Bulletproof Kisses

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WARNING: Mature content ahead. Read at your own risk! You have been warned. ;)


"I don't know how one child can be so good while the other is so evil," Julia exclaimed, shaking her head.

Hannah didn't reply to that, she just sat and watched all the action that took place in the busy airport. Their flight wasn't until an hour time, considering they had missed the last one– possibly the one Sam and Marianne had gone on.

It aggravated Julia to the limit when she thought of how ahead they were of them and how intent they were on finding and destroying Maria. She was at times, somewhat unable to fathom the reality of everything that she had learned over the past hours. It seemed so unreal.

Hannah leaned into Julia. "How are you going to get your gun through?" It suddenly occurred to her that, that was going to be a problem.

"Do you really think I have a gun now Hannah?" she whispered sharply.


"When I made that stop, I didn't collect a gun, I organized for what to be delivered to me in California," she whispered, looking around to see if she was at risk of eavesdroppers. "The guy's an old friend of mine, that's what he does, so I asked a favor and he was willing to help me out."

Hannah's nod was slow and dawning. "Ohhh," she dragged.

Julia sighed a resigned sigh. "I hope Leon is keeping her safe although I never doubted his ability to. My baby was the happiest with him and the saddest without," she smiled.

"He broke her heart!" Hannah injected gravely.

Julia scoffed. "What do you care?" She fired back. "What you did was no less subtle."

Hannah was clearly taken aback by her words and seeing that, Julia lightly sighed, gently massaging her forehead.

"Look, I'm sorry. I'm jus–"

"No," Hannah inserted abruptly. "I deserved that, but I want you to know that I regret every single thing I did to hurt her," she said, hanging her head.

A small silence passed between the two.

"You know, I told myself repeatedly that what I was doing was wrong, but he always told me that there was nothing wrong in loving someone. He always had that look in his eyes when he saw me, the kind I always saw in Leon's when he was with Maria. The feeling I had when I was around him was so magnificent..." She trailed off and sniffed, staring blankly at one spot as if reliving the moments.

"I knew I was betraying my best friend, I knew I was wrong when I forced a smile when Maria told me something about Sam. I– I smiled in her face many times, while wishing she would just disappear from our lives and let us be. I was so stupid and insensitive to my relationship with her," she said while a tear escaped her eyes.

Julia shook her head in pity, her face set with scorn, fighting the urge of her palms to slap her across the face, but she knew she needed to make peace with God and Maria and not her.


The drive to Leon's lake house was somewhat what Maria expected. Lonely roads, trees lining both sides of the long stretch of road and a silence that was almost deafening. The air was fresh and lithe against her skin as she placed a hand through the window, swaying her fingers in the wind.

"So, no one knows about where we're headed?" Maria asked, glancing at Leon whose eyes were focused on the road.

He looked briefly in her direction. "Only those closest to me. I call it my safe haven," he explained with a smile.

Maria smiled, but didn't say anything else.

"It's secured and has everything I need with a monthly supply of food so we should be fine."

"For how long will we be staying?" she asked out of curiosity.

"For however long you want," he stated.


Before arriving, Maria had thought of a thousand images in her head, wanting to have an idea of what to expect of the lake house. But it seemed she wasn't much of an imaginative person because reality profoundly surpassed her imagination.

Nestled in the groves of trees, the small, yet exquisitely structured house sat, waiting on the sunset that would soon kiss it's beauty and give it a halo of it's own. The walkway was made of board with hand rails at the sides, making a way for the glorious building ahead. Both glass and lumber comprised the structure; glass somewhat overpowering the entirety of it, thus giving it a classically opulent look. A small porch was at the front, hosting two chairs with the inclusion of a swing chair that was gently, ever so slightly being swayed by the wind. Peeking out, was a view of the lake that glistened with the approaching sunset.

"Welcome to my home away from home," Leon announced proudly, enjoying her reaction.

"I– it's wonderful," she complimented, eyes still strained on the house.

He smiled. "Let's go inside, shall we?" he said, taking the luggage from the back; three in hand while Maria had one.

They went inside and it was just as astounding as the outside, but was more woodsy...so to speak.

After putting their belongings in place, Leon found Maria looking around as her fingers trailed on the polished furniture. With hands tucked in both pockets, he watched from a distance, seeing when she paused to look on photos she came upon.

Maria's breath hitched in her throat as her line of vision came upon a photo that simply had her body stiffening. Gingerly, she picked it up, an array of emotions overwhelming her. It was an old photo of Leon and her, six years ago, a few months after they had met.

