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The war amid you and I

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Chapter 2

By noon Alexander had dressed into a black tail coat, his biceps begging to be in view, a white shirt and a pair of black trousers finally some ankle-length combat boots. Fenhua had worn a traditional Chinese armour made from thin leather and lamellae, ribbons and headdresses with light sandals.

"Brother I believe we are hunting not going to war or are you frightened by the innocent baby deer?" Alexander mocked knowing very well the reason he wore in that manner.

"Oh come on brother are you forgetful or just oblivious you very well know that mother tells me to preserve the Chinese tradition besides this armour belongs to my great grandfather the general" Fenhua defended.

" If you say so shall we carry on?" Alexander asked eager to leave.

The two men rode their prized horses while carrying their weapons. Alexander always had a close affinity with white horses, whilst Fenhua favoured black ones. They were escorted by a big number of skilled troops who were prepared to murder anyone who threatened their lord. They eventually arrived in a wide open space surrounded by vast,greenery, majestic creatures that appeared to have lived for thousands of years without ageing. They knelt down and drew their musket pistols. The weapons were the first of their type no one else in the kingdom possessed pistols like them.

"Are you ready, brother?" Fenhua asked his ecstatic brother, who couldn't conceal his joy.

"Always," Alexander assured, and they resumed their quest.

They headed towards the location Fenhua had mentioned after capturing two deers. They arrived in a little yet exquisite village with modest, wooden, snug houses, nature at its best, and a river that provided the ideal view. The occupants of this town were magnificent; these were the folk the kingdom had learned to despise. The commoner stared in astonishment as they passed down the passageway as they did with them. It was the first time Prince Alexander had seen beings of a different race. His father had always forbidden him from having any contact with them. Someone cried, "Bow your heads its the prince!.

"Magnificent right," Fenhua whispered, and Alexander nodded in admiration.

Alexander and Fenhua waved at their people despite the unfair treatment they still respected them, which melted Alexander's heart. They made their way around the village surprisingly it had a chief. " Your highness your arrival was unexpected" the chief bowed his head in respect. The chief like the rest had a small house too he was an old man may be mid-forties, polite and courteous. He had a large family full of rambunctious kids which made Alexander grin. They were given seats and they spoke about how the commoners survived in the wilderness. A young maiden tall, graced with a body of a goddess, her eyes were a pool of molten brown, honey and radiant dark skin made her entrance.She was dressed in a cotton dress with a sun bonnet.

She swayed her body from side to side like a diabolic serpent toward the men. She had carried a bucket of water on her head as she walked toward them. " My my Prince I mean your highness" she stammered. She was memorised by his beauty never in her life did she think that the gorgeous prince of Whales would be seating in her home. His attractiveness was the subject of rumours from the men that visited the kingdom. Alexander was completely taken aback never in his wildest dreams did he think he would witness such glory with his feeble eyes.

"Brother I suggest you stop assaulting her with your eyes" Fenhua nudged his elbow. The chief cleared his throat "Your highness meet Beatrice, my eldest daughter".

She tried to walk a little further to give him a hand shake but she tripped and splashed the bucket of water on prince Alexander the king in waiting of Whales. Oh good lord, what had she done?

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