A Brighter Light

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"Fuck!" he cursed under his breath as he noted Blair attempt to open the door but he was fast enough to stop the car before she could hurt herself. She had only wanted to open the door in hope of him stopping and her thoughts were exactly what he did and she took the opportunity and rushed out of the car taking huge steps to get away from him. "Blair..stop!" He called out to her but she wasn't going to stop at least not until she was a good distance away from him. She heard the heavy thudding of his footsteps approach her, she knew he was faster than her and maybe he would soon show her just how stronger he was than her...who knows?....  The fear alone made adrenaline pump straight to her muscles and she began running. But to Blair's suprise the footsteps behind her stopped and Blair thought he had finally stopped chasing after her but her thoughts were instantly dismissed when she heard a gunshot. She didn't know if she wanted to exaggerate things but she could've sworn on her mother that she felt the bullet zoom past her.........a dangerously short distance from her skull. She immediately stopped not daring to take another step, her chest raising and falling to her hearts wild beat.   He fired a gun?.. at me! "I promise you the next damn bullet won't fucking miss if you don't get that fine ass in the fucking car, Blair".........

Romance / Action
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Life can sometimes feel like walking in a dark tunnel. Alone, hopeless, and scared. You don't know what lies beyond you until you see that light at the end of the tunnel. But what will it take to get there........


Not edited so there will be mistakes but check it out. Thank you for choosing my book💌. Feel free to comment and point out my mistakes so I can make this book better.



Bloody lifeless figures limped towards her from the dark corner of the room. No emotion was held on their bruised and deformed faces. She attempted to move but it felt as if someone or something was restraining her without direct contact. She couldn't move no matter how hard she tried. She looked back at the scary bloody figures while she took in shaky breaths. A scream left her lips earning her a sharp sting in her lungs. She panicked trying to move and scream for help but nothing came out this time except for her labored breathing. Her eyes fell to her left and almost popped out when they caught sight of dead bodies now beside her. Looking around more it was then she realized that she was surrounded by dead bodies. Blood was everywhere due to the bleeding dead bodies that either had slit throats or bullet holes in their heads. She couldn't understand what was happening and why all this was happening to her. She closed her eyes tightly to keep herself from seeing the horrific sight and let out a piercing scream as she waited for the bloody figures to start tearing her limb from limb.
Noticing total silence after a few seconds, she slowly opened her eyes and the dead bodies had disappeared almost like they were never there. Her face pinched up in confusion as sweat beads run down her trembling body. The silence was broken by a creaking noise that came from The walls. she narrowed her eyebrows at the confusion but that's when it hit her, the walls were caving in suddenly. She tried to move or at least run but it was useless, she still couldn't move. The walls got closer and closer and then too close .......

Blair's eyes snapped open and went straight toward the corner opposite her. Feeling relief flood her entire body. She released a sigh while rubbing her moist eyes with the back of her hand.

'It was just a nightmare' She assured herself as she slowly Rose from her sleeping position, She let out a shaky breath as her bare back made contact with the cold wall behind her and her teeth chattered as the cold chill air engulfed her body. She rubbed her hands together trying to get herself warm but it was useless especially since she was only wearing an old black cotton nightdress that went as far as some inches half up her thigh. A yawn left her lips. She knew she was still sleepy but She couldn't go back to sleep, a habit she had grown fond of, though her nightmares weren't just bad dreams but a half-reflection of her miserable life.

Looking around again. She tried to adjust herself to a better sitting position but soon regretted it when a sharp pain from her ribs made her yelp in pain.

A sarcastic smile crept up her face, if it wasn't for her painfully busted lip she would have broken into fits of hysterical laughter at the way her life had changed over the years. Bruises and cuts covered her entire legs just like the rest of her. She wanted to laugh not because the situation was funny but because it was unbelievable. Fate worked in mysterious ways. Who would have ever thought she would have such a horrible fate but yet there she was..talk about the worst-case scenarios.

But it wasn't always like this in fact life had always treated her very well, but alas good things do fall apart.

"Stay here ..Don't come out until I come back.... ok," she remembered her mother poop p saying with fear tainted all over her face but yet she still managed a smile. All Blair could do was just wonder why her mother looked so........scared. she wanted to question her about what was going on but her mother closed the door before she could say anything.
Not wanting to argue with her mother she stayed rooted. The sound of glass shuttering and a piercing scream made her heart drop with fear. She knew too well who those screams belonged to.

Blair stuttered as she cried and rushed to the door but her mother made sure it was locked from the outside.

"I'm going to FUCKING kill you !... Worthless SLUT! You are just as pathetic as the rest of them" she heard her father's voice roar making her flinch in fear, it was the first time she ever heard her father's voice sound so venomous. She didn't know what was going on but she could tell that something was wrong. She had never heard her father speak in such a tone. He was a loving husband and a good father, she looked up to him and would always run to him for anything.
Another scream startled her from her thoughts. She tried to open the door but failed again.

