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Orc of Mine - Book Two

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Book two. Updates every Saturday!

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


Two months later.

“I can’t believe I almost lost you,” Orvar whispered into my ear, his breath warm and moist, leaving my sweaty neck covered in goosebumps as he leaned back again to look me in the eye. He pushed back the wet hairs from my face. “It kills me to think I almost missed all of this.”

“Well, luckily, you did not,” I replied, still a little out of breath.

Orvar widely grinned, showing off all his teeth, and I could only grin back. Oh, this orc of mine… I loved the man with all my heart, no matter how many times Mother had said it was sinful to love an orc.

I knew our love was right. And Orvar knew it too.

I looked at the newborn life resting in my arms and felt my heart grow so big it almost burst. Round black eyes and pointy ears. Full cheeks and a dimple in the chin. Skin not blushing pink, but a shade of gray. Half Orvar, half me, but neither wrong nor hideous.

A love that was wrong could have never made something this beautiful and this pure. How could it possibly be sinful?

“And look at what you have given me, love,” Orvar said, letting his fingers run over the still wet hair. “There is no greater joy...” He leaned in and pressed a kiss on top of the black shiny strands of damp hair. “Than to stand beside my wife and my little bairn. I love you, Gyda. I love you.”

“I love you too,” I replied, feeling so happy.

“I said I love you. Gyda?”

Had he not heard me? “Yes, Orvar, I—”


Wetness drizzled down my neck as I sat up straight.

“F-fuck.” I panted, folding my hands around my belly, instantly repaid with a kick in the stomach. “Oh!”

“Gyda?” someone asked again. This time, it was not Orvar’s voice I heard.

I looked up. It was still dark, the only light in the room coming from the shining moon and the burning candle in her hand. “Fiona,” I panted, soaked in sweat, my heart racing through my whole body.

“Did you have the nightmare again?” she asked. “It seemed like you were crying in your sleep.”

If I was crying, I was crying in bliss. Tears of joy.

“Y-yes, it—it was the same nightmare, as always…” I lied.

As if having frequent nightmares about the engraved skull, an unknown woman, Mother acting strange, and an unfamiliar hut in the woods wasn’t enough, I had to be tormented with sweet dreams as well. Or better said, tormented by waking up.

These dreams had started after I’d passed the seven months of pregnancy, three weeks ago. I’d woken up and broke down in tears, grief-stricken that the fantasy was over. I’d cried so loudly that Mother came barging into my room to see if I was alright.

Strange how she was worried for me but also held me captive.

Why was Mother Moon doing this to me? What had I ever done in life that was so wrong to be tormented like this?

I rubbed my palms over my face, breathing into my hands, slowly trying to catch my breath as I felt Fiona’s hand softly rubbing my shoulder. Without her, I would have already died of sadness months ago, when I’d learned what Mother and Emmy had done.

They’d lied to Orvar, telling him I was going to marry another man and also blackmailed him at the cost of the future of his clan!

The twisted truth was that they truly believed they did it for me. That I would be happy in the long term if I broke up with Orvar. I realized then and there they would never understand it. And maybe it wasn’t even their fault. After all, they’d never known a romantic love as I had.

After finding out the truth, I didn’t eat for days and only lay in bed, hoping Orvar would come to rescue me. I also feared that hope, because a part of me wanted him to stay away and protect his own people. But… that other part—the part that was my heart—hoped he would not believe them and choose me. My head, however, told me it wasn’t realistic, and egocentric, too. How could the man offer everything up just for me, a woman that he believes to be betrothed to another man?

“Are you really sure it was a nightmare? You… you spoke of Orvar,” Fiona said, softly, hesitantly.

“Okay… I- I lied. It wasn’t a nightmare.” A long sigh escaped my lips. “Shit, Fiona. I—I don’t know how long I can keep doing this.”

I knew Mother was waiting for me to break. Waiting for me to give her what she wanted. But I wasn’t planning on giving up. At least, not yet. The future was a concern to me, though, because I knew I could not stay in this bedroom raising a child.

“Then don’t,” Fiona replied, eyes looking so worried. And tired.

She took a step closer and sat on my bed like she often did these past few months, and I felt a pang of guilt. Fiona had a busy life as it was already, and now she had me to worry about too. And she was so worried. Especially since I had developed these little pimples on my shoulders and chest area. Fiona acted all strange about them, as if it was something serious, but they seemed to be just a few small red spots.

“I don’t like seeing you like this,” she continued.

“Well, I’m not letting Mom win,” I said, shaking my head. “Not this time.”

Fiona rolled her eyes. “You are as headstrong as she is.”

“But I am headstrong for a good cause. She is headstrong because she wants her way without willing to negotiate with me. I’m willing to cut a deal. We could figure something out, I’m sure of that. But Mother is acting unfair and childish.”

To be truthful, I didn’t know if I could ever forgive her, or Emmy, for what had happened these past months.

Fiona furrowed her brows, thinking before she finally answered. “I… I can’t argue with you on that one.”

We both knew that ‘Mother’s way was the right way.’ Those were her own words.

“Anyway,” I said. “You go back to bed. And I’ll try to sleep some more.”

“Are you alright now?”


My big sister spread her hand on my big, round belly and gently caressed the bump. A wide grin appeared on her face when she felt it. “Ah, the baby’s having hiccups again?”

“All day long,” I said, rolling my eyes. I was accustomed to the steady, rhythmic little jerks by now.

“They say hiccups are caused by elves. Maybe you have been touched by magic?”

“Pretty sure I have a human or an orc in there,” I replied, patting my belly.

She stood up. “Well, they say every new life is something magical.”

“Really?” I asked, holding back from asking her if the life of an orc was something magical too. Instead, I said, “Good night. And sorry for waking you up again…”

“That’s okay. Good night, sister. I’ll check up on you in the morning, okay?”

I nodded, laying my body to rest again. “Okay.”


I examined my belly in front of the mirror, turning around, looking at the bump from every angle.

“I can’t believe I’ve grown so fast, so quickly.”

It’s good you’ve grown fat. Means our bairn grows up to be a strong one inside of that beautiful body.

I smiled. Orvar would have probably answered something like that.

These days, I could hardly see my feet when looking down. I didn’t have a huge belly though, at least not big enough to hold two babies if I were to believe my family. I wondered what Amira’s belly looked like. Beatrice believed her daughter was pregnant with twins. She must be huge by now.

Touching my chest, I let my fingers run over the red bumps, wondering if there was a reason Fiona was worried about them. Could it be that women got them when pregnant with orcs instead of humans? Was it a sign?

Right when I was in heavy thoughts, Fiona barged into my room without knocking. I flinched and almost tripped, barely managing to stay on my feet. “Gods! Fiona, what—”

“Shhh!” She locked the door from the inside and looked at me with the most determined look on her face. “Mom, Emmy, and Anandi are out. The kids are in school and Cici is still asleep, so we have a moment.” She rushed over to me, grabbing my hands in hers, squeezing them tightly. “I have decided I’m going to let you out, Gyda!”

“You—you’re letting me out?” I stuttered.

“Yes! But not before telling you something important first!”

Was I dreaming again?

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