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The Shadow That Follows Me

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Master Ethan Thompson, the rich 25 year old lad returned to his father's hometown after 10 long years of living in Britain. Brought up in a broken family and seeing his parents divorcing, he owned one harsh personality to easily trust in relationships. Reason of his sudden return was one. The heavy inheritance of his father demanded his attention, being the only heir of the business. Certainly many things have been changed since he left. Sick father's health was giving up rapidly and it was time for him to take over all the duties as the only successor of Thompson's dynasty. Things were expected well until one mysterious woman entered in the picture. Gorgeous, attractive and a woman with positive morals. 23 year old Sylendra Louis was taken in by Master Ethan's father when she was just only 10. Brought up by the elder man, the woman was said to be raised like his own daughter. And that very fact wasn't so easy to digest by Sebastian who just returned to his father's home, what irritated him the most was the woman's involvement in his business too. Mysterious woman's closeness with his father and too way personal engagement on his family matters made Master Ethan insecure as he started showing his hate over everything related to Sylendra, obviously unknown to the knowledge of his life slowly being fated with her. "Magic was she, black magic!"

Romance / Fantasy
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Tying her hair up in a messy bun loosely she walked towards the bathroom.

With a tired sigh she turned the knob of the bathroom before getting in.

Clicking the lock, she then started stripping herself from her silk robe letting it slip down from her body smoothly and lay down on the floor lifelessly.

Naked, she roamed her right hand on her slim waist and left one on her nape caressing it slowly. She then walked inside the shower before turning the water on and letting the warm rush of flow wash away her unwell mind.

Today was a long day for her.

Being a secretary of one multinational company, she had been working day and night to keep up with the work pace.

Resulting her youth to dull away with all the pressure. 23 was she only and yet she owned no time for herself.

Even now she was on a tour with her boss on the weekends than being at her home, how difficult her life could be?

She couldn't complain to anyone else either, it was not only about her job but also her responsibility and dedication towards the Thompson's dynasty.

Sylendra was just an orphan when great master Thompson adopted her, she was brought up by Thompson's dynasty like a daughter.

Now she wanted to pay back everything with her loyalty towards Thompson's, by serving her entire life to the same.

Scrubbing her body slowly, Sylendra breathed out in relief, feeling the warm water calming her senses. Her hands very slowly rubbed her curves washing them with elegance while her joy was ended.

Out of nowhere the power of her bathroom went off making her flinch strongly.
"What the hell?"

The cottage she was staying at was old and it's maintenance was obviously poor as it was located in a robot area but the old care taker strongly claimed that he did his best to make it liveable for few days, till the business tour ends.


Searching for the towel in the dark she stumbled a little and finally grabbing one she wrapped it around her wet body somehow, hiding her nudity.

Before walking out of the bathroom in the dark with the support of the walls slowly, she was being careful.

Getting her cellphone for the flashlight was her main intention but before she could have done it she felt herself bumping into something huge.

Sylendra moaned loudly in surprise as she felt like tripping backwards because of the force but before she could have fall, she felt a large arm snaking behind her waist and saving her from one huge accident.

Sylendra felt being trapped in someone's arms and the warmth of one's body when her body collided with something backwards, the mattress was what it felt like.

"What kind of joke is this!"
She shouted in protest.

Feeling one's heavy weight on top of her she choked out with her deep voice with disgust, absolutely sounding angry.

Trying her whole might to push the force back away from her she then heard the unknown person, growling deeply above her which kind of terrified her will.

The person was a man plus his voice sounded quite familiar... way too familiar!

"Who are you?"
Sylendra questioned fearing her guess to be true but before the man could have answered her, the lights suddenly turned on.

And the first thing she saw... made her heart almost pop out of her chest and eyes widened.

Her boss... Master Ethan Thompson, great master's son!

Sylendra uttered in shock before looking at the familiar pair of dark eyes of her boss staring right in her eyes like she was doing.

In the moment of freeze, both strangely preferred to stay in the minute of surprise.

They both felt being enchanted in one another's eyes, those eyes which hated one another's every single sight.

They both hated one another with no limits possible. Sylendra hated her boss's arrogance while master Ethan always reciprocated her feelings.

He hated her guts.

"How dare you!"
Sylendra yelled in offence as she came back to her senses and immediately pushed master Ethan off her with a little struggle.