The scream continued and she couldn't help but cry and listen.
She was only seven but she could tell that her father was hurting her mother. She would've tried to save her but a seven-year-old couldn't have the potential to go against a cruel mafia father.

"Mmm...mOM!....MOMMY ...LET ME OUT! " She stuttered as her sobs choked her, she banged the door but no one came to open it. There was nothing she could do but sink to the floor, muffle her ears from the sound with her small palms and just listen to the horrifying screams her mother let out until it was all over.

She watched her mother slowly open the door, close it behind her and slide down next to where Blair sat, her left eye swelling with a nasty purple color, a small line of blood oozing from the corner of her lip and strangle marks all over her neck and jawline.

She took Blair in her arms and Blair hugged her back.

That day was when it all started, it wasn't too long until her fate became much like her mother's. The beatings, crying, and pain. It became a routine for her and her poor mother.
Her father had changed completely overnight. She never knew what triggered his sudden change, but unfortunately for her and her mother, they had to endure the pain he inflicted on them every time he was ready to hit them like a plague.

The beatings got worse day by day and before she knew it days turned into years.

They would've tried to report him but that was a deadly move. He was the Clan de serpientes mafia leader, one of the cruelest power-seeking mafia men in Spain, and reporting him was hopeless. He had connections that would easily cover up everything. Trying to report him was like making a joke...a very bad joke to be exact. They had no one to help them, no one to relieve them from their pain and suffering, and no one to give them strength except for each other.

Her trip down memory lane was disturbed by a shuffling from inside her poorly lit room. Looking around she spotted a rat running across the room from the small space that was under the door. Normally anyone would have screamed or jolted from their sit but she was too used to seeing rats in her room..(as she chose to call it, it was more of a dark cold cellar than a room). that she no longer got scared.
Besides she had no choice but to get used to them. The corner of the room opposite her was always occupied by either one or five dead bodies of people her father had mercilessly tortured, amputated, or burnt to death right Infront of her. The site was never pretty, not to mention the unbearable stench of rotting corpses and death, she would never get used to it.... her father made sure she never did, everything that she had seen and heard in that cellar left a scar for life.
The dead bodies that were already decaying away in the room only made her grow insane day by day having nightmares of them wanting to kill her. He would bring in people she didn't know and torture them. He would stand there and watch with a smile while his men did their sinful works on people... She always wished to have another room but she wasn't stupid enough to ask for a new room. She knew the consequences that came with speaking when she wasn't told. That was the way of the Clan de serpientes Mafia.

Some rules had to be followed. Rules that she entirely thought of them as sexist and insane but who was she to say anything? She was nothing but an insignificant little scrap of garbage in Infront of her father. He despised her with every fiber in his body reason being she was a girl. She didn't think that those rules about men being superior to women existed in this time and age but her father had more than a hundred ways of proving her wrong.
Honestly it sometimes all seemed like a nightmare she badly wanted to wake up from. It was hard to believe that her father had changed into such an egotistic cruel animal overnight. He was once sweet and loving but now.......he was a monster. She despised him as he despised her. She wanted to talk back at him or at least slap some sense into him but she wasn't ready to have her tongue chopped off and so she watched in silence just like she was taught.


Pretending, that's all he had been doing. The reason her father had changed was no longer a mystery to them. It turned out that her mother was a mafia Princess from a Cartel in Mexico, the Vermundo. She and her father got married as a peace treaty between the Clan de serpientes and the Vermundo cartel. From what her mother had told her. She never loved her father back then, but as time went by she fell in love with him and so did he...........pretend, but her mother was too naive and blindly in love back then to realize his true intentions. After two years of marriage, her parents had their firstborn, Elbrus and four years later her mother got pregnant again and gave birth to her.
Her father was secretly plotting to wipe out the vermundo clan, they were a respected mafia with power and that was what her father was after. He succeeded in wiping out every single one of them and because of that, there was no reason to pretend, no reason to put on a show as a nice loving father and husband. He changed overnight.
But for some reason, she always felt like there was more to the story but she wasn't going to put her nose in the mafia business.

Her father never laid a single hand on Elbrus though. She rarely saw him. He was taken out by her father so often unlike her she bearly went out, after middle school, and she was home schooled for her entire high school years.
Elbrus was the golden child of the family. His father adored him and showered him with everything he wanted while she only stood like a rooted statue watching and wishing for the same treatment. Despite never having what Elbrus had, Blair didn't hate him. Elbrus was a good brother. He was always nice to her and would treat her with care. Back in middle school he would always defend her from the bullies, and cheered her up when she was sick or sad. she remembered one time when he lied to their father that he wanted Barbie dolls to practice hitting targets with, of course, their father was suspicious, after all, it wasn't a very boy like thing to ask for barbie dolls but whatever Elbrus asked for he got and when he was given he secretly gave some to Blair so she could play with them. He was the ideal big brother anyone would wish for.
Eighteen years had gone by without seeing her brother, it came to her that it was an awful lot of years. She didn't know where he was but she assumed that he lived with their grandparents from their father's side in Canada, half of her was sad she didn't have to see her brother often and the other was happy because he didn't have to witness how much her father had succeeded in breaking her.

