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Virginia My Love

By Erica777 All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

Harry is a boy of seven year old. He likes spend time with his grandfather Adams that he considers as his best friend. Today he helps him to tidy his room. Harry saw many letters from woman who names Virginia. That intrigued him because he has never saw his grandfather with a woman.

Granddaddy, who is Virginia?

A shy smile appeared on his old face. He sat down, folded one’s arms on his breast and says:

Have a seat Grandson.

All started Friday, 17 July, in 1987. A nice day autumn: The sky was light blue. Pretty dry leaves trailed on ground. My best friends and I, were unloading goods of a boat when my sight met hers. During some minutes, I stopped breathing. My hands became moist. Beautiful is a weak word to describe her. But one thing that I am sure, is that her gorgeousness is similar to sunrise and his elegance at as that of moon. It is this day that I knew that love at first sight really exist.

Granddad, what is love at first sight?

It’s like when a winter morning, you are waiting bus while drinking a hot chocolate and someone surprises you and pours an ice bucket on your head.

Wow! Granddad, I can hate this person. Yes, but if this person lets you pour in hers too, its will be the contrary.

Granddad Adam started again to speak:

Nothing can compare to her graceful elegance. She illuminated the view. And I was sure that her beauty was enduring like stars’ beauty.

Granddad why you describe her like if she was a flower? : Harry asked.

Because she is the only one flower which has a human being’s life.

And he continued his story:

When I arrived near her, she looked at me with a shy look. She had an angel face, and wore a very beautiful dress. She had splendid black long hairs which waved in the wind. Everyone looked at her.

During one minute, our eyes stayed united. Her valet spoke to her and they moved away. My friend Patrick told me: goes to speak to her. Take it from me: “In spite of the height of the mountain, the ant succeeds to reach his top”. I set to run behind them.

Excuse me: I shouted.

Should I say, Mrs or Miss? : I asked to her.

It was like if we was alone on Earth. We looked at each other silently.

Miss, please: Her chambermaid answered.

Thank you: I said to her maid.

Hi: I said to her with a smile.

Hi: she replied with a really sweet voice.

I tried to find my words but my brain didn’t work anymore.

What is your name? : is the only sentence whom came to my mind.

Virginia, my name is Virginia: she said to me.

My name is Adam Thoroughgood.

Nice to meet you.

It’s a pleasure to meet you: I said.

Miss Virginia, your mother is waiting for us.

When I heard this, a fear without name took over of me. The fear of never seeing her again.

Will I have opportunity to see you again? : I asked to her.

Maybe never: Her chambermaid said.

Please, where can I see you again?

Call me at this number: she said to me with a shy smile before to leave. She stole my heart, and my mind.

Did I fall head over heels in love with a stranger? At this time I didn’t answer at this question because I didn’t know what love is, but I was sure that this woman was mine. This seemed crazy.

Granddad, you has always wrong about many things, how could you be sure of that?

Harry, in life, there is things which happen without explanation.

It is true I am always wrong but for this, I was right, because we was soul mates.

The same afternoon, I went to the telephone booth and tried many times to talk with her, but the man who unhooked, repeated to me the same sentence: “ Sir, You have dial a wrong number ”.I couldn’t admit that I won’t see her again. I couldn’t. Then, I took a telephone book and tried to find her address. During one week, I couldn’t sleep and eat. Her face still obsessed me and her voice still lingered in your dreams. I was miserable. I didn’t go at work anymore. I was going from house to house for find her. I was walking when I saw this stranger with angel’s face. He had a look of lamb, an expressionless face, a nameless odor. He also had a refreshing heat, and a warming coolness. Yes, this stranger had the softness and beauty of water.

Who are you? : I asked him

I am rose’s thorn, and thorn’s rose

I am passion’s passion

I am the lawyer of desire

I am the nice thief

I am the human dream

I am the visible and the invisible

I’m the one that makes everything perfect

My name is love and I would love to be your friend.

You’re welcome: I said him.

We started to walk. Love and I went in several cities and villages without success. Nobody knew where Virginia lived, but I didn’t get down on me. Then we kept walking .We walked, walked. The sky fills with clouds, some months after, trees’ leaves change color before to fall down. Afterwards, the ground covered with ice. And we still walked. I was very tired, but happy too because now I wasn’t alone on the way of dreams, and I was sure that shortly I could to build my house’s roof.

