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Life resembles a fast track, on which you can't simply stand regardless of whether you are worn out, yet you need to propel yourself forward to be in the line of those individuals who are additionally battling with their lives very much like you. Consider the possibility that you will stand in the race.  You won't just lose but become old, very much like an old house which can't be moved for years, perhaps centuries.  By understanding the consequences of not pushing ahead, you currently propel yourself even despite your desire to the contrary.  Since you would rather not become like an old house. This is the narrative of Skye Johnson, who needed to carry on with a superior basic life, but was struggling every second to find that fulfillment she at any point needed to feel. Luck or felicity is not for everyone, and some people spend their entire lives attempting to obtain the better life they desire. Certain individuals, as of now, have everything except they still don't recognize what blessings they have. They have even more cravings in them. We can say that they have the voracity to have control over everyone. Skye never required an extravagant life, yet the best simple one.  As we all understand, the ideal life is a deception. It doesn't exist. It's only something from the books.

Romance / Drama
Sonii Naaz
Age Rating:

The path I never expected to take

The scene begins with the extraordinary quiet in the cemetery. 12-year-old Skye Johnson

What's more, her 11-year-old sibling, William Johnson, stays by the grave of their mom with sorrowful eyes, while everybody is standing in dark, dull dresses,

a downpour begins to fall.

All are moving back to their vehicles.

Her uncle Thomas advises her to return home and leave.

William gradually begins leaving. He turns around at Skye. However, she doesn't move.

Standing in the downpour

The siblings showed up with their uncle Thomas and started living with his family, 3 cousins with various personalities, and the siblings weren't mixing in.

In the following 3 years, Skye and William drop out of school and find part-time jobs due to the financial crisis the family is facing.

Skye is mindful that her aunt doesn't like them to stay longer with them.

Skye has been paying attention to the contentions of Aunty and her uncle Thomas late at night.

She tries various jobs to help herself and her brother, yet she isn't procuring that much.

Her 18-year-old cousin Arthur forces her to be physical with him.

However, Skye Johnson knows that is not right, so she would not include it.

She is innocent yet understands what's good and bad for her. What's more, she would rather not ruin her life and doesn't have any desire to think twice about it later.

She is stressed and thinking about her better future.

Things are deteriorating around her, but she has no choice but to bear the pain alone. She can't enlighten anybody concerning the enduring in light of the fact that she is residing in their home. She can't leave the home since she feels that she isn't equipped to endure the financial crisis alone.

One day, when nobody's home, William enters the house and watches as Arthur drives Skye away while she is struggling to get away. William saved his sister from getting assaulted and they went out after William beats Arthur.

They move back to their home where they used to reside with their mom before her demise.

Later, around dinner time, an irate William finds a medkit in the house, while Skye sits on the couch with sad eyes.

He goes back to Skye and tries to calm himself before going to her.

William applies cream to the injury on her arm.

The two of them are quiet.

He took careful note.

"That wasn't your fault," William said delicately.

Tears begin to tumble from Skye's eyes,

After getting done applying cream on her injury, he leaves.

Skye begins to cry silently.

Following day

Her uncle Thomas comes to take them back. However, Skye won't return. William informs him concerning the act of his son Arthur.

Uncle Thomas is embarrassed and goes out without saying anything further than an apology about his son's behavior.

Skye works as a cleaner at the material shop, while William works as labor, conveying a weighty sack and loading the truck outside the stockroom.

For the time being, they must endure grudgingly or with a small amount of food.

Another night.

A downpour falls, and we can hear windows moving. Siblings are sitting in the lounge room in the dimness with one candle on the table. They are eating food on one plate, so there isn't adequate food.

Later, drained Skye lies on the couch with William laying on the floor.

They are having a conversation.

"You alright?" William inquired.

"What compels you to feel that I am not alright?" Skye inquired.

"If you don't talk, you'll suffer. You need to talk just to dispose of the trauma you have been experiencing," William said.

Skye paused for a minute before continuing.

" I let him know that wasn't correct yet he used to compel me.

He threatened me multiple times. I want to forget everything." Skye couldn't handle her tears.

"You remember? When Mother was depleted at her particular business and we were deserted for the night, you knew that I was alarmed by the thunder and you came into my room to check on me. I pretended to be strong, but that was the time when I needed you the most. You are pretending to be strong but you are hurt. Cry if you want. Do whatever makes you feel better and can recuperate you, but don't be broken for a long time," William said.

Skye couldn't hold her tears back.

She requires care because of her lack of friendship in life after her mom's demise.

Skye and William are living a better life now, thanks to Uncle Thomas, who comes to see them frequently and, in some cases, financially supports them.

