Bulletproof Kisses

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His True Colors

Maria slowly opened the door to her apartment, swallowing hard with fear. She closed the door behind her and entered the room, Sam no where to be seen or heard. She wondered if he had changed his mind, and decided to leave. She hope he had.

Moving to the kitchen for a glass of water, she froze when she saw Sam rounding the corner.

She managed a stiff smile. “Hi”.

He moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips. “Ready to explain?” he asked, in a tone Maria didn’t quite recognize as his.

She sighed and moved towards the sofa. “Sam, I’m sorry I lied to you. I was indeed at the hotel,” she confessed.

He cocked a brow. “With whom?” he insisted and Maria cleared her throat.

“One of my clients”, she lied firmly.

Sam stood before her with an assessing glare. “Male or female?” he asked and Maria furrowed her brows.

“Female,” she answered, not knowing why Sam was pressing her with questions.

His expression suddenly hardened, his eyes narrowing into darkened slits. Before Maria could register what was happening, she received a blow to the face, by the back of Sam’s hand.

She cried out in pain, staggering backwards, whilst clutching her throbbing cheek. Gasping at the shock of the abuse, Maria looked up at him with wide and teary eyes.

“You lying fucking Bitch!” Sam spat between tightly clenched teeth.

“Sam-” she breathe out shakily.

“Shut up! I don’t want to hear anything from you…you slut!” he rasped. “You f*cked him didn’t you?” he blared angrily, moving towards her again.

Maria took a step backwards, using her hands to blindly search for a weapon.

“Answer me!” he roared, grabbing her by the throat.

Maria clawed at his hands around her neck, trying to free the blockage that was preventing her oxygen.

“You were with Oakley, weren’t you?” he questioned, venom dripping from his tone.

“You know, it took me a while to figure it out. That name you called out while we were making love. It was Leon Oakley’s and it was at the dinner did I put two’s and two’s together. You think I didn’t see the secret glances you two shared and the almost embrace I saw you two in at the parking lot”, he chuckled mirthlessly. “I lost that deal with him because he found out his woman was f*cking me…engaged to me!” he snarled harshly.

The tears formed a dam in Maria’s eyes as she failed to believe that her Sam was treating her like this. She wheezed, her tongue slightly out as she gagged for breath. Sam only watched in satisfaction, his hold tightening around her neck.

“Please,” she managed in a strained tone, the walls of her throat feeling like it had been washed with hot sauce.

Maria knew that she could let him kill her without a fight. She knew she was stronger than that, and although she was aching all over, the dominant ache being the one in her heart, she still had to try.

Vigorously, she rose her hand and swiped her fingers across his face. He released a throaty moan and released his hold on her, whilst he crouched down, clutching his face.

Maria coughed, the result causing her eyes to water, which only served as addition to her tears. Her eyes blurred as she clutched her throat, still coughing. A stream of wet salted sadness flowed down her face as an indication of dread and loss.

Composing herself, Maria headed towards the front door, seeking an escape from the man who had become her enemy. With an outstretched hand, she reached for the door, her heart smiling at the prospect of freedom; but before her shaking hands could reach the knob, she screamed.

Sam grabbed her by the hair tightly, causing her to fall to the hard floor with a thud. Maria shrieked when her face hit the hard surface, knowing it was going to leave a bruise. All the muscles in her face cried out, but none like the cries of her heart.

As she tried to ease herself up, her face met the floor again and the cry that escaped her lips was too small to carry an effect, and too hurt to carry strength. She felt rugged hands in her hair, and her scalp burned from the onslaught.

“I was willing to do anything for you, and you broke my heart!” Sam blared brokenly.

Maria wanted to say something, but her face was glued to the ground and her lips were parted with teeth against the porcelain tiles. She never felt hurt so immense in her twenty four years of life, but she knew she had to at least try. Her scalp hurt like hell with the vigorous pulling of her hair and her face hurt from the blows, but she knew she had to fight. Forcefully pulling up her hand, Maria drove her elbows in Sam’s stomach.

He released a groan as he limped to the floor. Not wanting to make the floor comfortable with her weight, Maria quickly got up, searching the room to find a weapon through her blurry eyes. As soon as her eyes magnetized to the lamp on a small table, Sam was again charging towards her. Maria gasped, quickly grabbing the lamp, and when Sam was close enough, she slammed it in his head.

He fell to the floor with the lamp shattered on the floor. Maria was trembling, with her eyes wide with the shock of what she had done. She brought her trembling hands to her lips, her thoughts suddenly gone haywire. Without thinking twice, Maria opened the door and dashed through , desperate to get away from the horror and betrayal of the love that once was.

After getting Maria’s address from his PA, Leon drove to the apartment building and parked on the outside, contemplating on whether or not he should go up. He had her earring, so he planned on using it as an excuse, but he also planned on having a conversation with her. He wanted his answers and he planned on finding them out.

What if dear old Sam was there?, he thought hesitantly, knowing how awkward that would be. But then another thought came to him and Leon thought he’d use his visit as another excuse to talk to Sam about the deal they had.

Muttering a curse, he slammed his hand against the staring wheel, thinking of what a stupid idea it was visiting the woman. She was a liar and as much as his heart denied the fact, he knew that his brain was always the smarter one.

Leon hissed as he started the car, but paused, his brows shooting up when he saw a woman running swiftly, looking behind her as she ran.

“What the hell?!” he exclaimed as realization dawned.

It was Maria!

Leon immediately flung the car door open, running behind the woman.

“Maria!” he called out, but she didn’t stop.

“F*ck!” Leon cursed as he increased his pace.

As he closed in on her, he reached out and grabbed her, holding her from behind.

“Let go of me!” she screamed. “Please, let go!” she fought in his arms.

“Maria,it’s me”, he whispered, holding her arms to retrain her.

She stopped the kicking and Leon turned her to face him. The breath caught in his throat when he saw her bloody lips, bruised cheeks and swollen eyes.

“Maria, what the f*ck,” he hissed, eyes wide and searching.

She was still crying profusely, the tears mixing with the blood on her face.

“Maria what happened?” he demanded.

“I- I think I might have killed him,” she cried.

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