Bulletproof Kisses

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Rekindled Relationships

Leon and Maria both arrived at the airport when it was still dark out. They exited and immediately went to a limousine that had been waiting on their arrival. Everything all seemed so surreal to Maria; she had only seen these things in movies and books, but to be experiencing it first hand, kind of blew things out of the water for her. She sat beside Leon in the vehicle and he instantly offered her something to drink, but Maria refused.

Leon cleared his throat. “Are you OK?” he couldn’t help asking.

She nodded. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

A small silence passed between them once more. “You know, whatever misunderstandings we seemed to have had in the past, I’m willing to let it stay there; I’m willing to move on and put it all behind us.” he explained, searching her face for a reaction.

Maria glanced at him, their gazes locking as she contemplated on what he had said. Clearly, something went wrong to have them part on such bitter terms, but could she just ignore what happened and move on? She asked herself the question repeatedly, until she was contented with the reply her mind seemed comfortable with.

She nodded. “I guess so,” she shrugged in nonchalance.

Leon smiled. “Good and you must know that you will be safe here; I will protect you with every power I posses,” he admitted softly, reaching out to give her hand a reassuring squeeze.

She held his gaze, looking into the eyes of the man she thought she’d never see again, but somehow destiny directed them into each other’s path– no matter the reason. Leon had always occupied a piece of her and although his intentions on seeing her again was not the least bit impressive, she had found that slowly, that missing piece– him, made her whole again. Gazing into his eyes now, Maria saw the look he had always given her all those years ago. Hannah would always tease her and say, she wanted a man who would look at her like that; like she meant everything in the world to him. Looking at him now, the breath caught in Maria’s throat when she recognized it to be the very same look; filled with love and admiration that was immeasurable to anyone else.

His head moved closer in her direction, his hand still holding her and just like the inevitableness of magnet and iron that were destined to crash against each other, their lips did the same. A sensual shiver rippled down Maria’s spine as soon as their lips touched, sending her to a euphoric place where all she could focus on was the dangerous sensuality of his attentions. Soft folds caressed each other, sending a bolt of unsatisfied desire through Leon’s body which resulted in the uprooting of a raw groan, Maria felt vibrate on her own lips. He deepened the kiss, finding solace in the taste, the feel, the sensation of what the small intimacy had caused. He wanted to take her there, bury himself in her heated core. He was always capable of doing that to her– sending her to another world where need demanded and pleasure beckoned.

As their needy kiss spiraled into something more than just the intimacy of tongues– both wanting to explore every crevice of each other’s body – the car came to a halt and the sound of the partition being rolled down, caused them to pull apart, breathing heavily, still gazing at each other with rekindled lust and love.

“Sir, I’m sorry to interrupt, but we’ve arrived at the mansion,” the driver stated politely.

At that, Leon directed his gaze to the front, seeing the lights that lit the outside.

“Thank you Tom, we’ll be out shortly,” he replied, returning his gaze to Maria who looked flustered and more beautiful than ever.

She used two fingers to touch her lips, feeling the heat and the tenderness that was from the result of their ravenous kiss.

She giggled, feeling like the teenager she had been years ago when she was with Leon. He grinned, the act sending bolts of joy through his body. He had longed to see that side of her again and he would do absolutely anything to let it stay in place.

He dipped his head towards her and gave her one last passionate, yet quick kiss before they would exit the car. Trailing his hand along the curve of her jaw, he used a thumb to feel the softness of her oh so succulent lips.

“I missed you,” he said, his voice a husky whisper. “I missed us.”

She leaned into his caress. “Me too,” she supplied and he smiled, turning to push the door open and quickly going to the next side to do the gentlemanly thing by opening hers.

When they were both on the outside, the beauty of the fully lit mansion, held Maria captive. The design was beautifully unusual, but with enough simplicity that deemed it absolutely breathtaking.

“Wow,” she breathed almost breathlessly, her eyes exploring.

“I take it you like what you see?”

“I love it, it’s beautiful,” she complimented, eyes still strained on house.

“This is the first thing I brought after by business skyrocketed and became a multi billion dollar organization.” He paused, glancing at her. “You were the first person I wanted to inform when I landed success.”

Maria managed a smile. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”

He released a breath. “You’re here now and that’s all that matters,” he said as he pulled her in to him, gently massaging her shoulders.

“Tomorrow, we’ll head up to my lake house, where it is more…safe.”

“You have a lake house?” Maria asked, shocked.

He nodded proudly. “I go there to ignore media attention,” he explained. “Come on,” he added, as they began to walk towards the huge double doors.

Pausing at the door, he turned to Maria. “I hope you don’t mind my mom; she’s been staying here since the divorce.”

Maria’s brows shot up. “No, not at all,” she ensured, though the very thought of meeting the woman left her nervous.

He smiled, pushing the door open and stepping aside to allow her to enter first. “She must be asleep now anyway,” he shrugged.

The driver came in with their bags and placed them at the door before exiting.

Of course the outside of the mansion was undoubtedly beautiful, but boy, the inside was more astounding in Maria’s eyes. Being a real estate agent, she had a good eye for breathtaking, monumental housing and in all her years of viewing beautiful houses, this one topped the list.

