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Our Wicked Little Game

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Don’t call it toxic. That’s just plain close mindedness. Have you yet to experience something similar? You haven’t lived. If you haven’t met someone who makes you question all morals and politics; Keep looking. You’re settling. Vanilla’s okay. It’s a nice subtle flavor. Nothing wrong with it. But, Would you rather have chocolate covered cherry? Sounds a hell of a lot more intriguing. But, sure, Vanilla’s good. Safe. Sounds rather complacent. Hence why you’re here to indulge with me, Live vicariously maybe even, huh? Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. So, Have you decided? Will you be the one extinguishing the fire or the one watching it burn? I’m neither. I’ll be the one setting it ablaze just to reach him. Once again; If you know, You know.

Romance / Fantasy
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Pull up a chair, baby, it’s game night

Our Wicked Little Game

I’ll start this out as a song.

One of our favorites.

As per the norm, we both have a version we prefer,

but the message is the same.

The way it hits is the same.

The way it vibrates that spot right between our ears to make us smile;

The same.

“The world was on fire and no one could save me; but you.”

“It’s strange what desire can make foolish people do.”

I’ll flip it,

No, I didn’t wanna fall in love. Not with you. Not with anyone.

“What a wicked game you play, to make me feel this way.”

“What a wicked thing to do.”

“What a wicked thing to say;

‘you’ve never felt this way.’”

What an oh so wicked thing to do indeed.

Why did you do that?

Why would you tell a stranger that?

Something so raw. That was foreign and I loved the exchange we shared.

You said all the right things at the right time.

Devilishly wicked.

My world burned a kind of fire only the alike could see.

You came barring the possibility of not putting it out;

Only taming it.

Giving it shape.

A corral for it,

it’s still mine,

But, you have it at your disposal.

It’s now our fire.

Because, I’d burn this place to the ground if it meant I’d get to you.

I never noticed it then.


I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whilst it happened; I never thought twice.

I never saw you coming.

You changed me.

You didn’t alter me into another plaything,

No sir.

I’m your damn equal.

We each have our instances that we overrule,


We never push it.

Power is only so attractive.

Don’t go on a trip.

Just an adventure.

You brought a comfort with you I never experienced.

This dark looming some would say.

Thank god I never asked them.

I say it’s a dark lulling for me.

Like, your cologne.

Gentle and loving.

Like an admiring stare.

It’s an inanimate weight of comfort.

If a lullaby had a feeling; it’d be that.

You can’t see it.

But Damnit if I don’t feel it.

Let it be the way you look up at me through those dark lashes and say;

“You’re so damn pretty”

And as always, I lock eyes and say;


while I struggle to be that confident

you let me have it knowing I’m not that conceited.

Or let it be the way you throw your right arm up in bed and say; “Baby, come here.”

What a wicked way.

You speak a language that I’m fluent in.

No translator needed.

Shit, skip the words, use only expression.

I still wouldn’t falter.

I know you better than you do.

I know things you don’t even want me to know.

You’ve let me into the deepest and the darkest,

You didn’t even want to but I made a home there.

They think I call you ‘big, bad, & scary’ as a form of endearment; oh honey, do I ever,

But, they don’t know exactly why, now do they?


I won’t tell if you won’t.

Pinky promise me.

Those are our parts.

Don’t expose them.

Don’t let them in.

It’ll lose its effect.

It won’t hold the meaning it does now, if you reveal it.

I won’t feel as special,

And we both know how personal I’ll take that.

What was that about it being strange what desire will make foolish people do?

We’re not foolish if it’s not only desire.

We’ve finally just found the so called one.

I’ll be damned if I put this much into another.


I’ve revealed parts that shouldn’t exist to you.

You’ve seen my rise and my fall;

and when that cycle is stuck on repeat.


you’re also the only one that believes me when

I say;

“I’m fucking trying, okay?”

That’s enough for you.

So, fine..

we’ll continue on with our wicked intense tendencies

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, baby, don’t change now..

Grasp the back of my neck tightly,

tilt my jaw up,

kiss me through our smiles,

our hushed laughter.

Whisper something stupid against my lips.

Something meant only for me.


We’ve created our own intoxicated world

I forget there’s a real one out there

I like ours better.

I feel whole in this one.

I don’t question myself here.

What a wicked thing to say.

To share;

“You’ve never felt this way.”

I’m the outgoing not afraid of my feelings one

I fill that void.

What’re you doing?

You’re catching me off guard.


You’re doing it.

You’re doing what I said I’ve never had.

Raw. Open. Clarity. No guessing.

Sure of yourself.

You, son of a bitch, how dare you?

Just kick my door right down, one foot strong.

That’s what you did.

Just barged your way right in.

I couldn’t refuse you.

It’s like you took fuckin notes on things I never said.

And when I asked;

“How’d you know? Tell me. Who told you that shit?”

You said;

“You’re not as complicated as he makes you seem. I’m just actually interested. You and I are also the same. We want the same things so this shit comes easy, baby. You’re not actually upset, either. Now, shut up, baby. You love it.”

I’ll be damned, if I don’t.

I’ll say it again,

for your ears only,

The world was on fire and no one could save me;

but you.

And damnit anyways if that’s not exactly what you did.

I can’t tell you all the ways you’ve shown me just how bearable this place is.

No, I didn’t wanna fall in love with you,

But, man,

I’m so infatuated with the fact that I did. It’s annoying how much I can adore one fucking person and I don’t even like people,

But, you..


I’m obsessed with.

Call me crazy,

I dare you..

Remember sweetheart,

I’ll burn this place to the ground just to get to you.

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