William and Skye have been doing short courses on their interests.

Skye generally wanted to be a filmmaker, but her dream couldn't come true due to her financial emergency.

These days, she is focusing more on customers in the bistro she works in. She hears the discussions of various customers and starts composing brief tales.

On the other hand, William joins the Boy Band group as the main guitarist.

Skye never gets a boyfriend since she is having trust issues after Arthur's episode.

At whatever point young men need to converse with her, she avoids them.

Another day, Skye suffered from a high fever while William rehearsed his guitar in his room.

Debilitated Skye walks over to him and advises him to turn off the sound. However, he denies it, and they begin contending. She is tossing his stuff and he is driving her away from his room.

Skye feels vulnerable.

She returns to her room, slams the entryway, and conceals her head under the pillow just to avoid the music.

Their propensities and ways of life have changed with time, and presently they are more similar to one another's adversaries.

around midnight.

Skye wakes up, she is parched. Leaving, she takes a gander at William engaging in sexual relations with the young woman on the couch. Skye turns away.

As they watch Skye, they cover themselves with the blanket.

"What are you doing here?" William inquired.

"Is she your sister you were talking about?" The girl inquired.

William gestures.

Skye goes back to her room and murmurs with disappointment.

Skye remained in the gallery the other day with earphones in her ears, dressed in a white gown that seemed to be in her profound idea.

Later, Skye takes off the headphones while opening the entrance. She arises and hears the uncommon voice of a young woman emerging from William's room.

She goes to the kitchen to get an apple when there is nothing to eat in the refrigerator.

She returns to her room to find voices coming into her ears. She puts on the headphones once more.

Another day, after dinner, she washes her plate and turns around when William and the other young lady enter.

"Hey, she is my sister," William tells his girlfriend.

"What is she doing in our home?" Skye inquired solemnly.

The young lady and William look outraged by Skye's question.

"If you'll go out and get me a soda, it's alright on the off chance that you stay," William calmly expressed, just to prod Skye.

Skye leaves the house.

Another moment Skye sits at the bus station alone and misses each transport. Rain begins falling, but Skye doesn't move. She watches individuals running to find cover, some of them safeguarding their affection once under the umbrella.

She is the prisoner in her mind.

She is aware that there is nowhere to go, but staying in the cage for so long makes her less lively.

She looks sad. She looks helpless and miserable.

"Miss, miss?" A man said,

Skye's focus shifts to the 24-year-old man remaining close to her. She gazes toward him.

His hair isn't completely wet, and he's wearing a light earthy colored coat and holding a light green bag.

"What time is it?" A man inquired.

Skye stretches out her wrist to allow him to take a look at the time.

It's 8:00 pm.

"Much obliged to you," the man said.

He sits toward the end of the bench when one more side of the bench has Skye sitting already.

The two of them quietly sat.

Transport stops and leaves. The two of them remained the same.

" Do you have an umbrella?" the man inquired.

"No, I don't have," Skye said.

"I lost mine today," the man said.

The man takes out the book from the bag and extends it to her.

She is looking at it.

"That is my name," the man said.

highlighting the composed name on the book cover, James Burton.

"You wrote this book?" Skye inquired.

"Indeed, mam, I am an author," James said.

"What is it all about?" Skye inquired.

"How about you purchase and sort it out?" James said.

"Is it the new stunt to sell a book?" Skye said.

"My needs are the people who show a tad of interest in my book," James said.

Skye stares at him briefly.

" If you want to plunge into the sea to track down inconspicuous treasure or simply need to partake in the view from the boat, you'll be interested in the profound sea, I guess," James said.

"Your persuasion power is great," Skye said.

"I'm trusting your buying power may be great. That is the reason you took the drawn-out, difficult experience regardless of conversing with me,"

James said.

She checks the book distributor's name.

"You are a distributor as well?" Skye inquired.

"No, he is my neighbor with a similar name. He has a capital J in his name, and I have a capital B in my last name. We cooperate," James laughs.

James makes her befuddled.

Assuming he comes clean or he was simply kidding, she was unable to sort it out.

"I write my books, sell them, and I am an independent publisher," James said.

"Not online?" Skye inquired.

"Indeed, there as well. However, I think interfacing with individuals in genuine and getting their criticism makes me more fulfilled.

" Well, I am not a peruser, but rather

I've chosen to make a plunge. Let me in on the charges to my way to fortune," Skye inquired.

" Just three dollars and ninety-nine cents," James said.

Skye purchases the book. She is strolling into the downpour. James surges over to her with the umbrella.

The two of them remain under the umbrella.

She looks at his strange demonstration.

"Take it with you," James said.

