Bulletproof Kisses

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Love again

Seeing that in an instant she could have lost a child, Julia held both close with all the love she could muster, willing to let everything else slide while cherishing life. Marianne was still her child regardless of the horrid things she had done. She had spent hours in the hospital giving birth to them both and she knew that to lose one would break her heart.

She held Marianne close while Maria stood, still sniffing, eyes leveled on Leon who was at the side, watching her with an unreadable expression on his handsome face. She nervously moved towards him, her heart beating a mile a second, already predicting the impending conversation.

She stood before him, seeing how good he looked and how well he had managed to clean up. She was happy he was OK.

"Can we talk?" she questioned softly, thinking of how stupid she was in giving up on them in the first place.

Leon was momentarily silent but seeing the vulnerability in her eyes he had no choice but to give in. "Sure."

Her heart leapt at the fact that he had agreed but her nervousness to in fact talk, skyrocketed. She glanced at her mother and sister, Julia nodding to let her know that it was fine for her to go talk.

With thoughts rushing wildly through both their heads, silence was this introduction to the conversation as they walked wordlessly.

They stopped by a bench, gazes still not met, indulging in the awkwardness of the situation.

"I'm sorry," Maria finally said a bit breathlessly, still trying to compose herself.

Leon didn't reply immediately; he was still trying to figure out if here was where he really wanted to be but he realised it was a bit too late to rethink. He pondered on her words and everything that took place over the course of a month but still he found himself not in that least bit affected by them.

He had hurt and has had to deal with her leaving his life again, and quite frankly, he wasn't ready to thread the same waters knowing the same thing could happen.

He loved her but he wasn't sure they were meant to be together.

Maria, seeing his unresponsiveness towards her apology, attempted to try again, but stopped herself as soon as the words attempted to spill. She couldn't blame him, she knew that she was insensitive and impulsive towards a relationship that had gone through hell.

She hadn't fought for them and so she understood Leon's disconnect, but after a month of realising she was sourly wrong, she was ready to make amends and beg for his forgiveness.

"I knew I should have been there for you – I made a horrible mistake when I left but I'm truly sorry," she exclaimed, fighting against this painful lump that formed in her throat.

Silence was once again her reply.

Leon saw her growing frustration, knowing that an answer from him – even a bad one – was what she awaited, but he just couldn't find it in himself to give her one right away.

"Leon, please," she pleaded, and when he stood, her breath hitched.

He gazed at her, looking deep into her beautiful and sorrowful eyes. He wanted to reassure her – to once again see her happiness but he simply couldn't, so instead, he sighed and said,

"I'm sorry about your baby, I really am but I can't. I can't do this anymore." With that said, he turned and left.

Maria's heart fell as she watched his fading image, unable to believe what had just happened. Her throat burned with the tears that pushed against it, tears she knew she couldn't hold for long.

"Maria," Julia said as she made an appearance in front of her.

"He left mom and I might just lose him for good this time."

Eyes cloudy with tears, Maria could hardly make out the image of her mother until she finally blinked and tears rained down her face.

Julia swallowed, holding her daughter's shoulders while she demanded her to look into her eyes. Maria did so with much effort, listening to her mother as she spoke.

"Sweetheart, I've known you to be a fighter all your life – I raised you to be one. If happiness is what you really want then you've got to chase it, you've got to fight for it. I know that you love Leon and trust me when I say he loves you just the same but it's your time to fight, baby."

Maria nodded, pulling Julia in her arms as she hugged her thankfully. "I've gotta go find him, thank you mom."

Julia smiled proudly. "Now that's my girl. Go get your happiness."


Leon flung the door to his hotel room open and pulled off his tie, throwing it aimlessly across the room. He muttered a few curses, pondering on his earlier decision. A part of him blamed himself for walking away and another part told him it was the right thing to do. Conflicted feelings overwhelmed him but he told himself it was too late now anyway. He had walked away and he surely wouldn't be going back.

Leon knew within himself that he'd always love Maria – it wasn't their love he questioned, it was the will of destiny and fate and every little thing that influenced their relationship.

She was right after all, he thought. They were sinking ships and none could save the other.

He hissed as he moved to get a drink but paused in his tracks when he heard his name.

"Leon." It was soft, it trembled and it held a silent plea his heart tightened at.

Turning around, he saw Maria standing at the door, her eyes red, her body frail and thin and it was in that moment did he realise she had suffered over the past month too. Despite the need he felt to wrap her in his arms and protect her from the cruel world, he wanted to know what she had to say.

She swallowed hard as she moved towards him, slightly hanging her head before she began. "I don't care how many times I'll have to say I'm sorry, but if it takes forever, I'll devote my entire life telling you just how sorry I am. I was selfish and insensitive to your feelings and...I was weak because I could have fought but instead I surrendered to my own grief and selfishness."

