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Broken Wings

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Noah Carrington loves his wife and toddler son. He can't understand what went so horribly wrong in their marriage. What had happened to turn the young, innocent woman he’d married from warm and loving to so cold? Why did the woman he’d vowed to love, honor and cherish now want to walk away from him and their marriage? Eden Carrington woke up in a hospital bed with no memories of the past 8 years. She didn’t remember a husband nor a 3-year-old son. She thought herself still a teenager finishing up high school getting ready for college. This is a journey of a couple trying to cope with missing memories. Eden can’t remember being married to Noah, yet is still drawn to him. She can’t remember wanting a divorce nor walking out and leaving him behind. Noah can’t forget the last couple of years of their marriage. The distance between them that had grown bigger and bigger over those months. And yet, as Eden returns to their home in an attempt to regain her memory, he finds himself falling in love with her all over again. A love so different from their first time. As their love grows again, he fears the pain of what lie ahead when her memory does return. As Eden struggles to regain her memories, she senses something isn’t quite right. She feels like a bird with broken wings. Can those wings heal as their love regrows? Or will history simply repeat itself?

Romance / Drama
Ryleigh Renee
Age Rating:

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

I’ve always been fascinated with amnesia stories. Broken Wings simply flowed as my fingers flew across the keyboard. From the opening sentence, to the very end, it was the easiest book for me to write.

Noah Carrington loves his wife. He can’t come to terms with how a love he felt was so strong could fall apart in such a short amount of time. How his Eden could turn cold toward him to the point of asking for a divorce.

Eden Carrington loves her husband. He’s her first love. What could possibly happen to get her to the point of wanting out of her marriage? Broken Wings allows this young couple to start fresh. Without memories, it’s an opportunity to get past hurt and anger to see what the heart really feels.

I hope you enjoy the story of Eden and Noah as much as I enjoyed writing it. To feel the struggle Noah goes through wondering if her divorce demand will reemerge when her memory does. To experience with Eden falling in love – again – with her first and only love.


Sometimes you need a fresh start.

Here’s to all those fortunate enough

to fall in love again – and again – and again

every day with the one you’re with.

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