The sound of the door being unlocked made her take in a sharp breath, she didn't even notice she was crying, in a hurry, she wiped them away. Her heartbeat quickened and her body began to tremble in fear at the expectation of her father walking in with another victim of his cruelty.

Ned one of her father's men walked with a bored look on his Stoic face and Blair relaxed, not completely he was just as intimidating as her father the only difference was just that he was younger.

"Come on. Get the fuck up" Ned said while gesturing for her to get up with a gun. Not wanting to anger him she slowly stood up and almost fell due to her lack of strength and her slightly bruised ankle. She could feel her knees knocking against each other as her legs trembled.

"This place fucking stinks" Ned mumbled under his breath as he wrinkled his nose in disgust and walked away right after signaling her to follow. Of course, it would stink the room was no less than than a butcher's workshop.

Without saying anything she followed behind while slightly limping. A familiar shiver run down her spine as she passed the corner with dead bodies as they got out. They walked a few steps further in the dark corridor and came face to face with her father and two of his men who were dragging a guy with a blindfold who looked to be in his early twenties, probably the same age as Blair, a chill went down her spine as she knew his horrible fate.
Not wanting to anger her father she looked down away from the blindfolded man. It was a rule in the Mafia world as to what she was taught women weren't allowed to look men in the eyes unless they were told or if they came from a high-class family.

" Get her cleaned up and make sure she doesn't mess anything up or I'll deal with the both of you," her father said in his deep dominant voice earning a 'yes sir' from Ned.

Ned walked away and she hurried behind him like an idiot. He noticed her struggle to walk but he hardly cared. They finally approached a door to a room Blair immediately recognized as hers.

" You have five minutes to get yourself cleaned. When I come back I should find you seated on that bed" Ned said and Blair nodded. He walked out of the room and Blair released a sigh.

Her room held so many memories that came rushing back but as much as she didn't want to remember them they kept on banging in the back of her mind for the release.
Not wanting to waste any more time she hurried into the bathroom and quickly took a shower. She flinched in disgust as she watched the dirt and some blood get washed off her body.

She scrubbed herself and winced every single time as the soap made contact with her bruises. Once she was done she dried herself and walked toward the mirror. The sight itself made tears fall from her face but she immediately wiped them off. She wasn't supposed to cry. She had to stay strong even though she was already broken.
She walked out of the bathroom and went back into the room and took a seat on the soft queen-sized bed. She hissed under her breath while rubbing her arms for warmth. It was cold and it didn't help that she realized she was slowly getting a fever.

She heard the door opening and she tightened her grip on the towel her eyes fell to the marble floor not wanting to look at Ned especially now that she was only in a small towel.

" Blair" The voice made her heartache. She knew too well to who that sweet melodious soft voice belonged. Looking away from the marble floor. Her eyes met her identical baby blue ones.

" M.. mo mom," she said with a raspy voice, and soon after saying those words she coughed to soothe her sore throat, she had been in the cellar for a month she wasn't given water regularly and she didn't talk to anyone but her conscious or the rats that occasionally visited.

Ferah almost choked on her tears as she looked at her broken daughter. The site itself was heartbreaking and enough to make any mother cry.

" Oh my God. My baby. I. I'm so so sorry" ferah said and engulfed her in a tight hug but immediately released her when Blair winced in pain.

" oh am sorry....are you okay? Where does it hurt? ...."
Ferah went on with her questions while Blair zoned out and watched her as she rumbled. Honestly, it was nice having someone to love and care about her. The feeling of being loved was what gave her strength. But at the same time, she also hated being cared for. Looking at her mother she looked like she had lost more weight, her once radiant skin was pale, and her blue eyes seemed dead, to sum it all up she looked tired, sad, and hopeless. There was no light in her eyes but a dull look of misery and pain. She hated seeing her mother like this.

Blair was always worried about how she was. She didn't want her to worry about her. She wanted her happy even though she knew that with her father around it was impossible.

"Mom I'm fine," Blair said barely audible but Fera heard her. Stroking her pale bruised face she gasped at how hot Blair's face fell. Feeling her forehead her eyes widened in shock.

" Blair you have a fever. Let me go get some t......"

