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Heaven's Light

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Heaven's Light is a short story about Amaterasu and Odin two Gods from different lands. Amaterasu is unaware of her identity, but Odin knows about his identity and hers. Why did he really 'fall in love' with her?

Romance / Fantasy
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Heaven's Light

Before the erection of the city Takamagahara, a small village called Kusanagi occupied the same land. Kusanagi was home to the Ōmikami family. A family that was once the pinnacle of prosperity in the small town, but due to unfortunate events, now only consisted of one eighteen-year-old girl named Amaterasu. Her life shifted when her parents died, but even so, she kept a smile on her face and dreams in her heart. The dream she wished to pursue was unlike most little girls; her dream was to join The Guard. The Guard was the group tasked with protecting the village, but as she grew older, she mimicked the majority of adults by suppressing her ambitions and finding a new path. A path of a kleptomaniac drunk ostracized from the community her parents created. That Eighteen-year-old girl was me.

“Wow, mom, really?

“Yes, but don’t interrupt me, please.” Amaterasu scratched her head and said, “What was I saying? Oh yeah, the day everything changed.”

My day started like any other I woke up naked in a puddle of my half-frozen vomit, with pukecicles dripping from my nipples and a migraine stemming from my hangover. My home was a small cavern that I had sculpted under Jiyū bridge with chisels I had— received from the Raijin family shop. Inside were two rooms. One room had a dirty mat thrown against the wall that I called my bed and in the corner was a mangled chest that I— liberated from a crashed landau. The other room was bare except for a small fire pit planted in the middle that should’ve kept my cavern warm. I got out of bed that day and wrapped myself in the thin blanket that laid on my puke-soaked bed. I walked over the icy floor thinking, holy shit, why is it so fucking cold? To get to my chest, I pulled out some ripped rags that were— “clothes.” I squeezed my body into them, attempting to cover my curvy frame, but no matter how hard I tried, the top of my cleavage and bottom of my butt still poked out. I ignored my provocativeness and walked through the icy tundra to the next room, discovering the source of the frigidness. In a drunken state the night before, I had foolishly dispatched my fire, causing an ice age in my home. I rolled my eyes and rubbed my head thinking; I really need to stop drinking. I grabbed my satchel off the wall and tiptoed out the makeshift door I had chiseled out, walking into what felt like a winter wonderland. I shivered and screamed, “Fuck, it’s cold out here,” while rubbing my hands up and down my arms. I tried to ignore the cold and headed to the job I had at the Ninigi family shop.

When I arrived at the store, I sat on a broken bench that reeked of alcohol and shit. I leaned back and pulled a cracked plastic cup I had stored in my ripped satchel. I began shaking the cup at every person whose path crossed mine, hoping they would see my disparity and graciously offer me their spare change. A couple of hours and two copper coins later, an unknown figure appeared on the stone path right outside the village. The figure wore a black hooded cloak and a white emotionless mask, but even though I couldn’t see their face, they were still so hot. As the figure got closer, I became more and more curious. After a few minutes of staring, the figure finally approached me.

“Hey, that cloak and mask make you look like a shinigami reject.”

The figure tilted its head, looked at me, and came closer. It lifted its hands with haste, grasped its hands around the white mask, and ripped it off. Revealing a young man with a strong jawline, a smooth face, and a stupid grin.

“That’s a weird opener.— You don’t even know my name yet.” He said while giggling between words.

He’s so hot, I thought. I giggled back. “That’s true, but you could just tell me.”

The man smirked and said, “Fine, my name’s Odin. May I know yours?”

“Thank you, but you haven’t earned my name yet,” I said with a grin.

Odin came closer, and grabbed my hand, and keeled, “What shall I do to earn the right to hear thou’s most important name?

I chuckled, pulled him in, and whispered, “Take me out to eat, then we’ll talk.”

He moved his lips next to my ear, “Done! When and where?”

I shoved him back and winked. “Um, well, it’s getting late, so how about now?”

His eyes got big as he smiled. “Okay, where’s a good place to eat?”

“Well, there are only two restaurants here, Fūjin and Tamano’oya.”

Odin placed his hand on his chin for a moment to ponder. “Well, which one do you like more?”

I squirmed a little bit and looked to the ground. “Well, um, I don’t actually know. I’ve never eaten at either.”

He looked at me in bewilderment. “What do you mean? Do you not live here?”

My mind began to race. Did I mess up? Is he going to like me now? Do I lie?

He noticed my eyes jutting around; and asked, “Are you okay?”

I looked into his eyes and took a deep breath. “I’ve never had enough money to afford it.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry I... I didn’t realize.”

I smiled and winked. “It’s okay. You can make up for it later.”

His eyes widened, and he smiled, “Okay, sounds fun. I guess I’ll choose… How about Tamano’oya?′

“Okay, come on. It’s this way,” I said while waving my hand for him to follow.