I was confident until I saw his eyes:

I saw in his look disgust, anger and hatred

His eyes pained me but I didn’t care

His gestures humiliated me but I didn’t care

His actions tried to stop me in my dreams but once again didn’t care

Who is it? Because where I’m from, this Mister is a stranger

I heard that he wants to be superior to me

I heard that he thinks I’m a man without ambition

I heard that he wants to see me fail

I heard that I’m not the person with whom he would want to share his Thanksgiving dinner

Yes, I heard that his name is Mr. Racist

But what they didn’t tell me, is he can be black not only white

What they didn’t tell me is it’s you, yes you over there who treats me differently not only him who hurt me

What they didn’t tell me is how far he judges people without trying to really know them

What they didn’t tell me is how painful can be his actions, his words, his looks.

I walked towards him, and when I was face to face of him, I told him:

Mr. Racist, my mother told me that I am human being and a human being must to love everybody but why don’t you love me?

Aren’t you human being?

Humans don’t must be their own enemy

Mr. Racist I am your brother,

If I do something wrong, act like a human

Ask yourself these questions, do I deserve your respect? Yes sir

Do I deserve that you hold my hand for that we will go together to the future? Yes sir

Do I deserve your smile, your kindness? Yes sir

Do I deserve your love? Yes sir.

My excellence, let me tell you that I am your second right hand

Even if you hate it

Is an ugly and disgusting right hand must to be hide into the pocket?

No, it should be washed gently and lovingly

Know that everybody is different

Now I was whispering in his ears:

I have a black skin because we are all different

I have a curly hair because we are all different

I have a car and you not because we are all different

I am married and you not because we are all different

I have money and you not because we are all different

I am black and you’re white because we are all different

But we are all human

I have the same body that you because we are all human

I have the same fundamental human needs that you because we are all human

I need your help as you need mine because we are all human

I love my people like you love yours because we are all human

Mr. Racist does not give that picture of you has your children because no one is born racist, we learn to become

Your children must to learn from you that we are all human even if we are different

When I finished to talk, he ducked one’s head. I turned round for to go when he said to me. Can I travel with you?

If you want: I answered him.

We were walking since hours when I proposed at my companions that we rest. I had my head down when I heard:

Why is my life so bitter?

Why is my heart bleeding?

What have I done to deserve this?

What is my problem?

What is this life that allows has your tears of hide your smile?

What is this life which makes you think that the pain has become your only friend?

What is this life that oblige you to believe that only death can save you?

What is this life that gives you hammerings?

What is this life that makes you envy animals and things?

What is this life without sun?

What is this life that makes you a subhuman?

What is this life my friends? Yes, what is this life without life? : singing an oldest man while crying. I had pity him. I stood up, and went to him. Grandfather, what happen to you? : I asked him.

Grandson, I’m looking for a companion. If you want you can follow us. My friends that you see there are my companions. They help me to regain my life. That’s nice my son, me too I’ll help you to find her.

Let’s go before nightfall: I said to him. We are walking since hours when I dared ask to him this question which keep busy my mind, because for that a senior citizen cries like that, he must have serious problems. Grandfather, where are you from?

I come from of there where all is dark

I come from there where the hand of man stops

Who are you?

I am the traveler without destination

I am the blind man who wears corrective glasses

I am the cloud that hides sun

I am the moon which does not shine

Grandfather, what is your name? : I asked him

My name is despair: he replied. After this, we begun to ask questions to people who lives in the city where we were, but nobody didn’t see my Virginia. I felt very down. Virginia where are you? : I whispered to myself. My eyes were stinging when I heard:

They tell that I am weak and make fun of my frankness

They tell that I can’t help someone

They tell that I’m an incompetent and they make fun of my weakness

They tell that I have heart in place of the brain

They tell that I’m too childish

But what they does not tell, is that I’m the hand that soothes

But what they does not tell, is that I am their only true confidant

But what they does not tell, is that I’m the alive proof of their humanness

Who are you?

My name is tear and I would want to help you find your life.

How do you know that I lost my life? : I asked him. I heard you when you were talking with your companion few minutes ago. Be ready, we go shortly: I said to him. I sat with my four companions but it was like my heart didn’t feel that their presence. I was in my thinks when one of my companion bring to me a stranger that he had tied his hands. Comrade, I found this man who was spying us: he said to me.

Who are you? : I asked him.

