

She licked her fingers when the amount in her mouth was done. Opening her eyes, she saw Hannah with a wide grin on her face.

“Told you,” she bragged and Maria allowed her to gloat.

Immediately, Maria nodded, taking her food and moving towards the sofa where she sat and indulged in the food until she was ready to prepare herself for the evening.

Leon settled on the bed of the hotel suite his secretary had booked for him. It was the best hotel, and he got the best room…considering his status as a highly successful business man. He laid back and allowed the comfort of the bed to consume his exhaustion.

His hands behind his head, he thought of a way he would know the whereabouts of Maria Chandler. He didn’t think she would still be living in the same neighborhood, she had been living in at age eighteen. She was always the adventurous type. He smiled instantly, remembering just how adventurous she had been in bed. She was always the woman to try and explore new things and he was always willing to teach her, of course.

He hardened his heart once again, not wanting to think about the good times they had. He had to always remind himself that the woman was a traitorous, soulless vixen…and revenge was his game.

Leon pulled his phone from his pocket and dialled his private investigator’s (PI) number.

“Hey man, it’s Oakley, how fast can you get me info on a Maria Chandler?” He got straight to the point and the reply he got was just as such.

“Give me a few hours tops and I’ll provide you with all the info you need,” came the reply and Leon smiled in satisfaction.

“Good, I’ll be needing it tomorrow morning. I have a dinner in a few hours from now so I’ll be busy,” he explained.

“yeah, no problem,” the man on the other end assured before Leon disconnected the call.

He sighed, smiling. He was already anxious to find out about the minx’s life…and in time he would.

The smile suddenly fell from Leon’s face when he was reminded of the dinner he would attend in a few hours. It was always good to get acquainted with business personnel’s and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t interested in finding out a little about the man he was going to buy the most beautiful building plot from.

It was obvious, the man was lacking on funds, because no one in their right mind would sell such a beauty; luckily for him,he did and Leon wanted to thank him personally for bestowing upon him, such a privilege.

He knew he had told the man to bring a lady friend, but he on the other hand, was not planning on doing such a thing.

He sighed, picked up the phone and called room service.

Maria stared at the reflection in the mirror and smiled at who stared back. She was satisfied with the way she looked; a nice royal blue dress that clung to her curves and emphasized her eyes. Her hair was pinned up neatly with a few loose tendrils falling down her face. Maria used her hand to smoothen the dress, running her fingers along the length of her body.

She saw Samuel moving towards her in his dark suit and neatly trimmed hair. He came and wrapped his arms around her from behind and smiled as he lowered his head to place feathery kisses along her neck.

“You look beautiful,” he complimented in a low tone and Maria smiled her thanks.

“Are you ready?” Sam asked a few seconds later.

Maria nodded. “Yeah.”

Samuel parked on the outside as he waited on the valet to park in the suitable place, considering they were at one of New York’s most prestigious restaurants.

Samuel came out and went around to the other side to do the gentle manly thing by opening the door for Maria. She stepped out and he kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Let’s go,” Samuel took her by the arm and they both walked in the direction of the restaurant, both oblivious of what was to come.

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