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The war amid you and I

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This story is about a young interracial couple in love with a kingdom against them. Alexander Austenburg the king in waiting falls for a maiden Beatrice Capet of the French Revolutionary. His father is in a dilemma because he made a rule that any white that physically or emotionally interacted with a person of a darker skin will have their head cut off so he decided to target the love of life in order to save his sons head. This sparks a war between father and son.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: The following story is about normalising interracial couples. We all know that racism still exists in our communities, so as you read this story, you will realise that love has nothing to do with colour or race; it is a passion that comes from within. Lastly, all copyrights have been reserved I have written this story with my ideas only nobody may copy it without the permission of the rightful owner (me).


The tale starts with the great and powerful kingdom of Whales. Alexander Austenburg, the king-in-waiting, must be betrothed to rule. However, the prince violates his father's number one rule when he falls in love with the maiden Beatrice Capet from the French Revolutionary. "There shall not be physical or emotional contact between white people and people of darker skin. Anyone who commits such a heinous act will have their head severed ". King Charles Austenburg is in a dilemma he can't take the head of his son so he decides to take the head of another. This sparks a war between father and son.

Chapter 1

Alexander had developed into a handsome young man. He was of legal age to be married, but something kept stopping him. He was unique; in contrast to his arrogant, racist father, he exhibited traits associated with his late mother, Queen Alison Austenburg. But he shared his father's brown, honey-coloured eyes, charcoal-black hair, and tall and bust features. Why was he still single when he possessed the purest of hearts and the sweetest tongue? Both married and unmarried women fell to his charm. He sat on the cinnamon brown sofa, with a classic black coffee table in the centre, the white walls were covered with paintings depicting the ancient history of Whales, as well as paintings of all the monarchs who have ever reigned.

The King sat at a vast study table, papers scattered around him, writing with a feather soaked in ink. The King was in his late fifties and couldn't see without his spectacles both men were deep in conversation. About Alexander's wedding to Jade Boston the daughter of his mother's best friend. She was born with royal blood and was beautiful, with a soft, pearl-white complexion, and blonde hair.

The king again tried to persuade his son, "Son I will not debate this with you any longer you are to be wedded to Jade and that's final she is from a respectable lineage."

"No, father, I'll do what seems right and bring you a real queen, but not Jade, she's not suitable to be queen." Alexander countered, attempting to prove his case, but his father was just as obstinate as he was, and they were unable to come to a consensus on anything."

Son, I don't know whether you're missing a screw in your head, but did you not hear me say that she has political clout and that if you marry her, the size of the royal army will increase?"

Alexander sighed in frustration, raked his hair, and began pacing around the room. "Father, I will not have a loveless marriage like you and Mother Li Min do you think I don't realise that this union was all about politics?" he was now yelling.

Alexander saw what his father did not see when his mother died his father was emotionally distraught by the loss of his biological mother, and the kingdom became weak as their ruler was no longer suited to reign. While he was mourning his wife's loss, the Chinese saw it as a chance to either take over Whales or marry off their pregnant, widowed princesses to the Austenburg Royal family. In exchange for this agreement, China and Whales formed a covenant to safeguard each other from future invasion.

The King looked at him in bewilderment it has been long since he last thought of his beloved queen. He hates talking about his wedding to Li Min it sparks memories of his weakness, and here his son was casually talking about it. The room fell into silence, only the sound of the hostile winds was heard. The two men were engulfed in their thoughts when a soft knock was heard on the wooden door. A beautiful Chinese woman in her early forties made her entrance gracefully. She was dressed in a traditional Chinese, white, silk, gown embroidered with flowers and roses. "Mother" he acknowledged her presence he never intended to mention their fiasco of a wedding. He knew better than to hurt a woman who has only loved and cared for him.

He gave his father a little nod and made his exit. He was headed towards the royal garden he needed to clear his head. He arrived at a wide opening the grass and trees were so full of life, green and healthy, the flowers and trees vibrant as ever, and the winds blew stronger and fresher air which he dramatically inhaled and exhaled. This is what clearing your head truly meant not being in an open space but enjoying all that nature had to offer.

"A penny for your thoughts your majesty" a deep voice from behind spoke. He turned to see Fenhua his younger stepbrother. Fenhua was mid-tall and bulky, black hair gelled to the side, he was quite an attractive masterpiece.

"And who might that be prince Fen?" He questioned the young man. These two brothers were close like a match stick and its box. They conversed for hours about their day, Alexander told him about how difficult their father was being. The sun had set giving the moon a chance to show off its glories, it shone as bright as the sun would while the stars perfected its light, this was a galaxy at the mercy of their eyes.

" Brother, may I interest you in hunting tomorrow by midday at a very beautiful small village?" Fenhua asked in hopes that their journey there would be a spectacular distraction for his brother.

"Well of course baby brother it will be quite a distraction" Alexander replied with delight.

"Don't call me that or we would have to battle again so that I prove to you how manly I am" Fenhua pouted and they laughed remembering old times.

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