She took a chance and reached for his hands, suddenly remembering how she had missed his touch – missed the warmth of him. She looked up at him, her heart rejoicing at the fact that he wasn't protesting. Instead he gazed into her eyes as well, his jaw slightly flexing.

"I want to always wake up to find you, I want to love only you. I know I'll do stupid things but I want you by my side to steer me straight and when there are times like these when you question our love, I want to give you a hundred answers that'll make you love me wholly again."

Newly formed tears sprung to her eyes and after a few passing seconds of silence, he hugged her. Maria's gasp was audible, she failed to believe this was happening but instead of questioning his actions, she welcomed the feel of him, holding him tightly.

Leon briefly closed his eyes, feeling her sob against his chest. He felt the tension ease inside her as he felt it within himself. He was happy. He was happy that she had came, he was happy that she hadn't given up.

Slightly withdrawing, he trailed his finger along the line of her jaw, using his index and middle finger to raise her chin before he dipped his head and met her lips. Leon kissed her and his world finally made sense again. He tasted the saltiness of tears on her lips and tasted the sweetness in her mouth. Slowly his tongue danced in excitement as he welcomed her eager mouth that sought to be caressed by his. He did just that.

Later, in the sweet heat of passion, clothes discarded but lips still joined, Leon carried her to his bedroom where he placed her on the bed. Elbows levered above her, he took a moment to admire her beauty regardless of the weight she'd lost. Her beautiful bronze irises welcomed him, it beckoned for him to let her feel all the pleasures he was capable of letting her feel.

Unable to separate himself from her for much longer, he dipped his head and ever so slightly placed a feathery kiss on her mouth. It was teasing, it was tantalizing and it was all Maria needed to spark the fire that was inside her.

Leon kissed her again, more soulful this time, heating up his body in a manner that had him hungry for her. He continued to kiss her until his body demanded something else. He slowly directed himself inside of her, feeling as her vagina welcomed itself to accommodate him. Liquid fire enveloped his shaft as he slowly drove deep, stretching her, feeling her.

Maria's gasp was audible, her eyes briefly closing while her chest softly rose and fell, tiny spasms erupting throughout her body. Leon continued to moved excruciatingly slow, feeling as the tension rose within him.

He swallowed. "Look at me," he ordered and Maria's eyes slowly fluttered open.

The lust was present in them – the pleasure, as she locked her gaze with his. He moved to the rhythm of lovers, increasing his pace with every thrust. Her eyes slightly widened when his thrusts grew more hard, drove deeper. Maria's heart was full with all the pleasure, her body aching sweetly for a release.

"I ca..." she stopped short when a thrust had her senses flaying. She swallowed. "I'm gonna cum."

Through her breathless words, Leon slowed his pace and gently shook his head. "Not yet, sweetheart."

Maria writhed at his demand, whipping her head to the side when the tension heightened in her body. She tightened around him and arched her back to meet his thrust, not knowing how much longer she could hold on.

She moaned sweetly as Leon kissed her passionately for a brief moment before his mouth went to her neck. He trailed a line of kisses along the slender column, moving to her chest where he found the beautiful swell of her breasts. Without a bit of hesitance, his mouth moved to suckle on a glorious mound. He swept his tongue around the areola and then he grazed his teeth on the hardened bud of nipple. Maria moaned continuously as his slick and hot tongue drove her mad while his cock did it's deed to her lower half.

"Oh God," she whimpered. Leon withdrew almost completely from her, leaving the tip at her entrance before he drove deep again. Maria screamed, her body screaming along with her as she prepared herself for her orgasm.

Leon felt the buildup, felt his own self tense. His thrusts grew more wild, as he buried himself inside her, pounding on the sweet walls of her pussy. He groaned, she screamed as they both came synonymously. Maria clenched herself around his more than favorable cock, closing her eyes as he spilled his seed inside of her. Her legs tangled around his torso as she shuddered, still on the peak of her orgasm with Leon there with her.

They were both breathing heavily when they were done. Leon rolled over on the bed, Maria missing the feel of him inside her. He stared blankly the the ceiling for a while, trying to think of a day more glorious. He turned to the side and caught sight of her closed eyes, mouth still slightly agape as she tried to catch her breath.

"I love you, I never stopped. And all those things you said earlier, I want to spend the rest of my life doing the same with you."

Maria's closed her eyes tighter at his words, happiness representing itself in the form of the tears that escaped her eyes. This was exactly the kind of words a girl needed to hear after sex.

"I love you more than you can ever imagine," she said, turning to kiss him.

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