Hiding Places

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Genevieve 'Honey' Reynolds had the worst senior year of college imaginable. Once she moves to Boston with her twin brother Bas things start to look up. After last year Honey vowed to say no to every man who crossed her path but what will happen when sexy CEO Cameron Cunningham takes a fancy to her? ******** "Cameron..." "I love the way you say my name" his hand cups my face and his thumb traces my bottom lip slowly he brings his face closer to mine until our lips are touching. "I've been wanting to do this for a long time" he murmurs against my lips. I feel myself let go and I'm kissing him back.

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Jessica Morel
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Honey Reynolds

Graduated - check.

Apartment - check.

Job - check.

I did it! I have my life sorted. Moving to Boston from San Francisco was a big deal but after graduation I needed a change. Senior year of college sucked. I found out my boyfriend of two years was cheating on me and I lost my mum. My family was only ever mum, me and my brother. The three musketeers.


“One, Mississippi, Two, Mississippi, Three, Mississippi, Four, Mississippi, Five, Mississippi, Six, Mississippi, Seven, Mississippi, Eight, Mississippi, Nine, Mississippi, Ten, Mississippi, Ready or not here I come!”

Out of my whole family I’m the best at Hide ‘n’ Seek. I’m Honey, Honey Reynolds. Some families play scrabble, we play Hide ‘n’ Seek. Today I’m seeking it is easy my twin brother always hides underneath the kitchen table with all the chairs pushed in. Yep.

“Got you, Bas” I say pulling him out from underneath the table. Ok mum is either in the closet under the stairs. Nope. Behind the lounge room door. Nope, or under the guest room bed. Yes.

“Got you, Mum”

It is just the three of us me, my mum, Kate and my twin brother Bas. The three Hide ‘n’ Seek playing musketeers.

My dad left after my twin brother and I were born and never bothered coming back. We certainly don’t miss him and never really needed him anyway. My mum was a great provider. She did what she needed to to keep us afloat. Boston was a needed change but more a necessity. I couldn’t leave Bas, not now, not after mum died. My brother Sebastian, or Bas as he is known, is a smarty pants. A real genius. He was accepted into Harvard Medical school the day before starting senior year. Harvard meant Boston and lucky for me I can work anywhere. As of today I’m officially an architect.

“Bas! I got it! I got the job!” I shout waving around my acceptance letter.

“What? Honey what are you talking about?”

“Look!” I throw my letter and he reads it. I can see in my head the words from the page.

“Congratulations Ms Reynolds. You are appointed as Junior Landscape Architect for Cunningham & Associates.”

“Honey this is great!”

“It means you don’t have to get a job Bas you can just focus on school. I’ll be earning enough to pay our rent.” As I speak I gesture around at our new home. Sharing a studio apartment with my brother is a little weird but it was all we could find in our price range. The lounge room is in the centre and separates our ‘bedrooms’ which are basically just double beds on either side of the apartment.

“No I can’t let you do that.”

“Yes Bas. I won’t argue about it. This is what is happening.”

“You don’t get your way just because your older.” Bas grumbles.

Older. Ha! He hates the fact that I’m eleven minutes older than him. Mum used to joke that he can never get anywhere on time, always eleven minutes behind me.



“You’re cooking?” I ask sleepily.

“Yep got to make sure you’re fed before I send you off on you first day.” Bas says as he lazily flips another pancake on to my plate.

“You are the best little brother ever.”

“Little?” Bas laughs. Even younger (by eleven minutes) the guy towers over me. People laugh when we say we are twins. I’m 5′3" and he is a huge 6′2" although we both have the same chocolate brown ringlets and bright blue eyes. “So you excited?”

“Yeah I am. I picked out my outfit last night. I want to look as professional as possible. Cunningham & Associates is a big deal here in Boston and they even have an office in London.”

“You will be fine Honey. I know you will.”

“What about you? Today is your first day of class right?”

“Just orientation. I just can’t believe I’m really here. I just wish...” Bas doesn’t have to finish his sentence for me to know what he is thinking.

Mum. I wish she was here too. She was so proud when Bas got into Harvard. I just wish she could have seen me get my dream job.

“I know Bas...”

“I love you Honey.”

“I love you too Bas.”

I finish my pancakes in record time. I dress in a black pencil skirt. Little blue blouse and black six inch pumps to give me the illusion of height. I fill my handbag with my wallet, phone, keys and a muesli bar before heading down to my parking space. My ’68 orange Dodge Charge is waiting for me. I love my car. It is my baby. It is so very ‘Dukes of Hazard’.

It only takes me twenty minutes to arrive at my new office building. Cunningham & Associates is a giant tower. It over shadows the other buildings around it. Security lets me into the car park and I hop into the lift making my way to the reception area. I know that the company is not just architecture. The CEO Cameron Cunningham owns hundreds of properties and businesses. My job will be on new ventures just one small part of his major company. I doubt I will even ever meet Mr Cunningham. My interview was with Bruce Matthews a man about mid sixties he was nice. He had worked for the company twenty years he said. He saw it from the ground up.

“Can I help you?” The blonde receptionist in front of me breaks me out of my thoughts.

“Oh sorry. Hi I’m -”

“Genevieve Reynolds?”

“Ah yes that’s me although most people call me Honey.”

She looks at me with a confused expression.

Yes. I know weird nickname but it has stuck.

“Right Honey. Ok. Nice to meet you I’m Brooke. I was told to send you straight to the thirty-second floor.” Brooke says smiling. She seems nice.

“Is Mr Matthews waiting for me?”

“Bruce Matthews?” She clarifies and I nod, “No Mr Matthews doesn’t work for the company anymore.” Wait, what? “I suggest you hurry. You shouldn’t keep him waiting.”

I nod and quickly make my way to the lift. The lift moves quicker than expected and I step out onto the thirty-second floor. Brooke’s words echo in my head. ‘You shouldn’t keep him waiting’.

Him? I wonder who he is?

I walk along the corridor of the thirty-second floor and reach a glass conference room. The room is filled with roughly twenty people. A man looks up and comes to the door. He is tall. Maybe a little shorter than Bas possibly like 6′1". His black hair is scruffy but styled purposefully. His eyes, they are looking straight at me. Green orbs penetrating my soul.

He is gorgeous. No, pull yourself together Honey. You swore off men after Todd. You are here to work. This is your dream job. DON’T BLOW IT!

The gorgeous man step out into the corridor.

“Miss Reynolds?” He ask maintaining the smouldering eye contact.

“Y-Yes” I reply and with out another word he grabs my wrist and drag me inside the glass conference room. “I’m sorry but I don’t -”

“Everyone this is Genevieve Reynolds your new boss.”

And just then everything went black.

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