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Take Me Dancing

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Being able to communicate through lyric is a stupid brilliant thing that I adore. When a beat is matched with a feeling and then at some point placed with a real moment- It’s an indescribable thing that now you’re forever not only replaying the song- You’re reliving a moment. Like, having a photographic memory that never depletes. The most endearing part, both parties will recall the exact moment differently.

Romance / Fantasy
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Would you just dance with me?

Take Me Dancing

Dance with me.

We’re dancing

Each wearing one earbud.

You’re dancing

I’m just along for the ride;

Of twirls you’ll take me on,

while I stand on your boots

Losing myself in the melody

We both prefer it this way

I can’t dance

And you enjoy the power of leading

You’ve always been a damn control freak

when it comes to me.

You’re infatuated with watching

the way my expression changes

adapting when I’ve discovered a new song that serenades me


I’ll hold on

I’ll let you spin us

in our own little world

for the next 3 minutes and 1 second

You’re right hand on my lower back

your left holding mine up like

we’re attempting to execute the waltz

The way you press me to you when Julian Comeau says;

“Do you feel alone just like I do?”

“Do you hate the sound of your heartbeat too?”

And I officially give in.

You may be reciting it

That’s rather specific timing or lyric choice;

if I may say so

You could’ve said anything

You didn’t though;

you said that

On purpose or accidental,

it hits

You’ve won me

You didn’t mean to

but, boy, listen up

You’ve got my attention more than any riff ever has

Those two questions combined

with your tone of voice,

placed just right against my neck,

below my ear on the rocks,

I shudder

I don’t shudder

I don’t give in

I cave to nothing

Not a single thing phases me

No emotion escapes me;

unless I decide

Nothing slips by these gates I’ve welded

My levee is impassable

Or so it seems was

The way you move your mouth along my jawline


“I saw you fall, like the lightening from the stars. You’re crashing hard.”

I felt all of it

I tried to shake it off

chase it with a smile

like you’re supposed to in an endearing moment

*insert appropriate reaction*

That’s what’s supposed to happen



Nothing out of place

Nothing unexpected


I can’t plan when I can’t think

This doesn’t happen

I’m out of sorts

I need out

I need to regain composure

You’re grip tightens

Pressing me harder against you

Slowly backing us against a wall

Me first

I’m feeling the room closing in.

Do you feel that?

I’m looking side to side

I’m instigating panic

I’m looking for my escape route,

coming up empty

Not empty handed,

my hands are full


with you.

I’m reminded in this moment,

I’m not alone by choice

I realize in this moment,


you’re here on your own accord

No one forced your hand

You’re choosing to spend your spare time with me

The damaged goods that I am

cannot comprehend this simple,


obvious fact

I find power in this

You chose this

You wanted this

Challenge accepted

My turn

I let you back me tighter

between you and the wall

The brick scratches my shoulder blades,

but I welcome it

It reminds me

this isn’t a lucid dream after all

Hang on tight, sweetheart

I’ll play your game

You realize my level of revelation achieved,

You’re dying for it

Entertained and reveling in it

You’re basking


remain humble, darling

No one likes a sore winner

My point,

you haven’t won yet

I make eye contact

with my side smirk,

running my tongue along my teeth

while grazing my fingertips down your chest

From the top of your shoulders,

down to your waistline

I run my finger along the inside of your waistband

You lean in

Pressing your forehead against mine

I’ve got your attention

That was easy

I nudge your face to look to my right

using only my nose,

running my tongue along your jawline

to the bottom of your ear;

“Do you feel alone? Just like I do?”

I sigh heavily into your ear;

“Do you hate the sound of your heartbeat too?”

Your hands grip my upper thighs from behind

I run my finger around your entire waist,



“I want to be here.”

I subtly point up

You’ve always been a quick study

You lift me up quicker than I can digest

I feel your excitement

while locking my legs around your waist

while feeling my way along your bottom lip using my tongue;

“Tell me if it never ends, where do we begin?”

I bite when the beat kicks up,

and Julian screams.

Letting you feel me breathing into your mouth

whispering when the song bluntly states;

“This is all I own.”

Stopping myself there

That’s a confession

only meant for you

Directed towards you

As always,

you received my message without being notified directly that it was even sent

You don’t leave me on read

You flip the script

You place both my hands within one of yours

Placing them above my head,

against the wall

Your next choice of lyrics are chosen wisely

While holding thee most heated eye contact I’ve ever experienced

you lean in just the slightest so our noses are touching

we’re sharing the same breath;

“Yeah, I feel alone in a crowded room.”

You add;

“Just not in this one.”


Those aren’t lyrics

That’s you

Here we go again


Caught off guard

I’m all for improv

Don’t you dare move, baby

You’re enjoying this

You’ve figured me out


But, you forget,

I’m all for rebuttals

I wink at you while shifting myself around your waist;

readjusting myself intentionally

I press in on my earbud

indicating I’ve switched songs awaiting for my victory to flow

through your ear in sync with mine.

You’re not anticipating this

You don’t see me coming

I speak through music

I always have

You absentmindedly forget that

I’ll pummel you with your emotions

I lock my hands on either side of your neck buried in the collar of your shirt pulling you into me



“I’m going to pick and choose mine. Just trust me. Timing is everything.”

I let the intro start;

“I summoned you, please come to me.”

Releasing my grip with one hand,

I give the come hither with my index finger on my left,

while balling my fist in your shirt with my right just beneath your chin pulling you in

I let the music do the work

“Just call my name, I’m yours to tame”

and I tell you

“This isn’t about you, just listen”

then right before it hits,

I tighten the grip I have on you with my legs around your waist

pulling you in while I arch my back away from the wall pushing into you

I use my other hand to drag one single finger down

starting at the base of my throat to my waist

I watch your eyes following



I act as if I’m going to undo the button

Regaining eye contact

“I’m getting what is mine.”

Bringing my finger to my mouth

I run it along my lower lip

“I’m wide awake, I crave your taste”

I lick my lips

Sending a wink your way

Pretending to be bashful,

I look down while batting my eyelashes

I decide to mix it up in my favor

I gesture to be put down,

start walking towards the exit,

turning to you one last time;

“Come lay me down, wash over me like a hurricane”

I don’t wait for your reaction

Head held high

Confidence radiates off me


in that moment,

I remember..

You chose this

You chose to spend your time with me

I let that go to my head

fuel my actions

I take great pride in knowing you won’t reject me

You won’t say no

There’s nothing within reason

that I could do

that’d make you refuse me


I place my hand on the doorknob,

realizing the song has changed,

I start to turn the doorknob,

I feel you before I hear you.

Your hands tightly placed on my hips from behind

your mouth on the back of my neck

you firmly say;

“Tell me, if it never ends, how do we begin?”


You’re good

Round two, anyone?

This was supposed to be my game,


I forget there’s two players,

you know your way around me

better than I do.

Lead the way, my love,

I’ll stand on your boots once more

Looking up at you through my eye leashes;

“I can’t dance, remember?”

Playing a damsel always thrills you

Whose got who now?

We’re equals

We’ll never grow bored of these games we play

Or roles we take one for one another

You keep me on your toes

Be warned,

next round,

I’m using your playlist to my advantage

I’ll find your new favorite ballad that’ll live on repeat just so you can relive the moment we created during it.

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