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Twisted Fate

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~~~~♡ Helen Riecke, the sweet girl who always believed in living 'happily ever after' looses her father and later had to move in with her aunt and cousins. She strongly believes that the'happily ever after' live she wished for would finally be hers. But having to school with her tough cousin, the school's jerk, prince charming and the school's queen, everything began to TWIST... It's up to Helen to bury her past and her 'happily ever after' hopes six feet underground and live like every teenage girl wishes ...

Romance / Drama
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"Sure you don't want to come over?." Mrs Davis asked again.

"I'm okay, besides dad'll be back soon." I replied. Truth's I was slightly beginning to get scared. I mean on a normal day, dad's always back by now because he never misses dinner.

"Okay then bye, take care." Mrs Davis interrupted my thoughts. I waved her kids goodbye and watched her usher them out before shutting the door.

I walked to the living room and got comfortable on the couch trying to block all negative thoughs out by watching a movie. That only lasted for some minutes. Deciding I couldn't take it anymore, I picked up my phone and dialled my dad's number but let out a frustrated sigh when it went straight to voicemail.

I hope he's okay.

The rain was getting heavier as time passed and everything was pitch black outside. I began moping around praying silently that my dad'll show up soon.

The doorbell went off which kinda startled me considering the fact that my father doesn't use the doorbell. Taking a deep breath, I walked up to the door and opened it. Mr Davis stood there with a small smile on her face. It'ld have been okay to see her smile only if it wasn't forced.

"I got a call." she started

"Okay?." I replied trying to calm my racing heartbeats.

"It's from your dad. He says he wants to see you." her voice cracked a bit and I knew there was something she wasn't telling me.

"He wants to see me? Isn't he coming home?" I inquired.

"Well I don't know but you've got to come with me." She finished and took a deep breath. She didn't seem happy and I knew something was off. Without saying anything, I locked the door behind me and followed her to wherever it was she was taking me.

Only if it wasn't where it turned out to be.


She pulled into the hospital's parking lot and took deep breathes before looking at me with puffy eyes. I'm no fan of hospitals so what's all this?.

"No need to worry, just follow my lead" she smiled and got out of the car while I followed behind. The more we got closer to the waiting room, the more my heartbeats picked up. I spotted some of my dad's family all looking out of the world.

This's getting scary.

"Where's my father?" I demanded.

None of them got the chance to reply because a nurse walked us to us announcing that my dad wanted to see me. She led me to what seemed like an emergency room. The last time I checked, my dad is no surgeon so he had no business in an hospital let alone an emergency room.

"There." she pointed to a sick bay at the center of the room. My heart threatened to burst out of it's cage as I walked up to the bed with sweaty palms. I almost passed out on seeing my dad in such a critical condition. He was surrounded with hospital stuffs. I stood there for a while in silence sobbing quietly. He looked so pale.

"Dad?" I choked out. His eyes opened slightly before he shut them again. The room was deadly quiet, the only noise were the beeps coming from a machine beside him.

"Honey." His voice sounded more like a whisper.

"What happened?" I asked amidst tears.

"Don't cry." he pleaded taking a deep breathe. Talking seem hard as he couldn't complete a sentence without inhaling deeply.

"I really tried to get home to you as fast as I could" he inhaled again. "I'm sorry"he finished.

"Don't be. You'll be okay." I tried convincing myself that he would actually be okay.

"I love you." He managed to stretch out his hand to hold mine.

"I love you too." I replied. Suddenly, he began to cough. His whole body began to shake violently as blood spilled from his mouth and nostrils. I began to shout for help and tried to stop the blood. The doctors rushed in and I was ushered out. I watched through the transparent door as they tried to retrieve him but all was in vain. The loud and long beeps from the machine explained everything. I began to cry uncontrollably as my father went still.

"Nooo!!!" I shouted feeling tears roll down my cheeks. I couldn't believe I had just watched my dad die. It hurts so much to think i'ld live the rest of my life without my Dad.

I watched the doctor tell the nurse the time of death of my father. I felt my world crumble and my heart ached a lot. All I wanted at that moment was to bring my father back to life.

I screamed so loud that my throat began to hurt badly. My head felt so heavy and I found it so hard to breathe. I felt the room spin. "Helen!!Helen can u hear me?" was the last sentence I heard before I blacked out. ..

And that was it. .. the moment I lost a person dearest to my heart and had to come to the reality that there was no happy ending for me.

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