They had been at the beach when the picture was captured—Leon in nothing but shorts and dripping wet while Maria, in a two piece bikini, was straddled on his back, laughing. They were both laughing, Maria's head across his shoulders as she looked down on him, while Leon looked up at her. The sunset was slowly making it's way up and the sky seemed multicolor with a mixture of dull orange and blue. The smiles they had intact was unmistakably beautiful– Everything was. But out of all those beautiful things, none could come in comparison with the looks they both had in their eyes. One of both happiness and love, so evident and so immense that a simply glance would take your breath away.

Maria had remembered that day perfectly. She remembered how happy she was, not because of the fun things they had done on that day, but it was because she was with him and all her reasons for happiness existed with his presence at the time.

She suddenly felt teary, but a hand on her shoulder gave her a temporary pause. Looking up to see that very same Leon– her Leon–Maria couldn't stop her heart from soaring.

"You kept this," she stated shakily.

"I remembered that day perfectly," he began as he gazed at the photo and then at her, moving to face her directly. "You caught me off guard when you jumped on my back, we almost fell to the ground, but it was the perfect moment and the random guy we had asked to take the photo was the perfect photographer."

Maria grinned at that. "I... I told him to be prepared for it. I told him my plan and he was ready to help me out," she admitted.

Leon gawked at her. "You didn't!" He mused. "I thought you were showing the guy how he'd find the camera or something..."

Maria giggled. "No my friend, we were planning your attack," she beamed.

Leon chuckled heartily and so did Maria, but when their gazes held, it died down to beaming smiles.

"When things ended between us, I managed to angrily put everything away, the photos, the gifts...everything that reminded me of you, but somehow I couldn't bring myself to put this one away. I carried it here, for my eyes only and although seeing it left me conflicted with emotions, I knew it was something that I had to be."

Maria hung her head. "Do you think we can really forget what happened?"

Leon sighed. "I don't think I'll be able to forget, but I don't want to remember either," he shrugged, reaching for her. "I have you again and I think that's all that matters right now."

Maria smiled, still not sure if she could relinquish all the events of her past, but she was willing to give it a try...for happiness sake.

"What do you say about a swim?" Leon asked, his eyes searching her face for an answer.

"Of course, but I didn't bring any swimwear."

"I'm sure you can improvise," he answered slyly, before moving off.


"Ready?" Leon asked, staring down the deck to the lake, before glancing at Maria. His gaze traveled along the length of her body, admiring shapely legs that was left exposed beneath black panties. She wore a thin, white blouse that seemed too small, thus leaving her bellybutton out for his wandering eyes.

She glanced up at him, her eyes roaming his impressive musculature before it reached his charming face.

"I'm ready," she grinned, refocusing her gaze on the calm body of water. He held her hand and within seconds, they were both running along the deck laughing joyously before they plunged into the lake.

They went under before coming up laughing, and wiping water from their faces. Maria shivered involuntarily, waiting on her body to get accustomed to the temperature.

Minutes later, she was relaxed and floating with the help of Leon who was watching how laid back and beautiful she was; a small smile on her face, long hair splayed out in the water and nipples pointedly erect beneath the almost transparent top that showcased too much for the naked eyes. He swallowed hard, attempting to distract himself from a boner, but it did no good.

"Where do you think we'd be now if things hadn't ended between us?" Maria asked.

Leon cleared his throat. "I would imagine us married by now, possibly with a baby running around..."

She smiled. "Do you believe in things happening for a reason?"

He took a moment before answering. "Maybe."

She suddenly positioned herself upright, face to face with Leon again.

"You know, I'm really thankful for what you're doing and I'm glad you came back because things would have gotten worse with Sam... And my entire future would be based on lies... so thank you," she admitted softly.

He nodded. "I'm sorry my initial intentions were rotten, but I just..." he trailed off when she placed a finger on his lips, silencing him.

Their gazes held with such magnetization that their bodies could do nothing but draw closer like their lips, which touched with the sweetest sensation. It wasn't demanding, it wasn't ravishing; it was welcoming and gentle, inviting little flickering spasms of sensations through their bodies. Their lips moved in sync, creating a rhythm that they both found satisfaction in. The fire spread from their mouths to their bodies, engulfing them in a sweet flame that had them burning up, regardless of the coolness of the water. Leon pulled her close, their bodies the perfect match as water trickled down between their bodies, mixing with the surrealism of the experience.

Slowly, the kiss deepened, a soft moan building up from the pit of Maria's tight knotted stomach, where it vibrated on Leon's lips, leaving him wanting more. Nothing could ever compare to the perfection of holding Maria in his arms. Her mouth was soft and hot, like the blaze of fire. He cupped the exquisite line of her cheeks, gently elevating her head upwards, reveling in the flavor of her mouth, sweet and intoxicating, thus fueling a hunger that threatened to rage out of control.

"I need you...now," he rasped against her lips, the words barely making out, but nevertheless filled with so much lust and passion.

