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The Reality of Life

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18 year old Bridget Moore is forced to join a reality competition with her best frenemie Evan Watts in order to save her sisters life with the prize money. Will she win the money and save her sister? Will she win more in the form of love?

Romance / Drama
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Caught up in a Wave

As I stepped onto the beach, sand getting in my white laced sneakers, I felt a sense of purpose. For once the beach was not just for relaxing, but for stressing as I fight my heart out. I hadn’t started fighting yet, but the butterflies in my stomach we’re the first part of the storm.

The second part would be fighting the fight. The new reality competition I joined, called ‘LIFE’, would be whirlwind of different things. A battle of wits, strengths and everything in between.

I wasn’t here alone. It was a show for partners, despite my preference of doing things by myself. I was here with Evan Watts, my childhood frenemie. The bane of my high school existence and the best friend of my sister. My dying sister.

That’s the real reason i’m standing in Mexico on the set of a tv show. To save her life. That’s the only reason Evan’s here either, although this does seem like something he’d of done regardless, a total nerd for things like this.

I wasn’t really the adventurous type. But I was strong like parents raised me to be before they died. I always fought for what I needed, and I needed my sister in my life.

I wasn’t a match. If I was an identical twin, i’d be different, i’d of had a use. But no, me and Carlie we’re different. In so many ways. She was kind and loud and I was shy and cold. So why was I fine while she was withering away in hospital?

Our older brother wasn’t a match either. He had raised us, and I know he’s just as crushed he can’t do anything. What he lacked in finances he had in adoration for what’s left of his family. Evan even got tested. It was a long shot that someone unrelated would match but it didn’t hurt to try it. He wasn’t.

I begged every night for a miracle. A sign she would stay with me. That she’d get her kidney transplant. But the list was miles long and full of people a whole lot luckier than us.

She never cried though, her outlook was always so positive. I don’t know how she stayed that way. Maybe it was being surrounded by the people she loved. But either way I know i’d of been cursing god and punching holes in hospital walls until they sedated me.

Life was unfair and I hated it for that.

It was just another average day in the hospital, Carlie begging me to tell her all about the book I was reading, her eyes too tired from the flouresant lights to read for herself. That’s when Evan ran in.

“I got it!” He exclaimed, an envelope in his hand.

It was the acceptance letter for ‘LIFE’. He had went behind all our backs and applied for me and him to compete, the competition looking for boy and girl teams around our age.

He told me the prize money was our answer. That the $500,000 would be more than enough to buy a kidney for my sister, that is if we didn’t mind breaking the law. And I didn’t, not to save her life at least.

So here we are, a week later, ready to start the first challenge of the competition on the beautiful beaches of Sorona.

As we walked I smirked to myself, an idea forming in my mind to trip Evan. So I lifted out my leg and tripped him, making him stutter his walk into the sand as I laughed.

“Bridget!” He cried out from his place laying in the hot sand.

“What?” I smirked, playing oblivious. I loved to tease him, the little brother I never had.

He grabbed at my ankle and began to tug at it, hoping to get me to join him on the sandy shore. But I was stronger and he wasn’t going to get me to budge from where I stood, tall and confident in my ability to stay upright.

Sure Evan was strong, but not as strong as me. He used to be a twig, the kid I knew back in the 6th grade. He just loved toying around on his computer and reading comic books, never the thought in his mind to put the comic book down for a barbell.

But things changed when we hit high school and the lacking limp loser became a bit of a body builder of sorts, using the after school gym to his pleasure. I had been using it longer than him and still remember blinking in confusion, sure i was seeing things, the first time he showed his face.

But he kept coming and coming until he had muscle on his bones and it was harder for me to push him around the way a good frenemie does.

The first thing they did was take our phones. No contact for the duration of the show. None at all. Which meant I was abandoning Carlie, which i’d feel guilty about, if this wasn’t all for her. Our last attempt to keep her around.

Then they passed out shirts. Ours were the color Blue. A nice blue, the kind of blue that belonged on a mermaid’s tail. It had our names written in white letters on the front and back as well as the words ‘LIFE’ in big block lettering to advertise the show.