" NO! Mom pl p please ..am f..f...fine" Blair scattered. There was no way she was going to let her mother go get her medicine. The last time she had gotten her some food was when she was back in the cellar and to make a long story short it didn't end well.... for the both of them.

" Blair I can't just leave you like this. I need.."
Ferah's words were cut short when the door opened. Both of their breathing stopped when her father, Ned, and two women carrying two bags walked in.

" The fuck are you doing here woman" Raphael Caruso snarled at his wife who was already trembling in fear.

" I just wanted to see her," Ferah said weakly like she always does. She was ashamed of herself for being weak and incapable of standing up for herself and her daughter.

" Go back to our room and wait there for me," Raphael said while glaring at Farah.

"You kept her locked up for a month, the least you can do is let me see her for a few minutes," Ferah said her voice trembling and her gaze was not on Raphael. Blair grasped her mother's hand tightly. Raphael's gaze alone could kill.

" I won't repeat myself," he said venomously.

"She needs me-" Ferahs words were cut off when Raphael took some steps forward between the two.

" You don't want those strangers to see how much I can bend you to my will.." he threatened his voice cold as ice.

Ferahs body shivered. She glanced at the two strangers at the door and back to Raphael. She again had to lose to him. Blair gave one last look of pity and squeezed feras arm affectionately then let her go as she saw her mother walk out with a heavy heart.

As the door closed Raphael's attention dropped to Blair, currently shaking. Looking at her with a blank face. she held the towel even tighter.

" Behave Tonight. If you mess up I'll fucking kill you or rather throw you to my men they know how to put a woman's body at work," Raphael said coldly and Blair nodded.
Raphael turned to the women behind him.

" Cover up every single bruise and Make sure she looks.......," He started and looked at Blair like he was finding a suitable word.

"Worth looking at," Raphael finished.
The two women bowed their heads in respect and Raphael followed by Ned Walked away.
Not understanding what was going on, Blair let the women dress her up.

An hour later the two women were finally done. They had dressed her and covered up every single bruise, making her skin look flawless. Looking at herself in the mirror she couldn't believe it. She looked so .........different. so not like.......Blair.The dress could have been nice if the lace was on parts of her body she preferred hidden. It showed too much cleavage and she didn't like it. The black platform heels were torturing the bruise on her ankle and adding some pressure on her swollen knee, the makeup felt weird it was her first time putting it on. She could barely feel her face and the procedure itself was painful, well mostly because of her bruises.
The two women were now long gone. She was all alone looking at herself in the mirror.
The door opened again and Ned walked in and changed into a dark suit.

To admit to herself Ned was a good-looking guy with a height of six feet, well built, his hair a reddish blonde neatly cut on the side and ruffled at the top, brown amber eyes, and a well-defined face. The only ugly thing about him was his job. He briefly raked Blair's body with his eyes the same as she did.

" Never thought of you as the type with curves and a nice ass.... fucking hot" was all he said with a blank straight face then signaled her to follow.
Blair felt her face turn scarlet, with the tone he used she wasn't so sure if it was an insult or a compliment. Taking a deep breath she followed while trying to maintain her limp in the monstrous heels she was forced to wear.

The two walked into the narrow classy hallway in silence, Blair stared at Ned's back and wondered if he ever wanted to do something else other than being a right-hand man for a cruel person like Raphael, it had been six years and he was always working full time. She thought if he had any family he had to get back to or something because he didn't look like he deserved the type of job he had, he was always there next to her father, and sometimes he did the dirty work, she had seen how he tortured people, almost like he was taking out frustration or anger or something...

"It's rude to stare, "he said suddenly and Blair snapped out of her thoughts almost bumping into his back, she had forgotten the rules and quickly looked down.

"S..sorry, "she said nervously.

" Stay here and don't go anywhere," he said again and then walked away. Blair sighed and walked towards the big window that stood to her left and placed her hands on the realign. Her hands clasped around the edges as she gazed at the star-filled sky. The moon was shining as ever and so were the stars. The night was still young and beautiful.
She heard tires screech to a halt as three black SUVs pulled up the big driveway, Blair squinted her eyes to look at the people who came out but couldn't make out who they were. This only meant that there was a party going on in the ballroom, judging by how she was dressed she was attending it but that was no concern to her the only thing running through her mind was why she was all dressed up to attend it. Her father never allowed her to attend any functions. She was never allowed to get out of the house. She couldn't even remember the last time she had seen the sky in broad daylight, looking back at the sky a sinful idea suddenly clasped her unstable mind.
She was alone no one could stop her. She would be free from all of the pain and her mother wouldn't get punished because of her anymore. Her face held no emotion as she looked below almost as if checking how quickly she would die if she fell.
The dress she wore limited her from raising her leg over instead all she did was lean further over the balcony, just a little further meant she was done for good, and her heartbeat quickened. Taking in a huge breath she closed her eyes and leaned further.


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