She searched for words to describe what she saw, but found that her descriptions would be understatements. So she settled on describing it as a speechless beauty.

“You must be really tired…” Leon began, but trailed off. “Do you hear that?”

Maria’s brows knitted. “What?” She asked and then there was silence, both listening.

A few faint whispers resonated in the confines of the room. Maria sucked in a breath, glancing at Leon with wide eyes.

“Mom!” Leon called and the whisperings stopped altogether.


“Oh sweetie, it’s you!” The woman exclaimed as she quickly sauntered down the stairs, tying her bathrobe in the process. She paused when she saw Maria, immediately glancing at Leon then at Maria again.

“Maria? Maria Chandler?” she scoffed with incredulity. “Well I’ll be damned.”

“Mom, who else is here?” Leon interrupted sternly.

Sarah casted a gaze to her son, immediately swallowing. “No one,” she quickly said. “Why would you think anyone else is here?” she asked, hanging her head and scratching the back of her neck.

“I heard talking.”

“Must be the radio I have in my room honey,” she cleared her throat.

Leon scoffed unconvincingly. “If you’re gonna lie mom, make it a good one.”

Sarah Oakley huffed out a frustrated breath. “Fine,” she said in defeat. “Sean! You can come down honey.” She watched the way Leon’s brows furrowed, knowing she had a lot to explain.

Sean Oakley descended the stairs in boxers and T-shirt, sporting a cheesy grin.

“Hi, son.”

“What the fuçk?” Leon hissed, jaw unhinged as he stared at the sight. “Dad, what are you doing he…” He trailed off to glance at Sarah who was biting her lips while she looked at Sean like he was a piece of juicy meat.

“What the hell is going on here?!” Leon roared, demanding answers.

Maria folded her lips and bit back the laughter that bubbled up from within her.

Sarah cleared her throat. “It seems tonight is the revelation of rekindled relationships,” she chuckled, cocking her brow towards Maria.

Leon raked a hand through his hair. “How long has this been going on?” he demanded crisply.

“Excuse me young man, but it seems you have forgotten who the parents are, here,” she exclaimed, though her words lacked seriousness. “But if you must know, your father and I have been seeing each other for a few weeks now.”

Leon was astonished at the confession. “Have you forgotten what he did to you?” he blared, glowering at a silent Sean Oakley.

“No, but we aren’t perfect, are we?” she questioned rhetorically. “Anyway, enough about us, what are you doing here at two in the morning with your long lost lover?” Sarah questioned.

Maria laughed at her choice of words, but it ended abruptly when she realized she was the only one laughing.

“We just came from New York, not that it’s any of your business.”

Sarah rolled her eyes as she approached Maria. “It’s so good to see you again darling. You seem to get only prettier with age,” she smiled, pulling Maria in for a hug.

She smiled. “Thank you and I can say the same for you.”

She chuckled, pulling apart to fully assess her, her smile faltering when she saw the small, faint bruise on her forehead. “My, what happened to your head?”

Maria cleared her throat. “Small head bump while getting into the car this morning,” she quickly lied.

“I don’t understand why I don’t have a horn growing out my forehead with the amount of time that has happened to me,” she joked and Maria joined in her laughter.

“I hope you know you both have a lot of explanation to do,” Leon said. “But I’m afraid it’ll have to stay till a later date because as you must can imagine, Maria and I are a bit jet lagged and need some rest.”

He moved towards the baggage and took them, before heading upstairs. “Come on, Angel.”

Maria looked towards the seniors. “It was good seeing you both again. Goodnight.”

Sarah and Sean both nodded. “Likewise honey, sweet dreams. We’ll have more time to chat, maybe tomorrow?”

Maria nodded with a smile and followed behind Leon.

“I can sleep on the sofa. You can take the bed,” Leon said as soon as they settled into his room that spoke of pure male.

Maria glanced at the king sized bed. “I’m sure it’s big enough to hold both of us,” she shrugged.

Her words caught Leon by surprise. “O– oh yeah, sure.”

She went into the bathroom to freshen up although sleep had already seeped itself into her bones. She came out in a robe, finding Leon shirtless and in sweat pants. She swallowed hard, remembering that was the way he always slept and instantly regretting her earlier decision to have him sleep beside her. Sleep wasn’t going to come easy, she knew that for sure.

She hesitantly walked towards the bed, shoving the covers down before creeping beneath them. She closed her eyes at the comfort that succeeded at extinguishing her exhaustion and putting a halt to her swirling thoughts. Soon after, Leon joined her, Maria shivering at the warmth that came with his body, even though they had not touched. When they did however, she stiffened when his arm circled her waist and spooned her into him. Maria felt like a huge wall was behind her and even though his built held the firmness of walls, he seemed mushy against her.

She didn’t want to be thinking unceremonious thoughts now that she was so tired, but how could she not when the complete epitome of sex was behind her.

“Goodnight,” he whispered against her neck, kissing her gently at the very spot his breath lingered.

Maria swallowed. “Goodnight,” she whispered, mentally scolding herself for not sounding as composed as he did.

But oh how wrong she was. He felt tortured at the contact of skin to skin and his member was finding it hard to compose itself, especially when it was basically harnessed against her firm little ass.

She was damn right. Sleep didn’t come easy for both of them.

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