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Eternal Love

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Long ago, when the first species were just created, among the stars were the Sun God, Helios, and the Moon Goddess, Selene. They were mates and their love for each other was too great for a mortal to even imagine. They were the most powerful beings in existence. Everyone worshiped them as they ruled over the world among the stars. This era was the Golden Age where everybody was living amongst each other in peace.

Unfortunately, all the living beings in the world were dying as they had no way to reproduce since they were only males back then. When only one male of each specimen was left, they came pleading to the Moon Goddess. The Moon Goddess, unable to see their suffering, came pleading to her mate, The Sun God. The Sun God couldn’t bear to see his mate in despair, so he created females for their male counterparts.

However, there was one female, Luna, she was the prettiest out of all the females. She had beautiful golden hair that shone like the sun, pale white skin, eyes as blue as the ocean, rosy cheeks, and light pink lips. All the males craved her and wanted to mate with only her. Due to this, all the other females went unnoticed. But, Luna herself, wanted only one male. She refused all other males except the one who proposed to her first, Nathaniel. The other males, having vowed themselves to Luna, didn’t pay heed to any other female.

This infuriated the Moon Goddess, after finally giving them a chance to reproduce their species, they foolishly turned it down for one female! Thus, the Moon Goddess created mates. She wanted every male to have his own female and love them till the day death separated them. She wanted them to love each other unconditionally no matter how they looked like or what their flaws were. Due to this, all the females and males had a mate and their species didn’t die out.

The Golden Age was saved. While the living beings were busy thriving with their new lives filled with happiness as bright as the sun, the Sun God traveled far and wide, to all kinds of species and taught them about Hierarchy. Because of this, every specimen had a King, a Queen, and the advisers of the King. While the Sun God taught many species of this concept, the Moon Goddess, however taught only the werewolves, as they were the ones who worshiped her and only her the most, the concept of a pack. In a pack were an Alpha, a Luna, a Beta, a Gamma, a Delta, and Omegas. These two concepts made the species thrive and flourish more and more.

As everyone was living together peacefully, something the stars considered a disaster occured. A lycan and a vampire were mates. While the Moon Goddess and the Sun God were more than delighted at this discovery as they predicted harmony between the different species because of the mate bond. The stars, however, did not view it as such. They worried that the offspring of two different species would be too powerful and endanger them.

They came to the Sun God and told him to persuade Selene to have the mate bond between the same specimen only. The Sun God, however, argued back as he did not agree. The stars became furious and grouped up together to destroy the Sun God. The stars, however, knew they were no match for the Sun God, so beforehand they had captured three Lycans to threaten the Sun God. Unfortunately, it had worked. The Sun God, in his attempt to help the Lycans, lowered his guard, giving the stars the advantage. The Moon Goddess, who was currently with the werewolves, felt her mate take his last breath before he was no more.

The Moon Goddess rushed back to her mate’s side, only to find him dead. She cried and cried, day and night, no one knew how long. While the Moon Goddess was mourning her mate, the stars cursed the mate bond. The mate bond could only happen between the same specimen and the only person who could reverse this was Helios himself but that could not happen as Helios was no more.. The stars killed all the hybrids and erased the mate bond between their parents. Since there was no mate bond keeping all the species together, they started attacking each other. There were endless wars and bloodshed. In the end, the Lycans came out as the winners as they were the strongest and most powerful out of all the species. They treated everybody other than their own specimen like dirt and were very cruel to anybody that wasn’t a Lycan.

The stars then realized their mistake and came pleading to the Moon Goddess to help them. Selene was infuriated, the stars that killed her mate had come to her to fix their mistake?! The stars knew that they wouldn’t be able to withhold the Moon Goddess’s wrath so they came up with an idea. They suggested to the Moon Goddess that they will reincarnate her and her mate as mortals and then they could reverse the curse. But, they wouldn’t have any memories of their previous incarnation. The Moon Goddess was unable to refuse a chance to see her mate again, thus, she agreed. Therefore, the stars, as they suggested, reincarnated Selene and Helios as mortals that will meet again, thousands of years later.

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