Bulletproof Kisses

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Maria opened her eyes and stared upon the white ceiling that was above her. Her eyes immediately traveled to her chest when she felt the weight of something pressing against it.

She gasped when she saw a muscular arm splayed across her chest, her brain suddenly reminding her of what had transpired between them earlier. Maria felt a lump form in the back of her throat, indicating the tears that were waiting in tow.

How could she do such a thing?, Maria thought scoldingly. He had threatened her, proved just how much he hated her and yet, she had fallen in his arms like the weak teenager she was years ago. She was engaged for God’s sake! What was to become of her engagement now? She couldn’t look Sam in the eye ever again. The relationship was ruined.

Forcefully, Maria shoved Leon’s hand from around her, whilst staring at his sleeping form. She pulled the sheet from the bed and wrapped it around her, leaving Leon to lay butt naked in the bed. Sauntering to the bathroom, Maria closed the door and the sobs immediately broke from her lips. She held the rim of the face basin and sobbed, thinking about the horrible thing she had done.

She cried for almost three minutes, before leaving the bathroom. She toughened up herself, not wanting to seem weak in the presence of Leon. Picking up her clothing , she quickly pulled them on, wanting to leave before he woke up.

“Where are you going?” he asked sleepily and Maria almost jumped with fright.

Swallowing, she settled herself on one leg while putting on her shoes. “Home”, she told him, wanting to slap herself for sounding so disheveled.

Leon suddenly rose from the bed, regardless of his nudity. He moved towards her and stood before her. Maria gasped and brought her gaze to his face. “You got what you wanted, now leave me alone,” she bit out harshly, all the while staring into his eyes.

Leon’s jaw hardened at her dismissive words.

“I said a week, not a day,” he reminded her crisply.

Maria folded her lips and sighed. “Do what you want to. I don’t care. I love Sam and I feel like crap for betraying him,” she expelled brokenly, and Leon ground his teeth in anger.

“You love Sam?” he snorted. “Not too long ago, your body was telling me otherwise,” he blared, grabbing a robe that was hanging from a nearby chair.

Her throat constricted. “I made a mistake,” she defended stonily.

Leon snorted in disbelief. “You really haven’t changed, have you?” he exclaimed in awe.

“What do you mean?” she asked a bit shakily.

“You were always a dishonest little witch!” he spat bitterly. “You were the same dishonest little Bitch six years ago,” he blared in anger.

Maria gasped at the insult. “W-what?” she hissed in dismay, not really understanding his insulting statement.

“You pretended with me, and now you’re pretending with dear old Samuel. I think the theaters is where you really belong, instead of real estate”.

Maria ignored the stinging in her eyes. “I didn’t pretend with anyone,” she defended sternly.

Leon choked out a mirthless laugh. “Stop it for Christ’s sake!” he yelled, getting frustrated with the woman’s shenanigans.

Maria jumped at the high pitch of his voice. “You lied to me all those years, making me believe that you loved me. Thinking there was an actual future for us!” he seethe angrily.

“I loved you!” she yelled heartily, a tear betraying her by falling down her cheeks.

“Cut the crap woman!” Leon barked. “You were only after my money and the day I denied you your requested sum, was the day you showed your true colors”, he explained heatedly.

“I didn’t ask you for anything when we were together,” Maria defended shakily.

Leon snorted and shook his head in disbelief. “Get out! Get the fuck out of here. I’m done with you”, he roared angrily, his chest rising and falling.

Maria’s lips trembled at his cruelty. She really had no idea of what Leon was speaking of. Never in their relationship had she asked anything of him. She always considered herself to be independent and even at her lowest she didn’t see herself stooping to the levels of asking a man for anything, least of all, money!.

Maria shakily picked up her purse from the floor. Giving him one last glare, she left the room, with an aching heart.

She cried when she was in her car. She had really thought she had gotten over Leon Oakley, but after seeing him and sleeping with him, she knew how very wrong she had been. She would never have felt so hurt if she didn’t still care for him. She blamed herself for being so weak and she also blamed herself for loving him in the first place; after all it had only deemed to bring her hurt and unhappiness.

She didn’t know on what evidence he was accusing her, but she felt she had to prove herself innocent of the allegations he had bought forward. Maria didn’t know how she was going to do that, when her heart was aching and seeing him again would only tear her to pieces, but she had to try.

She wanted to make peace, even when their hearts were at war.

The shrilling of her cell phone startled Maria, but she quickly brushed off her tears and cleared her throat.

“Hello” she answered a bit hoarsely.

“It’s Sam,” came the firm reply and Maria swallowed, him being the last person she wanted to talk to or see at the moment.

He was calling from a private number and that was what prompted Maria to answer the call.

“Hey,” she tried to sound a bit cheerful, but the shakiness in her voice, prevented her from doing so.

“Where are you?” he asked.

Maria briefly closed her eyes, not wanting to lie to him, but knew she had to.

“At work,” she cringed at the lie.

“Really? Because I just checked and your boss said you hadn’t check in since morning,” he provided, with a tinge of mockery in his voice.

Maria’s eyes widened as her heart plummeted in her chest.

“I-I ….” she trailed off, not knowing what to say to him.

Could the day get any worst? she thought.

Sam chuckled lightly. “I’m at your apartment. We can clearly discuss things there…And Maria… Why don’t you bring a bottle of wine from the hotel,” he added, then disconnected the call.

Maria froze, the phone falling from her ear, due to her shock. How did Samuel know she was at the hotel, she thought hysterically. With trembling fingers, she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She muttered a low curse when she realized, she was missing an earring…. She must’ve left it at Leon’s place!

Applying a little powder to her face, and some lip gloss to her lips, Maria sighed, hoping that even though Samuel had somehow managed to figure out she was at the hotel; she prayed he didn’t figure out with whom she was with.

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