I put mine on over my tank top, not wanting to strip on the beach down to my bra, despite how alike it would be to a bikini. I never was a bikini person either, so this suited my preference just fine.

I looked over to see Evan was not following suit, the shirtless boy tossing the shirt he was originally wearing to the side and placing on the new uniform we were asked to adorn. I gulped. Evan was annoying, but I couldn’t deny he had a body. A good one. One I’d have to make myself stop from thinking of later.

I was relieved once the shirt blocked my view. The bad news was that while they we’re covered the tightness of the shirt left little to the imagination, especially on his thick arms which were flexed from crossing over his chest as he stood waiting.

I finally looked away and look up at him only to see him looking at me looking at him. I blush furiously, cheeks reddening in the hot sun. I didn’t want him to know I cared at all about his body, let alone that it affected me.

He winked at me and I averted my eyes and elbowed him in the side, playfully. I couldn’t help but feel a stir in my stomach at his touch and I tried to push those thoughts away. He was different than the other boys and I wasn’t sure why. But I didn’t want to find out, not now.The time it took for them to move on to the challenge felt like forever, but finally the producer came to us and explained the challenge.

The challenge was simple, all you had to do was as a team collect your color flags from the floor of the ocean, jumping off the provided boat. Then you had to swim it back to shore and hang it on the supplied poles on the beach.

I could swim. I could run. I could dive. I felt good. I looked over to Evan to see how he was feeling about the difficulty level and he gave me a small smile and a nod. A good sign. Now we just needed to execute it as well as we thought we could.

The team to get there last would be put into the elimination round and compete to stay in the game Something I couldn’t risk when the stakes were so high. So I had to strive for first every time to get immunity. That’s the only way I could avoid getting voted in as the opponent.

The voting in of the opponent was done by the whole group, and right now nobody knew anyone. Until I could get to play my social game everything was a toss up and voting would most likely be done on first impressions. Something that scared me.

When the whistle blew, I was off like a rocket, Evan at my side as we land into the deep blue ocean. The cool liquid wrapped around my limbs, sinking deep into my skin as I treaded the water. The salt water in my mouth, in my nose, in my hair. It’s a welcome relief from the hot sun.I dove down deep into the water and looked for my flag, unable to find it at the first attempt. When I came up, Evan was a few feet away still treading water.

“Did you get it?!” I called out over the loud crashing waves and other teams just a few feet from us, doing there best in the mission as well.

He shook his head, his hair flipping water all over as he moved. He’s quick to dive back in and that’s my queue to do the same, wasting no time after he’s under the drink.

I finally feel something, and almost mistake it for seaweed when I grab at it. It has to be the flag yanking at it hard to break it off the line that ran along the ocean’s floor.

I come up and don’t even need to ask, seeing Evan holding his blue flag as he was I assume waiting for me.

It stings to know he was ahead of me, but I had no time to pout. Instead I kick into gear and start kicking my feet against the current to get to the shore, which felt a million miles away.

I just followed Evan, his dripping wet skin peaking out of the water enough for me to track. We swam towards the shore, both of us exhausted and relieved as we finally made it to the beach and grabbed our respective flags. I could feel my heart racing, the adrenaline coursing through my veins as we hung our flags up.

We weren’t last. But we we’re first. So when Evan holds his hand up for a high five I’m only half celebrating with him.

I had to admit Evan was a goo teammate. He was even better than me in the last challenge, as annoying as that was.

“You did well.” He compliments me, a smile on his damp face.

I’m not sure why he’s complimenting me. He’s never given me one before. Maybe this was just some tactic to be civil, something I wasn’t good at. I was always itching for some bickering.

“Thanks.” I say with no emotion, not really believing him. I was behind him after all. If I was good I wasn’t good enough, we didn’t get first like I wanted. And If we didn’t get first, that means theres people here who are better than us and are more than willing to steal that prize money from us.

We’d just have to get better. Soon.

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