We arrived at a beautiful black-roofed, white-walled traditional minka. That had pure gold accents on the windows and doors.

Odin looked up astonished and said, “wow!”

“It’s magnificent, isn’t it?”


Inside, the walls were painted with beautiful murals of majestic dragons locked in mortal combat with human armies. The tables were ebony wood, with four black metal chairs with white cushions crowding around them. In the front was a black marble podium with Mr. Tamano’oya’s daughter Hōseki standing behind it.

When we approached the stand, Hōseki laughed and said, “Amaterasu, you know you of all people can’t pay for this food. How about you just go and pick through the trash like usual.”

My cheeks became red, and Odin’s face filled with anger.

He screamed, “How about you just take us to a TABLE!”

Hōseki stepped back in shock and said with an attitude, “Um, I’m not going to do that because I know y’all can’t PAY, and your RUDE.”

Odin’s scream attracted the attention of Tamano’oya himself. His footsteps screamed like a steam train as he rushed over to us.

He looked over to Odin, smiled, and said calmly, “What is the problem?”

“Well, she won’t take us to a table because we can’t ‘pay.’ Which may I say is a very—”

“Shut up! You know you can’t,” Hōseki screamed!

Odin pulled a sack out and smashed it on the table. It opened, exhibiting a blinding gold glow. Tamano’oya’s jaw dropped. “Hōseki... take them to a table Now!”

“Ugh, whatever. Follow me.”

She guided us to a table in the back, “Here, this is the best table, or whatever.”

Odin grabbed my chair and pulled it out.

I smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Odin sat down and said, “You’re welcome.”

We observed the menu for a minute.

“Hi! My name is Aya, and I’ll be serving you today. Can I get your drink order?”

Odin thought for a second and said, “Can we get two glasses of water and a bottle of your finest wine?”

She smiled and said, “Of course,” as she walked back to the kitchen.

I leaned in and said, “So, where are you from?”

He said, “I’m from a village far away,” while fidgeting with his fingers.

“What village?”

Odin gave me an awkward smile and said, “I don’t like to think about it,” in an almost rude tone.

Taken back, I said, “I apologize if I offended you, but I don’t think that was an absurd question by any means.”

Odin took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry! It’s just, Where I’m from, the people are that of a MONSTER in a NIGHTMARE.”

“I can understand that. The people here treat me like garbage.”

He smiled. “I’m glad someone understands.”

The waiter interrupts, “Here is your water and wine. Are you ready to order food?”

I replied, “Yes, we are. Can we have the sushi platter, please?”

Odin interrupted, “Is the fish fresh?”

Aya smiled, “Yes, of course. We get all our fish from the Susanoo Fishing Company, located inside Kusanagi.” Aya grabbed their menus and asked, “Is there anything else you need?”

Odin and Amaterasu shook their heads, and aya said, “I’ll get that order in for you,” as she walked away.

“So, you asked me a personal question. Now it’s my turn. Why is a beautiful young woman like you homeless?”

A tear fell down my face as I said, “Well when I was around one, a massacre happened when a barbaric army attacked our village. I don’t know much more than that because the townsfolk refuse to speak of it, but during the battle, my parents saved the village, but their lives were lost.”

They spent the rest of our dinner laughing, talking, and getting to know each other.

After the meal, Odin looked at me and said, “How about I get you a hotel room?”

In my head, I thought, Oh, shit. It’s going to happen! Hell yeah. I replied, “Sounds fun.”

“Well, I saw the Tsukuyomi hotel when I came into town. Is it any good?”

Amaterasu giggled and replied, “Well, it is the only one in town, so I hope.”

We arrived at the hotel. Inside, standing behind the counter, was a skinny woman dressed in a skimpy dress. She looked up from a book and said, “Hello, how are y’all?”

Odin replied, “We’re good, thank you. Do you have two rooms open?”

No, I want one room.

She looked at the booking sheet and said, “Um, well, no. We only have one room open.”

Yes, thank you world.

“Well, in that case, I guess we’ll go somewhere el—”

“No, we’ll take the room,” I exclaimed.

The woman replied, “Okay, amazing! That’ll be five silver pieces a night.”

Odin whispered to me, “Are you sure?”

I shook my head up and down and said, “Yes.”

Odin shrugged his shoulder and moved over to the counter, and pulled out six gold pieces.

“Is this enough,” Odin said.

She looked surprised and said, “Uhh, yeah. Here’s the— key. The room is— um, up to the— left.”

Odin guided me up to the room and opened the door. Inside was a beautiful canopy bed that was as black as night, with the top of the canopy and pillows taking on a sexy princess pink. The floors were an amazing white marble with gold accents swimming throughout, and in the corner of the room was an enticing sunken bathtub that was just as snowy as the floor.