Maria knew she couldn't deny the passion her body needed, the insatiable desire that she had been lacking for years.

"You've got me."

Leon carried her to the lake house, their bodies dripping wet against the hardwood floor. He moved with her, lips still joined as they stepped in the shower, where he placed her to the floor.

A spray of warm water had Maria slightly gasping as she realized what he had done– what he was doing. She grinned, watching how dangerously dark his eyes had gotten. He found her mouth again, delving into the wet silk and the heady flavor that drove him over the edge.

He began to sweetly ravish her mouth with deep, mind swirling kisses, pressing her body rhythmically against his. He gently eased her against the walling of the shower, Maria slightly shuddering when her back came in contact with the coolness of it. Leon pressed himself deliciously against her, letting her feel how much stronger he was, how much heavier he was and how much masterfully in control. Her pulse raced, feeling his hard erection which was planted firmly against her stomach.

Leon's head briefly left her mouth to nuzzle the slender curve of her neck, Maria arching the column to give him more access. With her eyes closed, she writhed in the feeling of his hot mouth on her wet skin, sucking, tongue swirling against sensitive spots that had her pooling with heat. Leon felt the vibrations of her suppressed moans against his mouth as he went further with his exploration, finding the rounded swell of flesh that nestled beneath the flimsy blouse. His hands instantaneously went under, hoisting the material up and pulling it swiftly from over her head. Maria gasped, hands tightening around his shoulders when his hands found one aching breast that was longing for a little attention. His hands molded one while his slick mouth suckled on the other with skillful accuracy, sending pleasing spasms across her body. Maria gently arched her back, aimlessly running her fingers along the nape of his neck and through his wet hair, as she tried to control the fire that threatened to turn her to ash.

Leon wanted to make love to her immediately, bury himself so deep inside her until the bitter ending of their past dissolved into her sweetness, but he also knew slow and steady won the race and so he lifted his mouth from her pulsing bosom, finding her lips again where he shared the taste of her body with her.

"I missed you so much," he growled against her lips with heady and consuming kisses. She moaned, her kisses intensifying and Leon knew that he would bring her to climax, here and now if he parted her panties and–

He broke off that thought when he felt slender, warm, wet fingers, circling his male member that pulsed at the unexpectedness of her capture. His head was swirling, his body caught aflame with the raw desire that consumed him, along with the warm water that engulfed them. Leon knew he was a lost sailor at sea, there was not much more he could do to hold on and so he clamped his body to hers, enjoying the gasp that escaped her sweet lips.

Tentatively, yet eagerly, he found her panties which were getting in the way of his taking. He pulled them half way down and Maria shimmied her way out of it, leaving her exposed to his hungry gaze.

"Wrap your legs around me," he stated thickly. Submissively, she did so with the support of Leon who hoisted her up. Legs wrapped around his waist and hands wrapped around his neck, her breathing became erratic with the knowledge of what would come next. Singlehandedly, he discarded his shorts, his firm manhood springing free and settled just below her ass.

Maria's grips tightened as she braced herself for him. Leon planted one hand firmly against the wall, using the other to direct his coçk in the warm entrance of her most sacred place. Maria's breath hitched when he slowly rubbed his tip along the nub of her clitoris, eliciting tiny tremors over her body.

"This is what I feel for you," he began huskily, positioning himself at her heavenly gateway, feeling the way she was already melting around him. With one hungry kiss, he claimed her mouth, pulling apart almost instantly and gazing down at her pink, slightly swollen lips.

"This is what I want... You are what I want." He drove himself deep, enjoying the gasp that broke her lips when he entered her. Maria arched her head and closed her eyes, trying to catch her breath, pondering on the surrealism of the experience.

"Look at me," he demanded, Maria did so, matching the all-consuming passion in his eyes.

With each stroke that he made, he went deeper, faster, harder..loving the way the walls of her vagina was clenching sweetly around his member. She was still holding his gaze, her body becoming hotter, more aroused for his administrations. Leon braced both palms on the wall, on either side of her head, as he thrust deeper into her, his chest rubbing against the tips of her breasts.

Maria's entire body tensed as it rushed towards a climax. She had never experienced intimacy so passionate or primitive. Not even with Leon, all those years ago.

With one last powerful thrust, she gasped, her limbs turning to mush as she spun out of her head and out of her body, shuddering when she deliciously climaxed, sending her to the heavens before she was brought back to earth. She came violently, a sweet moan escaping her lips when Leon came with her, shattering all her senses.

"Oh...Leon," she cried, almost on the brink of tears as her legs weakly fell from around him, their bodies still joined.

He was breathing heavily, mouth slightly agape in an attempt to catch his breath as he watched her. Wet, vulnerable, satisfied and unmistakably beautiful.

He instantly wanted her again...

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