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Paridhi's Plight

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Imagine getting yourself a job after getting your MBA degree and not in any company but in Singhania Technos - one of the biggest international companies. If that wasn't surprising and shocking, then surely getting the post of PA to the company's new CEO was. After all who would get such an excellent post with zero experience? Well, Paridhi was an exception. To add the cherry on the black forest cake, the new CEO was none other than Miss Paridhi Pandey's elder sister's ex-fiance. So you can surely imagine her plight...

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

I tilted my head and gaped at the extremely tall building for I don’t know how long...

I still couldn’t believe my eyes. I, of all people, got a job here? At Singhania Tech? Un-ducking-believable!

Suddenly someone cleared their throat. I snapped out of my daze and looked down. Standing near the entrance was a not-so-scary-looking guard. He was dressed in black, his face set in a scowl. His arms were folded, showing off his biceps prominently underneath the short-sleeved shirt.

“Looking for something Miss?” He inquired. I shifted from foot to foot. I smiled tentatively. “I actually... apparently...got a job offer from this company...as the CEO’s assistant.”

The guard gave a curt nod. Does he ever smile? I guess his teeth are yellow...

“Miss?” His voice snapped me out of my bizarre thoughts.


“I said you may enter the building. The CEO’s office is on the 14th Floor,” he informed.

I scurried inside. God, I was already late as in very and I mean very late. I spotted the elevator whose doors were about to close. Therefore at record speed, I sprinted towards it and just when it was about to close I put my right foot in between the doors, effectively making the doors wide open.

I slid inside and looked around to see some people glaring at me. I saw that the button to the 14th Floor had already been pressed.

All the men inside the elevator were clad in suits and the women were in formal shirts and pencil skirts, some wore trousers teamed with formal blouses. Gee, I felt so out of place because unlike these model-like human beings I was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans with a plain blue v-neck t-shirt on which ‘no regrets, move ahead’ was written and had teamed it up with black vans. Hardly formal.

I shifted towards the side and stared blankly at the grey doors. I was still trying to digest the fact that I got a job here. I did give an interview when they came for placements but never did I ever imagine I’ll get this job because I had been able to answer only a few questions.

You see, my parents are both doctors, mom being a Gynecologist and dad an Ophthalmologist. Even my sister followed their steps and was now a successful Pediatrician. Everyone thought that I’d be a doctor as well. But nothing and I mean nothing ever happened the way I planned in my life. I sucked in Science subjects but surprisingly I was good at Maths. Thus, I became the odd one out in my family and pursued MBA instead. My parents were supportive because they are one of the most adorable pairs on this Earth.

They happily accepted my decision and when they heard I had gotten a job, they took me to my favourite pizzeria and treated me to a large-sized chicken pizza with extra cheese. I had 5 pieces of it. Yes, I can eat a lot.

My sister, Riddhi, also congratulated me. Sadly, she’s out of town, on vacation with her hubby. I missed her.

The elevator dinged and I snapped out of my thoughts. I realized that the 14th floor has arrived. I hurriedly exited.

With me, another lady stepped out and I was met with people working in their respective cubicles. Some did give a fleeting glance my way while most of them ignored my presence.

I looked to my left and saw a long corridor. This must be the way, I thought. But what if I was wrong? Oh well, let’s just try. I walked through the corridor and in mid-way, saw a tall elderly woman standing, talking to a burly man. I went up to her

“Uh...ma’am I am Paridhi Pandey. I was given the appointment letter for-”

She cut in, “You’re late.”

How polite. Not.

I smiled nervously. “Actually my car decided to bail on me in the middle of the road, then I was a bit dazed by the building...”

The lady looked at me sternly shushing me immediately. She pushed her silver-rimmed glasses up her pointed nose, her lips pressed in a thin line. The burly man discreetly excused himself.

“Follow me.”

We entered a huge room, probably the CEO’s office. The walls were white with a huge glass wall overlooking the busiest part of the city.

A huge mahogany table was on the right with a high back chair behind it and two other chairs on the opposite side, a long sofa on the left facing the glass wall and a coffee table was in front of it.

There were a series of cabinets lined on the wall opposite to the door. The office was really cosy and simple.

She took a file that was lying on the desk and turned toward me. I stopped assessing the place and focused on her. I did not want to make her even more furious.

“This”, she handed me the file, “contains the things you need to do. Basically, you need to look after the appointments and meetings. Take notes and proofread files before handing them to Mr. Singhania. Other instructions are given here. Read it properly.”

Oh Lord, I was bad with instructions. I never seemed to follow instructions properly. But anyway, I nodded.

“Thanks uh...” I trailed off. Shit, I did not even know who she was.

“Mrs. Santaski,” she provided.

I grinned but her lips did not even twitch a bit. O.k.a.y.

“I am the assistant of the CFO of this company,” she informed me, “Mr. Singhania hasn’t arrived yet as he had a meeting. So he’ll be arriving soon. Before he comes let me show you your office.”

I trudged behind her. My office was a small room adjacent to the CEO’s office. Plain and boring. But no problem I’ll make it interesting.

“This as you can see is your office. Read the file properly before Mr.Singhania arrives.” She droned and I had the urge to say, ’You already told this twice.”

“Excuse me?” She frowned.

Oops, I did say it aloud I guess. I shook my head.

I faked a smile. “Thanks for everything ma’am”.

She nodded curtly, “All the best Miss. Pandey.”

Once she left, I sighed and plopped on the chair. Let’s just hope this day goes well...

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