Superstar's Ex-wife

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I felt his breath tickling my ear, sending shivers down my spine, “Pretend for a while. I will tell you everything later”, and just like that my little bubble burst, sending me crashing back to reality. **** Amanda Moore had left behind her past when she divorced Dominic Giovanni and settled in New York. But 5 years later, her past waltzes back in and makes her already frazzled life even more chaotic.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


“Oh, there you are!” he sauntered towards me with a charming grin pasted on his face. I stood rooted to my place, internally trembling. My mouth was agape as I watched him close the distance between us and then before I knew it, his lips were on mine. That broke my stupor. I raised my hands to push him away but he swiftly caught them without stopping the kiss. I screwed my eyes shut, my lips remained unresponsive. I waited for him to finish the act. That is what it was to him - an act

My hands fisted while he tightened the hold. After what felt like an eternity he pulled away. I opened my eyes to realise that we had attracted a large crowd. The cafe was practically overflowing with people. In my peripheral vision I also noticed a lot of people snapping our pictures. Then my gaze settled on those brown orbs that I had once fallen in love with. My eyes mapped his sharp features before resting on his plush lips. I dragged my gaze back up only to find him looking back at me.

I immediately averted my gaze. I was confident that my face was red with embarrassment, of course. After all these years, I still hadn’t managed to get over him and his easy charm. Even after he left. Even after I lost everything for him. Even after carefully avoiding from hearing any news about him, deliberately overlooking his photos in papers and magazines, not keeping any tabs or updates about his shows or films and resisting the urge to save and store every article written about him.

My gaze travelled towards Tracy who was openly gawking at me. Even Cassey looked stunned, and Trevor looked shocked. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, this did not happen every day. Why every day? This rarely ever happened! A waitress being kissed by one of the most famous superstars in Hollywood? This could be a good plotline for a film. What did they know? They knew nothing about the life I shared with the man in whose arms I was in at the moment. I was strategically cut out, deleted from his personal history. I was no one. Not anymore.

I swallowed back my tears. Five years apart and I was still getting emotional on meeting him like this. He had become even more roguishly handsome than he already was. His lips quirked up a little before he brought them near my ear. I felt his breath tickling my ear, sending shivers down my spine, “Pretend for a while. I will tell you everything later”, and just like that my little bubble burst, sending me crashing back to reality.

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