"You said that you'd lost your umbrella," Skye said.

"This isn't mine, it was abandoned. I found it today," James said with a smile.

"Why are you giving this to me?" Skye asked.

" I need to shield my book from the downpour. I won't charge for an umbrella," James said.

He expands an umbrella toward her while remaining in the downpour.

She watched him briefly and was moved by his caring demonstration and befuddled by his character.

She goes for an umbrella and strolls away. She turns around after a couple of minutes, yet he is gone already.

Another day, Skye is serving clients in the bistro, and her colleague is having a discussion with Skye about the hot man finding a spot at the right table.

He seems to be a model.

After a second, that hot man takes care of the bill for the food. Her collaborator is flirting with him. However, he appears to be attracted to Skye, yet she denied his proposal when he asked her out.

Skye's colleague inquired as to why she generally declines men who show interest in her.

Skye says that she needs to cherish a person with a good nature, a person who has not been undermining numerous young ladies.

In the night, Skye starts scrutinizing

"The Way never expected to cross."

The book's title

' For my entire life, I've been running from my shadow. Not every one of the minutes was great, but I made do with the expectation that one day I'd arrive at my objective.' James's voiceover when we see Skye on the screen

Skye remained in the clothing shop. She was wearing earphones as of now while starting her dress and moving into the clothes washer.

'Every Victory requires something significant from you. Knowledge takes as much time as necessary.'

James's voiceover.

Skye is smoking in the gallery while watching her neighbor's young girl with the boy, and she is embracing him before returning home.

'A particular idea removes the wide range of various contemplations, very much like raindrops, we can't see them generally together yet in various parts, they have been set as of now where they will land, they straight fall on the spot they should,' James's voiceover

Skye is eating dinner alone when tipsy William enters with his girlfriend. He waves at Skye and strolls upstairs with the young lady.

'Why life's direction isn't straight, We all beat around the bush to find the best solutions and make the choices to improve what has already been written. James's voice over

Skye Buying a soda from the supermarket She comes out and stands there for a few moments, watching the rain fall.

'What might we at any point change? A manner of thinking? Our bearing? Our choice? ' James's voiceover

Skye begins running into the downpour without an umbrella while everyone is holding umbrellas around the road.

Another day in the evening,

Skye sits on the bus seat by the window, watching an elderly person standing, trusting that the seat will be empty, while a young kid is sitting on the seat as of now.

'Our culpability? Our method for tracking down trust in each little circumstance?' James's voiceover

Skye casts a glance at James. He hands over his book to an elderly person outside the cafe. His focus moves to Skye on the transport. He waves at her with a smile.

'Or just walk on the way, which was never implied for us.'

Another day, Skye is working in the bistro. She is cleaning the table after the client leaves.

'Set me back on track. Could you, at any point, hope to be the individual you never needed to be?'

Skye turns away and watches William's sweetheart with another man. The girlfriend glares at Skye and avoids an eye-to-eye connection with her.

'Your response most certainly would be no. Have you at any point asked why? '

Skye Goes home at night after her work, she watches over a little kid who is reluctant to cross the street. Holding a teddy bear

'Because you were designed to make up your mind to come across the trail wherever you do not wish to walk on, this might be a rebellious nature or an alternative.' James's voiceover

Skye turns a little and watches over James assisting an old woman with going across the street.

Later, Skye orders a sandwich, and after a second, James strolls over and orders a sandwich.

"Hello," James said.

Skye doesn't show him interest.

"Hello," Skye said.

"So, have you perused the book?" James inquired.

"I wasn't able to wrap up yet,"

Skye said.

"At the point when I was composing, I thought that whoever would peruse, the entire book would be done in one go. I needed to cause them to starve for my next story," James said.

"Some of the time it doesn't occur in our thought process. Things don't go through our methodologies," Skye said

"I wouldn't deny that, you have a point," James said.

The two of them are sitting tight for their request for a sandwich

"I didn't get to know your name another day," James said.

"It doesn't matter, however, you'll get my feedback when the book is done," Sky said.

James stares at her for a second and starts to smile, which makes her uncomfortable and confounded.

His mysterious character makes her more curious about him.

"Why are you smiling?" Skye inquired.

"For what reason are you inquisitive?" James inquired.

"What are you attempting to do? I'm not getting it. Are you following me deliberately? " Sky inquired.

"Indeed, but that is not me, our destiny unites us in a single spot," James said.

After receiving her order, Skye starts to walk, yet James begins following her without accepting his sandwich.

"Hello, "Listen to me. I am sorry.

I was just trying to impress you," James said.

"You ought to stop here," Sky said genuinely, and left.

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