Bulletproof Kisses

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Can't Resist Him

It was clear to Maria that the man still had no regards for anyone’s feelings, just like six years ago. He didn’t think of anyone but himself and he used his financial power as leverage to get what he wanted.

She numbly watched as he spoke, knowing that there was nothing she could do to change his mind. He had made his decision and Maria could see that he meant every word of it.

“Why are you doing this to me. What have I done to you?” she questioned desperately, really wanting to know why he was treating her in such a way. He had been the one to walk out of her life with no explanations for his actions. He had been the one to hurt her all those years ago, and she spent half of those six years trying to get over him. She went through hell because of him, and here he was, wanting to put her through another round, for reasons she didn’t understand.

Leon snorted. “Let’s leave the past in the past” he told her, knowing he was being a hypocrite for saying such a thing, because he himself, was going against his words.

“No!” she yelled. “I want to know why you are doing this to me. I have done nothing to you, whether in the past or the present”, she blared and tears trailed down her face, but she quickly brushed them away. “You cannot make me do such a horrid thing by sleeping with you”, she completed in a lowered tone.

Leon snapped at the last bit of words she spoke. “Horrid?” he seethed venomously. Her tears had been a boulder to the walls he had built and for a moment he had been really contemplating his actions, but then she went ahead and said something that angered him beyond reasoning.

Horrid! She had said and he would be lying if he denied the fact that he wasn’t insulted. He wanted to laugh at her choice of word. Had she found it horrid when she was writhing beneath him? Had she found it horrid when his name had become a caress on her lips? Had she found it horrid when she was begging him to bring her to a mind shattering orgasm?

Leon moved closer to her, now in her personal space. He watched as her lips slightly trembled with the tear that hung on the lower limb. Her blue eyes were wide and the lashes that umbrellaed them was dark, long and spiky.

She would look so vulnerable in the eyes of any man who didn’t know the type of person she really was, and soon he would show her, just how horrid he could be.

Leon wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her to his body, where she gasped from the harsh contact of body to body. He glared into her smoldering eyes before bringing his lips fiercely to hers.

It seemed so perfectly natural, the way their bodies fit into each other, the way their lips pressed so wonderfully together, the way their breath mingled. Leon could feel how hesitant Maria was, but he knew the heat of their passion would soon melt her cold demeanor…as it always did.

Maria didn’t like the way her body gave into him. She was suddenly filled with conflicting feelings…passion for him, yet also fear, for she was vulnerable and completely alone with him.

His embrace was solid, yet gentle as his their lips moved rhythmically in sync. Leon’s hands caressed the length of her back and he felt the vibration of a groan that rose from her body, when he used his teeth to nip her bottom lip.

He could feel how quickly she was melting beneath him. She had long forgotten her earlier words and she had forgotten his threats, leaving the sensuality of their kiss, the only occupant of her thoughts.

Leon deepened the kiss as his body burned with need to explore the contours of her body, and bury himself in the heat of her core. An undeniable heat was building in his body, one he only experienced when he was with this woman. He was passion deprived for six years and he found it hard to believe that this was the only woman who could quell his burning desire.

Maria groaned at the possessiveness of his kiss. Her body was burning up and she knew that Leon was the only one who could extinguish the fire. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she urged him on, leaving no space between them…not even for air. Maria felt his hands gliding beneath her blouse and she gasped when the heat of his fingers touched her bare skin.

“No” the word came from her lips in a whisper, reminding her that what she was doing was wrong. She attempted to pull apart…to break the bond, but Leon still held her close.

“You know you can’t resist me”, he whispered thickly against her ear, the heat of his breath causing shivers to run down her spine. She wanted so much to prove him wrong, but her body… Her body wanted to prove him right.

Their gazes locked in a heated battle, both devouring the sight of the other. Leon’s gaze traveled to her lips, which was slightly swollen from the ravenous kiss.

She never looked so beautiful, he thought and without further thought, he claimed her mouth with his own once more.

Maria groaned at the unexpectedness of the kiss, but she quickly gave in, not being able to resist the attentions of the man. She hadn’t felt kisses like this in six years and it was like her body had been without food for that time also.

The sparks of desire ignited into a flame, and with a soft groan of encouragement her arms went up about his neck, straining against him as she met the passion of his mouth. His hands ran desperately over her body, arousing where they touched, fingers exploring the hollows of her throat, daring the open neckline of her shirt, moving beneath the material of the soft cotton, to capture one aching breast, caressing the sensitive nipple with skillful accuracy.

Maria’s sigh of pleasure was lost against her lips as Leon lifted her to him, still suckling her, and making Maria feel weak with longing. She ignored the warning bells that went off in her head, telling her to put a stop to this. Maria however, ignored them and gave into the pleasure.

Leon moved to the bed, still holding Maria to him, while he placed her on the coolness of the surface. He slightly withdrew from her as he glared intently in her with lust filled eyes. She was breathing heavily, her mouth slightly opened with vulnerability. Leon took a moment to drink in the sight of the goddess that was before him, and as if unable to resist touching her for a moment longer, he dipped his head and hungrily claimed her mouth again.

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