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Chapter 1-encounter

I was the shy quiet girl that no one would talk or hangout with and I would always ask myself ″will I ever be happy″. Until I meet you. I was the boy who would always get in trouble by hanging out with the wrong crowd, but I met the shy quiet girl, and she changed me.

this is the story of Jacob and Esperanza

Every day me and my mom Lupita move every chance we get , and it keeps getting worse for me because no matter how hard we try to run away our past will keep hunting us… so all we can do is try to run for as long as we can .

‘’Esperanza wake up lla llegamos’’ I wake up, wondering if this time things will be different here, new life, new beginning, new me. We ended up unpacking the whole night, which I’m kind of used to being awake till this late so it really doesn’t affect me anymore. I was just getting ready for bed, but then I heard someone outside blasting music, so i went to go check it out and I saw him just looking at the moon. Eyes so bright. I felt like I was enchanted, I just couldn’t keep my eyes away from him. ‘’Esperanza go to sleep, you have to get ready for school tomorrow’’. I decided to finally sleep, though all I wanted was to see him again, I never imagined that my one wish would come true…

End of chapter 1 :)

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