I am the tree without roots

I am the salt without savor

I am the moon which doesn’t have light

I am the sun without rays

I am the flower without color

I am the life without smiling

But them, they believe that I am the “I”

But them, they think that I’m joy

Yes them, them, they believe that I am the queen of this kingdom.

What is your name? : I asked him. My name is loneliness.

What do you want?

I would like to travel with you. You’re welcome.

After days of walk, we didn’t have enough strength to keep going because we were very tired. Then my companions and I decided to cut branches for make walking sticks. But we still had another big problem to resolve. How will we get jobs for have money to buy meal? Because during our travels we after to have search in all the city, we usually find a little jobs in each city where we are for work and can buy foods. When we have enough of food we moved to another city. But here it is very difficult to find something to do to have money without have relation, and we are all stranger here.

Comrade look at him: one of my companion said to me.

Him, he had cut my right hand

Him, he starved me

Him, he made that my eyes have become red

Him, he forced me to beg for crumbs

Him, he has allowed that people mocks me

Him, yes him, he has took the spoon from my mouth

What is his name?

His name is unemployment

Companion do you know what was he asking me?

No: I said to him.

He wants to travel with us.

Tell him that he is welcome.

But comrade, didn’t you hear what I said to you few minutes ago?

Companion, it is not because there is thorns in rose that this will make it ugly. Let’s go find a place where we will sleep this night: I said to him. Unfortunately, in this city, they haven’t neither job nor room for people like us. Sleeping on a deck with my companion, eyes close, I was thinking about my Virginia. I can still see her beautiful face which doesn’t need make up, her pink lips. She drives me mad. I was in another world when I heard:

My brain is trying to remember my address but doesn’t find nothing

My feet is trying to find the way of my home but they can’t

My body shows signs of tiredness but where could I rest?

My hands are freezing

I am dozing but where can I find a bed?

My tears are freezing on my cheeks but where can I find a blanket?

Who are you? : I ask to the owner of the voice that I heard.

I am mister Homeless.

Shows you: I said. He came out of the darkness where he was.

What do you want? : I asked him. I just want to travel with you.

You’re welcome. We hit the road at dawn.

During the night, a voice who shouted woke us up:

“I am the mountain created by humans

I am that strong wind that comes in the opposite direction of runner

I am the cloud that hides the sun

I am the pebble that prevents the door from closing

I am the thorn which try to overshadow rose’s beauty

Yes, they all know that I am the voice that demeans

What many people do not know, is that I’m like a wink or a movement of the eyelids

But what many people do not know is that my strength come of their ignorance and weakness.”

It was like if this voice shouted at us.

Who are you? I asked.

I am Mrs. Fear.

What do you want to us?

I want to join your group.

You are welcome.

Few minute later, another voice woke us up:

“Tell him that I destroy families

Tell him that I separate couples

Tell him that I drive away daughter of mother

Tell him that I make of father, the enemy of his son

Tell him that I erase smile on lips”

Then, the voice that was authoritative, begun small. It was as her owner wanted to cry:

“Tell him, yes, tell him that I am in fact that a speck of dust”

Who are you young man? : I asked to him.

I am Anger.

What do you want?

Sir, I want to be your comrade.

Anger, you’re welcome.

Did you need to shout like that? Look at his big head.

At the same moment, another voice rose:

“I know recognize wisdom

I know recognize the value of the human being

I give to all, the merit that their return as a human being

I give at all, because I am Mr. Respect”

What do you want stranger?

I want to travel with you.

Next time ask simply like that: can I come with you? : One of my comrades said to him.

We finally could sleep. But not during long time, because another voice woke us up:

Many people turn their back on me because they don’t know who I am

Many people turn their back on me because they think I’m human

Many people turn their back on me because maybe they don’t know that they are humans

Many people turn their back on me because they think that they know where the sun sets

Many people turn their back on me because they are weak

Many people turn their back on me because the “I” is their king

But what many don’t know is that I am their shield

What many don’t know is that I am reliable shoulder on which they can lay down their heads

What many don’t know is that I am the essence of life

What many don’t know is that I’m not human

What many don’t know is that of where I am from, human is an heir

What many don’t know is that I am the servant of the heir

What many don’t know is that I am not from this world

What many don’t know is that I’m the calm after the storm

The question that many people wonder, is: How is life after life?