I slowly walked to the bathtub losing my clothes along the way. Behind me, Odin’s eyes grew wide, and his jaw dropped as my curvy frame became entirely visible. I got in the tub and looked back at him while turning the water on, and I said, “Care to join me?”

Odin threw his clothes off and said, “Only if you join me in the bed after.”

I winked. “Maybe. If you earn it— Oh, and by the way, my name’s Amaterasu.”

Odin smiled and said, “If I earned your name, I’m sure I can earn you in bed.”

He got in the tub and slowly rubbed his hand up my leg, coming closer and closer to my—

“Mom, NO! Eww.”

“Oh yeah, sorry sweetie. We’ll skip this part.”

Now, where was I… oh yes. The next morning I woke up naked in his bed. I turned around to kiss him, but no one was there. I rolled my eyes, got out of bed, and thought, every guy is the same. I started putting my clothes on when Odin busted through the door.

Odin exclaimed, “Hey, instead of wearing those clothes, how about you take these!” He handed over four bags filled with clothes.

I looked at them and said, “I can’t take these.”

He smiled and said, “Come on, Amaterasu, you gave me the night of my life. Let me do this for you.”

I thought for a moment, what should I do? I need it, but it feels wrong. Fuck it.

I wrapped my arms around him and said, “Thank you so much Odin, but how will I fit them all in my little chest?”

Odin laughed and said, “You’re not sleeping in there ever again. I rented the room for the next year.”

“Are you serious? I don’t know if I can accept all of this.”

Odin pondered for a second, “How about this? You pay me back for everything in the future.”

I thought for a second, is this right? Even if it’s not, when have I ever done the right thing? In a seductive voice, I said, “Okay, but Are you going to be staying with me?”

Odin frowned, wrapped his arms around me, looked in my eyes, and said, “About that, I’ve decided to return and try to make a change in my home, but I will come back. A LOT! I promise! If that’s fine.”

I smiled and said, “Of course, as long as there’s some fun involved.”

Odin turned and left. I felt empty the moment he left, and that feeling wouldn’t leave until he returned. Over the next forty years, Odin would visit me once every two weeks, and after each time he left, that empty feeling would return.

Over the next forty years, the village of Kusanagi evolved into the great city of Takamagahara, and the center of this change was me. I had regained control of my life and became the head of the council of eighteen. How? Well, once Odin had given her faith, once again. With that, she decided to pursue a position in the guard. She carried on this path for two years until the Battle of Konjō. During this battle, I realized who I was. My memories became crystal, and my status as a god illuminated in my head. My eyes filled with fire as I laid waste to all the lands that stood in my way. All of Japan would be mine! Over the next thirty-eight years, I molded Japan into a global superpower and Kusanagi into Takamagahara. Through everything, mine and Odin’s love only grew until THAT DAY! THE DAY OF CHANGE!

I explode through a door into a vibrant room with walls made of dull black marble illuminated with speckles of silver and gold. In the center of the room, dangling from a golden chain, was a crystal chandler irradiating the room. Basking in the light at the back of the room were eighteen massive staircases fifteen feet apart and twenty feet wide. Each dressed with crimson nylon rugs cascading from the bottom to the top. At the peak of sixteen of the staircases sat a silver throne with deep blue linen, but the two staircases in the middle were unique. Instead of silver, the thrones were pure gold with vibrant purple linen.

I looked up to see everybody glaring at me. A lump formed in my throat as I said, “Sorry.”

Hachiman looks down and huffs, “You’re late!”

I reply, “I know. I had a friend over last night.”

Toyotama interjects, “That’s no excuse for your tardiness. You’re now the head of this dragon, and without the head, we cannot think.”

“I know. It won’t happen again.”

“Why is your hair all messed up?” Hachiman says as he looks her up and down.

“I don’t know. Why?”

Omoikane interrupts, “We are already running late. We can discuss discipline options later. For now, will everybody please take their seats?”

After the council members found their seats, Hoderi entered and spoke, “Today, you will decide the fates of three men. You must be just and without bias. Without further ado, bring in Chīzu.” The door swings open, and a pale and malnourished farmer dressed in a stained, ripped robe enters the room, escorted by two armored members of the guard. Hoderi continues, “Chīzu is accused of stealing his neighbor’s goat and sacrificing it to Apollo.”

Hachiman screams, “Apollo? Are you fucking serious? That fucking prick.”

Hoderi screams, “Let’s hold our composure during this meeting, PLEASE. We don’t even know if he—”

Omoikane interrupts and says, “I agree that Apollo is a poor choice of gods to put one’s faith in, but even if he did, we have religious freedom in this land. We can not punish him for something that isn’t a crime. I shall not allow it.”

I say, “Agreed, but can’t we find out if he did it before we make our judgment?”