Succeeding on her plan, master Ethan soon fell on the other side of mattress strongly while Sylendra managed to stand up on her feet and face him in clear rage.

She wasn't appreciating his visit not like this.

Master Ethan shouted angrily in response to her sudden attack to get away from him but before he could have said anything more his eyes caught her figure in surprise.

Skin glimmering and wet, her body and curves were exposed on his view, absolutely naked as she stood in front of him, glaring at him with clear wrath.

Master Ethan stared at her in utter shock.

The anger which her eyes held, broke every single boundaries that she didn't even acknowledge the fact that she was standing all exposed in front of the man whom she hated with all her might, her boss.

She didn't knew when in the whole process, she lost her towel in the dark and was laying the whole time naked under him... she still didn't know anything as she keep standing in front of him, glaring at him with anger!

"What do you think you are doing, Mr.Thompson?"
Sylendra angrily interrogated his creepy visit while balling her fists and somehow still maintaining her professionalism towards him who dared to invade her privacy, this late.

On the other hand, master Ethan clenched his jaw tightly.

"What do you think you are doing, Miss.Louis!"
He surprisingly questioned back with a hint of mischievousness and obvious arrogance in his tone which turned a lot darker and deeper than usual.

His eyes still shamelessly roamed around her curves, judging her with no courtesy which made Sylendra frown at his sudden statement and attitude.

Following his stare in the moment of disgust, she released what he meant finally, that she was standing with no clothes.

Right in front of her god damn boss whom she hated to no end.

Her eyes enlarged and panic rose in her immediately.

"Putting on a naked show in front of your boss, is so professional of you!"
Suddenly speaking, master Ethan's words seem to make Sylendra eyes blank.

He taunted her...

"Professional isn't invading someone's personal space either, Mr.Thompson!"
Taunting back in the same wrath Sylendra got the blanket which was beside master Ethan and wrapped it around her body slowly to hide her nudity from him.

Without any weird emotions like shame clouding her thoughts but rather with full confidence and anger!

She was such a goddess.

Master Ethan heard her clear, his strict and dark eyes hinted clear disgust for her.

Immediately standing up from the mattress before marching in front of her and being ready to deal with her, master Ethan seemed pissed off by her attitude.

He balled his hands making a fist to control himself from hurting a woman.

But Sylendra didn't intend to stop just there. Being done with wrapping herself in the blanket and hiding her body, she faced her boss again with the same intensity.

"I never knew Mr.Thompson was this much of creep to follow someone to the room secretly, when he has the title to maintain he decides to chase after his secretary after work. Desperate aren't we?"
Sylendra spoke clenching the blanket in front of her chest with her right hand and facing her boss with her cold eyes which only meant... hatred!

That was something only she can do. Being one gutful lady she had the power of speech indeed when nobody else except her dared to do the same.

To displease master Ethan needs heavy guts.

Master Ethan Thompson was known to be a man of heavy pride. Nobody dared to point any finger at him. He was scary and too arrogant to accept defeat from others.

But when coming to his very own secretary, he always held strange clam though he gets pissed off by her way of spitting bitter facts about him every time.

Moments later cold chuckles were heard from the other side making Sylendra's cold face change into a frowned one.

"Miss.Louis is too proud. Well, dumb too..."
Master Ethan uttered making her confused.

What does he mean by that?

"It's my room not yours!"
Taken off guard there, Sylendra roamed her eyes on the room she was entitled to confirm his claim.

Obviously the cottage was one old property of Thompson's which was undergoing development at this moment.

But yet the staff members were still busy in arranging most of the things to make it liveable till the tour ends.

Maybe Sylendra forgot which room she was entitled to or maybe she got confused cause most of the hallways still looked symmetrical and even the rooms were similar.

Feeling her tongue being tied up for a moment she gulped feeling stupid to judge everything too soon but if not he had disrespected her and called her names at the first place, would she have gotten that harsh?

Both had equal faults.

"Also no respectful woman showers with the door open."
Master Ethan added later, stepping ahead in front her little more which made her surprised with his choice of words.

She didn't even close the door? That could be so dangerous!

Before Sylendra could have find her lost guts back and reply him back, she felt him throwing a glare at her and leaving the room before mumbling something under his breath.

"Shameless hoe!"
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