And the answer that many people don’t know is that I am the life after life: a pretty little voice sung. My companions and I began to search for the owner of this voice. Behind a big tree where were flying fireflies above of a flowers garden, a little girl was picking flowers. It was her who sung. She wore a white dress and had a pink headband on her pretty blond hair. She looked at us with her beautiful blue eyes and asked: Do you want some?

Yes, it is so nice.

She gave me a bouquet of flowers that she had made

Thank you: I said to her

What is your name? I asked her

My name is Faith

My name is Adam

Nice to meet you little girl

Nice to meet you Mister Adam.

We were leaving when she asked with a small voice: Sir, can I come with you?

Yes: I answered. Then we all go back to sleep.

Sleep, eyes closed, I was thinking about Faith: Now, I have a child with me, I must to take care of her. I know that it is a little complicated to take care of a child: they need love, attention, and patience. But I can’t say no to her, she is so adorable. I will do my best. I must to do my best.

We are walking since two days when we heard:

They pretend that they don’t see me perch on tree’s trunk, and still looking for me on the floor

They pretend that they don’t hear me, and are still hurting themselves

They pretend that they don’t feel my odor and still believe that I am not there

They pretend that they never heard about me, but sun tells me to wait that darkness of night can’t resist to its light

Rain tells me to wait that it is just that its season is not yet arrive

Snow whispers to me to wait that whatever the power of sunlight, it will cover earth of its whiteness

My feet tell to me that whatever the distance I must to roam, it will carry me

Water tells me that whatever the flavor of the juice, it will always drank: a woman was singing. She made me think about my Virginia because she also had an angel face.

I walked towards her

What is your name?

My name is Hope.

My name is Adam.

Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you too.

You remind me my life: I said to her.

Where is she? : She asked.

I don’t know, this is why I travel since two years for find her.

I am madly in love with her. Can you help me to find her?

Of course. I will be happy.

We got back in the road. Few hours later, we were entering into a new town. I was very tired, and my eyes were red. I saw a woman who was irrigating his garden while singing:

I come from of depths of human being

I come from there where all is pure

I am the face of man’s heart

And when human wears me, I’m like a small sun

Mummy told me these ones:

When you will come on earth, you must be a rose for human

Sometimes, it will happen that humans want to suffocate you. In this case, you will caress their cheeks while whispering sweet words in their ears

Be the lover of men but not their wives

Be the lover of women but not their husbands

Be the rainbow before rain, and the sun after rain

Be the flower which does not fade, and the star which does not disappear

Be the child who doesn’t grow up

Be the woman who knows to be a mother, and the man who knows how to be a father

Good afternoon, my name is Adam: I said to her.

Good afternoon, my name is Smile.

It is a pleasure to meet you: I said to her.

Nice to meet you.

I am looking for a young girl.

She looks like a white orchid

She has the beauty of Lake Tahoe and fingers of a fairy

She has the body perfectly graven as the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and the sweetness of water of Mississippi’s river

She has splendor of the stars and the face of the moon

She is the rival of my oxygen

She is the being who makes me stammer and dream as a child

She is the heat that I research during winters, and the cool that I research in summer

She is the missing organ of my organism

She is the star that I dream to own

She the soul of my soul

She is just herself, Virginia. Have you seen her?

I think yes, because there is a woman that I know who looks like at the description that you have did.

Do you know where does she live? : I asked.

Yes, she lives in the land of the hope

She lives in the land of thousand dreams

She lives in the land of workers

She lives on the earth of men from the east of western North and South

She lives in the land of seven red paths where all can take to go unhook his star

She lives in the land of those who believe in God

She lives in the land of 319 300 000 inhabitants

She lives on the ground where the nightingales sing the “Star-Spangled Banner”

She lives in the land of the freedom

She lives in the black and white chocolate’s country

Thank you so much Miss Smile.

You’re so welcome. If you want I can come with you. It will be a pleasure: I said to her.

I was as in a small cloud. I will see again my life, my Virginia. Maybe she are waiting for me. Maybe she is also madly in love with me. Maybe, maybe…: I was talking to myself.

