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How to Make an Enemy — Principals Edition

By Jessie Hamilton All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor

Chapter 1 - Rule Breaker

I push open his office door with a smirk as he rolls his eyes “What’s up Mr G? How’s the wife?” I sit down and then spin for a second then frown “I mean the divorce? what is it now, 10 months ago.”

He leans in his chair “none of your concern Miss Brooks.”

I tut as then take a drag of my cigarette then blowing the smoke into the air as I tap the ashes against his books “Mr G, you’re so formal, call me Alex, though I do prefer bad-bitch.”

“Alex,” I look up taking another drag “we are no strangers to the topic of your behaviour, you fight, you swear, you cut off students’ hair—”

“Okay, but she so de-”

He holds up his hand and I slouching in the chair roll my eyes as I listen to this disgraceful human flap his lips “you put gum into Miss Georgia’s hair, changed the pictures on our slide show to disturbing pictures of the staff. Oh, and to top it off-” he snatches the cigarette from my fingers, I hold in the smoke “smoking” I lean in and blow it in his face.

Then smile at him innocently, he rolls his eyes and I lean on the chair once again “so, you gonna call my mum again or something? Because we both know she won’t answer.”

He stares at me for a moment then shakes his head “no actually, I think I’ll give you my own punishment.”

I raise my eyebrows, he stands up as I talk “do you ever like, run the words through your head, then say them. Or just—” I push my hand forward dramatically “—let it out?” He rolls his eyes before he can speak I cut him off once again “Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply flattered but 50-year-old guys that give me detentions are not my thing”

He stops me again and I frown “Alex, I’m going to put you into the music club for three months.”

“Excuse me?” I snap “That is not fair, I have important things to do than hang out with those shit-heads.”

“And if you let me finish I would say that, if you do not attend or you are late to any meeting, you will be expelled Miss Brooks, and I am not messing around. We were merciful when your family had the incident, but Alex that was two years ago.” My jaw was clenched and roll my eyes “you start this afternoon, hope you have fun.”

I stand up glaring darkly as I grip my bag “I hope you curl and die," I mutter, fighting back flipping him off.

“3 this afternoon don’t be late,” he smirks. I flip him off and kick down the chair outside “Alex!” I ignore him. What’s he gonna do? Make me join Art as well?

I storm up to the classroom with a glare on my face, I push open the door pulling my bag up my shoulder, lazily leaning against the door frame “what’d I miss?”

Collie glares at me “we were studying the-”

“Jesus," I roll my eyes and stand up "I said what did I miss, not what are we studying.” I close the door and go into the girl’s bathroom. Sure, Mr G was fun to piss off, but music club? My mum would be more affected by this music thing than me.

I sit in the stall and start to do what I do best, wreck havoc. Unlike my older sister and my twin, I’m more a stealthy troublemaker, my brother Taylor, he likes to cause cat fights. My sister Tiffany, well she’s just a bitch. She hates me, and I hate her. My mum usually is the one who is ‘the victim’ and the ‘reason we’re screwed up.’

I don’t have any other family, it’s been us four for a while. Just how I like it.

Inside of the girls stall, I have my boots positioned against the wall leaning backwards and having a smoke “come here often?” Colley asked through the door, I could see her pink sneakers.

“You know what you remind me of Collie?” I tap the ashes onto the tiles as I sit on the toilet seat. She hummed for me to go on “A puppy, they’re great when you first meet them. And you think you’ll love them, then they begin to yap and yap and yap and yap and yap. They shit all over the place, basically, they suck. Oh, and you’re a little bitch who gets on my nerves.” I stamp out my cigarette then hit the stall wall with my fist, she gasps and I grinned at her reaction, I thrive on scaring people

When the final bell goes, I begin to walk out of school until Mr G stops me “forgetting something?” I roll my eyes and give him a sarcastic smile as walk to the music room. It was about 2:34 and I couldn’t be late, for my mother’s sake. Opening the door was an understatement of what I did, I kicked the door down. Nearly. And there is some guy in there with the guitar.

I give him a side glance sitting down and pick at my nailbeds, he never said I had to participate “lemme guess,” he starts, I look up at him “he couldn’t bare to pay the money to suspend you, so he stuck you into this?”

“No, I came here by choice.”

“Your sarcasm has no power here,” he mocks in some gremlin voice, I hold back my smile “your Alex right?”

“Guilty,” I wink at him.

“Practising for the court when you finally kill everyone?” he smiles tuning his guitar.

I snicker “nope, for when I smash your head into that guitar,” I answer with a smug grin making him laugh as well and rests his guitar beside him “why you so early?”

“Why are you?” he counters.

Touche Douche, I smirk at him amused, finally someone who didn’t stutter when I spoke to them “well, I can’t be late to this club thing. Or else” I warn just like he did, he laughs again “you got a name?”

“My friends call me Ollie,” I shrug.

“I ain’t your friend, what is it short for? Oliver? Olivia?”

“No, it’s my middle name.” I’m just confused now, he chuckles “Ollie, Ollie is my middle-name”

“Oh,” when other people start to fill up the room, I still sit at the back.

Miss Hall walks into the room, I guess she was an okay teacher, super kind to me, puts up with a lot of shit, puts up with me, so when I refused to participate, she sat beside and we talked. She seemed to understand what I was saying but she didn’t “look, he put you in this because he wants to see the potential we know you have.”

“If you need me to break into the school, I’m your girl.”

She chuckles but it fades as she looks at the students rolling her eyes “Adam, get your head out of there!”

When Miss Hall’s ass is out of my view, I see Ollie. His gorgeous blond hair brushed to a point. Majestic green eyes. These people are so weird I stand up and then walk over to him as I did he peered at me then sit down beside him “what’s a nice guy like you doing a shit place like this?”

He rolled his eyes resting his guitar to his side “I just like to play music. I try to take any chance to do so, do you know any instruments, Miss Brooks?” I shake my head as I take out my cigarette “you know those can kill you right?”

“Yeah, I’m hoping, so far all it’s done is get me grounded twice.” Ollie looked kind of sad when I went to light it, so I just hide it. The rest of my detention I guess, I sat next to Ollie while he played the guitar.

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