Chīzu screams with a smirk on his face, “I fucking did it, and I’d do it again. Apollo protects me from disgraceful gods such as yourselves. Gods who sit perched atop the common folk casting judgment.”

Hachiman rises and points at the man, “I’m gonna beat your—” Before he can finish, flames engulf his waist squeezing him tight.

My hair stands up, and an inferno incases me like armor as I scream, “Stop, you’re only proving our disgrace as true!”

“Gulp, I’m sorry. You’re right.”

I let go of him and he drops to the floor, wheezing. I levitate back to the ground, and the blaze that had consumed the room sunk back into me as I sat back down.

“Thank you, Amaterasu! No more outbursts like that, please,” Hoderi said while rubbing his palm on his forehead. He sighed. “Now, please vote.”

We began scribbling down our votes on a piece of canvas. When we had all laid our brushes down, Hoderi said, “Based on the evidence do you find him guilty or not?” We all raise our canvases, revealing a total of eleven to seven.

“Chīzu has been found guilty. Omoikane, what is his punishment?

Omoikane placed his hand on his chin, pondering for a moment

“He shall spend two hundred and seventy days and nights in the dungeon.”

Omoikane sat back down, and Hoderi spoke, “Are there any objections amongst the council?”

“Yeah, he should be worshiping us, not Apollo. He should be put to death for this treasonous action,” Hachiman screamed!

Omoikane replied, “Hachiman, are you aware that twenty-five percent of our worshipers live in other lands? Without them, we would be weaker. That is why throughout the lands, we have a unanimous decision to allow religious freedom.”

Hachiman laughed and said, “What about Asgard? They execute traitors, just like the old days.

“I’m aware of how Borr treats his people, but that doesn’t mean we have to pursue the same actions.”

Hoderi screams, ” We’re moving on now. Shito the Blacksmith is next. He supposedly bludgeoned his wife after discovering her having relations with their eldest son, age sixteen. His son corroborates this series of events. Now, bring him in, please.”

The doors opened, and a six-foot-seven man with a scar slashing through his right eye entered the room. He had a furry beard that tumbled down to his beer belly. Shackles shielded the six armored guardsmen who were pointing spears at his neck.

“In the night, a hero becomes a villain, so he can be a hero again the next day,” Says Shito as he stares at his feet, ignoring the fate that stood before him. He looked up with haste and screamed in a deep voice, “She ended herself by indulging in that what made her disgraceful, so I made her face an early grave to atone for her sins!”

Hoderi sighs. “If anyone says anything I will kill you. Please ignore what he said and vote.” We all backed up and looked confused and a little scared as we started writing. Hoderi stood there until we had finished writing down our verdicts. When we finished, he said, “Reveal your votes I guess.” Hoderi counted them up and said, “Guilty great, so Omoikane, what is his punishment so we can go home?”

“The man who stands before us is guilty, but is he guilty of a crime? The answer is no. The only thing he is guilty of is defending his honor. Based on that, I declare that nothing shall happen to him. For he was acting in good faith.”

Shito kneels and replies, “I appreciate the mercy the Gods of Japan have shown today.”

Hoderi says, “Un shackle him and let him go free now.” Shito’s shackles crash to the ground as he walks away, rubbing his wrists. “Now we can go home, ah shit. Actually, we have one more next matter that is associated with Odin. Odin was accused of espionage, murder, and rape. Bring in Odin.” The doors open, and Odin enters with his head down in shame. Hoderi continues, “unbeknownst to us this whole time we’ve Odin’s been playing us. He is the son of Borr, heir to the Asgardian throne. He...”

I stand up and shout, “What is this? Odin is no god. I’ve known him since we were eighteen.”

Hoderi takes a deep breath and replies, “I know this may be hard to hear, but our spies in Asgard have damming information about his true int—”

Before Hoderi can finish, Odin’s magical chains shatter, and he charges Hoderi. Odin wraps his arms around Hoderi. SNAP! Throughout the room, an ear-piercing noise echoes. Hoderi says, “finally,” as his now lifeless body falls to the ground. All eighteen of the council jump into action, preparing to charge Odin. Everyone except me. I was too shocked to move, and my thoughts began to race, How. Can this be true? It can’t be. He’s not, he’s just not. You lie. liars all liars. My body became numb, the room started to spin, and DARKNESS became all I could see. While I was out, Odin flew into the air and screamed, “I will return with my army, and Takamagahara will fall, and then Japan will fall.” He disappeared through the roof, and a massive explosion supersedes him.

The council rushed to my side. Hachiman screamed, “Amaterasu, please, wake up!”

My eyes slowly opened, and I said, “I guess you do like me.”

Hachiman turns away and crosses his arms. “Yeah... Yeah... Kid. Whatever.”

Nuibari interrupts, “Mom, I thought that was supposed to be a story about you and dad.”

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