I began to sing with my companions:

Children call me Miss Candy, and sometimes Mister Chocolate

Girls call me doll

Little boys call me Mister Car

Teenagers call me Mrs. Freedom

Girls call me Miss Beautiful

Young boys call me Mister Money

Adults call me Mister Stability

Women call me Mrs. Wedding

Men call me Miss Career

Old people call me Mrs. Family

Old women call me Mister Grandchildren

Old men call me Mister Newspaper

But I call myself Miss Joy…

Hours later: We went out of a house where we were asking about her when I saw her chambermaid who walked. I decided to follow her discretely. She came in a big and very nice house. I hid behind a big tree. Top of the door was written: The palace of white roses. I knew that if I went there, dressed with this stonewash jean and this ugly shirt, nobody didn’t let me come in. And at this time, it was a taboo to mix poor and rich people.

How can I meet her?

How can I speak to her?

How can I tell her that I love her like crazy?

Will she remember me? : These questions haunted me and tortured me. My mind was blown. I was walking around looking down when I heard:

“Mom told me that I am the water which extinguishes fire

Mom told me that my beauty is on the faces of those who listen to me

Mom told me that I am the star that shines in the eyes of those who listen to me

Mom told me that I’m the smile that graces the lips of those who listen to me

Mom told me that I am the sun that enlightens those who listen to me

Mom told me that I am the language that humans doesn’t need to learn

Mom told me that I am the love which does not hide himself

Mom told me that I am the homeless’ spokesperson

Mom told me that I am the lover’s friend

Mom told me that I am the fire that does not burn

But those living north call me liberator

Those in the south call me Comforter

Those in the east call me conqueror

And those of west call me teacher

But, I know who I am:

I am the painter of love’s picture

I am the love that doesn’t deceive

I am Music”. Music took a branches of a tree and gave me. At this time, I knew what I have to do. I made a musical instrument with branches. I started playing violin so that music transmit to her, the message of my heart. I had many spectators but she wasn’t there. For me, it was as if nobody listened to me. I didn’t know but something happened in the palace of white roses:

Virginia stopped up on the balcony of her room. She was majestically dressed by a dress adorned of diamonds. Her ears was all hearing at the music that she heard since two days. This music reminded her of her handsome stranger. She, the princess Virginia, who is the most courted girl, fell in love with a complete stranger. A stranger without kingdom nor armorial bearings.

Helene, her chambermaid who is also her best friend look at her and said to her:

Sometimes, stranger is the puzzle which miss in our life

Sometimes, stranger is the smile forgotten

Sometimes, stranger is the soulmate that you have searched during long time

Sometimes, stranger is the solution at our loneliness

Sometimes, stranger is the brother or sister came from far away

Sometimes, stranger is the walking stick on which we lean

Sometimes stranger is the painter of picture of our life

Sometimes stranger is not only a foreigner, he is a member of the family previously unknown.

She smiled and asked at low voice: Helene do you think that we can go outside without my mother’s knowledge?

You want to go to see, who is author of this pretty melody. Isn’t it?

Yes: she said with a smile.

I think that it will possible.

Few minutes later, in the woods:

I smelled the odor of a sweet perfume. My mind didn’t recognize it, but my heart yes because It begun to beat wildly. I heard some steps. More the steps came close of me, more I applied to play very well. When she arrived in front of me, all things around me seemed to be stop. I looked only that she. My violin dropped from my hands. I stood up, and we looked at each other during some seconds without move. My eyes were busy to admire her. She and only she. Then slowly she came to me, and I took her in my arms. She smelled divinely nice. She lifted her blue eyes at me. I could not resist at beauty of her pink lips. I brought my lips to hers. It was the hardest action, and the most sweet that I had never do. She closed her eyes and…I knew at this time that it was her first kiss. I was her first and I will be her last: I said to myself.

Granddaddy Adam kept silent but her mind kept remember these unforgettable moments:

Their lips rejoined for an electric, sweet and magic kiss. Promise me that you won’t leave me anymore: she said with a breathless voice.

Nevermore, I promise you that I will never leave you because I just can’t. Even if I wanted it.

They didn’t need of time for that it reassures them of the truth of their love. Their hearts attracted each other. And their souls recognized each other.

Granddaddy and..?

And? : His granddaddy asked.

Yes, you didn’t finish phrase.

I don’t remember.

But why do you smiled dreamily? : Harry asked.

Just some memories.

You don’t finish the story.


After, I follow them to the palace of white roses for ask the consent to marriage at her parents even she told me that her parents won’t accord because my background was poor. And her mother raised her for an extremely rich prince or king.

