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Royal villainess

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"Stop staring, or else I will kiss you till you drop!" Not all villains die at the end, the royal one's lives with their crown and head held high! Introducing: Niti Taylor as Cara Evans. & Parth Samthaan as Ryan Sinha [1st in Royal series]

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter O


The sound of the heels hitting the floor was the only thing that could be heard in a tall glass building, which was filled with noises a minute ago. It is the Vernics Empire's main building in the heart of New york city.

Every single employees present in the company held in their breathe waiting for the devil to pass by quickly. Devil aka Cara Evans, the one and only! She is walking inside with all her grace decked up in a black formal as well the sassy dress with her hair in soft curls.

She is exactly half an hour late just to prove her oh-so-loving father that she don't listen to anyone and that includes exactly him! Today was the supposed board meeting to choose the next owner of the empire and it should be hers to own, but not everything goes as it should be.

She now has two half siblings, Sophia and Andrew Black, who are very dear to her father, so no one could guess to whom the crown will be given, since the other two are trying hard enough to please him. But does the real heiress care? Nah! She has her cards ready so of course she is mostly free minded.

Cara walked inside the lift as her pa pressed the button for the top floor and then stood two steps behind with the body guards. She started using her phone until the lift stopped indicating they reached. Keeping her phone inside her side purse, she walked directly into the boards room, banging the door.

Everyone stood up greeting her except her father and her two step siblings who were shocked since they didn't even welcomed them! After giving a nod, she reached out for her chair which was pulled out by her pa and she sat in.

"Why are you late?" Her father's voice boomed in a low but hard voice. "Well the meeting haven't started yet right! Then it doesn't matter!" She said in a calm voice and calm voice from devils means you should shut up! So her father didn't press much and started the meeting.

Her much loved step sister came near her and whispered "Whats the theme? LOSER!" And moved away but Cara didn't even had a change in expression just the same cold face.

"Ok so everyone lets start with today's meeting's main motive!" Her father's pa said and continued "As the motive is to select the next owner, I want all the BODs to vote from the two of them!" Everyone nodded. The half siblings are not at all bothered since they bought off the BODs but they don't know that the devil is the main power.

"So first we will start with our chairman, whose alone vote is equal to 40% of the winning point!" Everyone turned their face toward the chairman waiting for his choice even Cara was staring toward him with hope filled eyes, afterall so much hardwork to become his favourite and be close to him was going to be paid off.

Chairman slowly wrote a name in the chit and kept it in the side box. His vote was to be known at last. After keeping the note in the box he gave a bright smile to Sophia who got a boost in confidence seeing his smile.

"Ok, so now those who wants to Vote for Sophia Black may raise their hands, voting for Cara Evans you may fist your hands up!" Andrew is not a candidate since he is young. The air tensed around the room, except for the candidates who are not at all tensed.

Everyone raised their hands up, bringing a smirk into Sophia's face, but still Cara's face was calm and emotionless. But soon Sophia's smirking face changed into horror as all closed their fists making their decision clear, but suddenly she took back her smile as she still had the Chairman's vote.

The PA took out the chit from the box and scanning his eyes over the name raised his hand in a fist. Now a smirk came up on Cara's face who blew a pouty kiss toward Sophia making her get red in anger.

"So the final desicion is clear that the new Owner of Vernics Empire after Chairman Evans is Ms. Cara Ashlyn Evans!" The whole meeting room is filled with claps the next second. Every person present there started congratulating Cara who was giving them a simple thank you.

Cara went toward Sophia and took her in a hug and whispered in her ears "Whats the theme? WINNER!" And then giving her a wink walked past her, out of the meeting room, making Sophia stomp her leg in anger but her face with a tight forced smile.

After walking out of the meeting room, Cara directly went inside her cabin only to see a beautiful Bouquet of orchids with a note in it. She took out the note and as soon as she read it her eyes went red while she threw the orchids scrambling the note in her fist and mumbled "I fucking hate him!"

[ I am coming back for you, my amore! ]

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