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In the Sultan's bed💞❤

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Chapter 2

The next day arrived very quickly and as usual, the young woman woke up around 10 am under the knocks which knocked on her door. It was probably her maid, who was bringing her food... The knocks continued... Does she want to break the door down or what?

- I’m coming...I’m coming. I am awake. No need to knock so hard.

Athena stumbled out of bed, yawning. It seemed that even her servant couldn’t stand the fact that she was locked up in her room... She rubbed her eyes and opened the door with a yawn. However, it was hardly her servant...

- Father! Great...
- Oh my God! Athena? What’s that look...? You look terrible.
- Father, only in the movies do women wake up with their hair and makeup done. How can I help you? I still don’t want to talk to you?
- Talk to me in a different tone, I am your king, damn it.

Athena rolled her eyes, annoyed. Her father wanted to ruin her day. If only she had guessed that it wasn’t her servant, she would have turned a deaf ear. Her father was the last person she wanted to see right now.

- Your majesty...Welcome to my humble abode... Athena replied, ironically...
- Athena... You knew this day would come. You knew we would eventually find you a husband.
- Yes Father. I knew it and I agree to marry out of interest since my title is my heavy cross to bear... But to give my hand to this Prince who is on the front page of the tabloids, no!
- You shouldn’t have looked him up on the internet...
- What? Dad... Who doesn’t know Prince Louis? You don’t have to look him up on the internet to know the ins and outs of his life.
- I know what you’re blaming him for.
- I blame him for not knowing how to keep his willy in his pants. All that’s missing is that he’s making a pornographic video!
- Athena...language!
- I’m sorry! But I do not want to marry a man who will cheat on me even with my daughters of honour...!
- This marriage will be very beneficial to us.
- There you go, Father! You start talking again as if I were a commodity.
- Athena, I want your happiness ... I know you don’t believe me but it’s true.

What happiness? The happiness of seeing my head on a poster with the headline: “a bride on probation”. she would have liked to retort but she said nothing. She turned around and went to sit on her bed. She looked up at the large mirror in front of her and saw her reflection. She was disgusted...

- Prince Louis will be here for the ball. I invited him...
- Thank you, Daddy! That was all she needed.
- It would be an ideal opportunity to get to know you.
- I wouldn’t set foot there.
- What about your speech? This fundraiser for the orphanage was your idea.
- I know, but... But you can do it for me. Or Raidjah will... Either way, I’m feeling feverish... I’ll probably have a bad flu by then. I don’t want to contaminate anyone.
- Athena! What tells you that these journalists say the truth. You know very well...they love to tell anything to increase their audience... The Prince of Castamar is a very important person and talking about him would bring them a lot of money.

Athena sighed. Maybe her father was right. She didn’t even know him. And there was no guarantee that everything that was said was true. Gossip was commonplace these days. However, she had said loud and clear that he would not marry her. There was no way she would change her mind now.

- How did you sleep, Father? I don’t want to talk about that cad...!

The king rolled his eyes and left his room. Athena went to close the door behind him but her father stopped her with his foot...

- I assure you that I will have this door removed if you lock yourself in again.
- I’ll stay in my room anyway... I’m determined to stay an old maid if this Louis is my only potential husband.
- We’ve been over this, young lady... You are the daughter of a duke, behave as such! Don’t put me to shame!

Athena did not answer. She watched her father leave... Sometimes she felt sorry for him. He was so preoccupied with the affairs of the palace that he looked very old for his age. Athena hoped that her husband would not be like her father. She closed her eyes and massaged her eardrums. When she opened her eyes, she saw her sister standing before her with her eternal smile...

- Hello Raidjah...
- Hi Sis, we’re going on a picnic by the river with Mom. Are you coming?
- I still haven’t decided to leave my room. You seem to forget it.
- Come on, Athena. I have to go home tomorrow morning. I at least want to spend this day with you.

At her house? So she considered her husband’s house as her home... Great...

Athena didn’t even consider the mansion her home. Athena needed some fresh air. She needed to tread the grass with her feet and she needed to moisten the flowers. She wanted even more to race on horseback with her sister... Only today, tomorrow she resumes her confinement in her room... She looked at her sister and raised her eyebrows as she headed to her bathroom.

- As you insist, I agree. But it’s only because you insist.

Raidjah smiled and jumped up and down excitedly. Athena smiled... She loved their little girl time... She took a shower and dressed in a little summer dress and a pair of glasses before leaving her room. Everyone turned around as she passed, but Athena paid no attention to them. When she arrived in the garden, near the river, she felt the pure air penetrate her lungs... She had missed this little haven of peace! She opened her eyes and saw her sister who beckoned her to join them in the distance.

- You decide to join the life of the palace? You don’t sulk anymore?” her mother asked when they were close.
- I still sulk, but I’m taking a break... I’ll start sulking again within 10 minutes of the end of this picnic.

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