When we arrived, my eyes were amazed. The palace of white roses was like a never-never land:

The palace’s whiteness testified of places’ pureness

The palace’s size testified of the greatness of those who live there

The perfection that reigned in the palace, testified of businesslike humans who work there

The monitoring that was in the palace testified of the wish to own wellbeing.

Everything was a beauty breathtaking. The palace seemed to be a sculpture of Gutzon Borglum. Trees had an innocent greenery. The Air had a sweet scent of roses. Everything was perfect. I felt that even the air which was in the palace blew with perfection.

Her parents sat on the throne. I bowed down in front of them. Virginia went to speak in her mother’s ear. Then, a soldier asked me to wait outside.

Some minutes later, the soldier did me to come in.

To whom do we have the honor? : Her mother asked me.

My name is Adam Thoroughgood. I’m a citizen of your kingdom. I’m a working man. I get up every day at five o’clock in the morning for go at my work. I come back at six o’clock in the afternoon. I don’t come from a noble family but I’m working hard for that my children could have beds in gold. And if it’s true that it’s courage, and work which bring the greatness, then my name will enrolled in the list of nobles. If you permit me, I would ask your daughter’s hand.

Do you believe that we have raised our daughter for a smoothie? : Her mother ask me.

My queen, I thing that he believe that we have raised our princess for his beautiful eyes: Her father said.

A guard who was standing next to me, spoke to me in a whisper:

What are you able to do for have the permission to marry our daughter?

I’m able to do anything.

Then, goes and fasting during one hundred days. After that, you will come back.

Mother, one hundred days? : Virginia shouted.

Calm down my daughter, your mother know what she does: Her dad said to her.

I stood up and said: don’t worry for me dear Virginia. I will calm my hunger in painting portraits of you, and I will stanch my thirst with your images. I am sure your face will haunt me.

Grandson, during one hundred days and one hundred nights, I painted one hundred canvas of Virginia in a hut without food and water. During these hard moments, she didn’t have the permission to come to see me but she sent me every day a letter.

Do you know whom brought me letters?

Harry says no with her head that he moved negatively.

A bird. It named philos which means love.

When I had finished my privation days, I had the skin on bone. I walked unsteadily. I went straight to the palace of white roses. When guards made me enter, and when Virginia saw me, she screamed. She wanted come toward me but her mother stopped her.

Mother: She called with a pleadingly voice. Her tears begun to flow.

Sir Adam Thoroughgood, to what do we owe the honor of your visit? : Her mother asked me.

My queen, I accomplished my mission. Your guards are witness. What is the level of your love for ours daughter.

Mother? : Virginia whose eyes became red, called her mother. Majesty without offended you, I will be able to bring you an answer that when the human being will be able to measure the weight of sky.

What is your guarantee that your love for our daughter won’t disappear when time will act on her gorgeousness?

It isn’t because of my eyes that I fell in love of your daughter: my eyes saw her, my soul picked out her, and my heart has loved her.

Sir Adam Thoroughgood, come take your wife.

Wow: Harry shouted of happiness.

Granddaddy Adam smiled. He didn’t speak anymore but he was still in these thought.

He saw again their wedding which was the biggest wedding of year: I was wearing a nice black coat tails. And she, yes her, my Virginia wearied a very nice and long wedding dress. Her beauty was like a mix of a beautiful sunset and of autumn’s beauty in Japan.

The ceremony was memorable. And the wedding night was unique. Very unique and magic.

Granddaddy, granddaddy: Harry called since two minutes but her grandfather was in her memories.

Granddaddy can you show me her picture?

Of course. He stood up, and lifted his bed, and did it out. He looked at it and says:

Virginia was and still is my first love. If hope had to have a face, it will have hers. If orphanage had to be a human being, Virginia will be this human being. She’s the diamond of my life, and water which has brought me to top.

Virginia is soul of my soul. Sun of my sun, and moon of my moon.

With her, love has had a face, a body and a scent.

Harry was very excited to see the photo of Virginia. The first love of his grandfather. He took the picture that his granddaddy handed him. When he saw it, his smile disappeared from his face. Harry says to himself: Mammy had reason, granddaddy Adam has much grows older. He returned him the photo. Granddaddy looked at the photo dreamily in smiling.

It was the photo of a city, the city of Virginia.

Granddaddy what kind of joke is that?

Grandson, it’s not a joke: Granddaddy Adam said while still look at the photo.

A little bit disappointed and sad, Harry went away.

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