Falling for the badboy

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Stella had it all. Amazing friends, supportive parents, good grades. The only thing she didn’t have? Gage Michaelson. Stella made it her goal to admire from afar but when she catches the attention of the bad boy she had been crushing on for years, things become complicated. Now Stella must choose. the boy she has dreamt of being with since freshmen year, or her own sanity. “Love isn’t complicated, Stella. You make it that way” I scoffed as I rolled my eyes. “You speak as if you know anything about love” Gage licked his lips as he stared at me. My body began to tremble as the desire to have his hands on me became overbearing. “you’re right. A soulless prick like me wouldn’t know shit about that”

Romance / Drama
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They say love is a beautiful thing. If you get it, you’re lucky, if you don’t, give it time.

For me, my love story came a little different.

You see, I’m eighteen and still a virgin. I know, lame, right? It’s just, I don’t think sex should come easy and in my opinion no one I know is worthy of deflowering me. Well, no one except for Gage Michelson.

I can’t count for you how many times I have laid in my bed at night and fantasized about the things he could do to me. The way he would run his fingers through my hair and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

Gage and I met when we were freshman in high school. He became very popular, very fast. I guess the bad boy with tats and that I don’t give a fuck attitude makes him king of popularity. At least it does at Cider High in North Carolina.

The girls loved him, and the boys wanted to be his friends. Gage didn’t speak to me. the day we met; I was sitting on the porch swing with a book when the U-Haul pulled up next to my house. Out steps this boy my age. Dark hair, dressed in a black hoodie with his hood up and a pair of faded jeans.

Did I forget to mention he’s my neighbor? Well, he is.

That makes my crush on him even worse.

He didn’t speak to me or even smile. All he done was stare at me for a moment as if he had seen his arch enemy. Kinda like batman and the joker, or DR. Evil and Austin powers.

Anyway. He didn’t seem to like me but yet, I began crushing hard almost instantly.

Here we are four years later, and nothing has change, well that was until recently. before then he didn't blink an eye or even give a single glace my way in or out of school. He acted as if I didn't exist, and I acted as if it didn't bother me.

Now, lets get to the reason you’re here.

Things changed. I’m not sure how or when but somewhere during our senior year things between us changed. He noticed me. He finally noticed me. The problem? My crush became more. My crush became full on feelings. I’m talking, that head over hills drives your crazy kind of thing. The bigger problem?

Stacy Clair.

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