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Coffee & Roses

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Gwen is a 23 year old that works at a cafe called The Lustrous Flower. She goes on a journey to find out her sexuality, meanwhile finding out she has the hots for a friend the hasn’t met since she was a child. Join her on her journey, and read more to find out.

Romance / Erotica
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Cookie Dough Mocha Frappe.

“So as you guys may have heard, we’re low on staff since they all decided to take a break. So therefore I need all of y’all to take as many orders as you can. Alright, back to work.”

That was Henry, my manager.

We have a strong team of hard workers at The Lustrous Flower Coffee Shop.

I walked over to the locker room, grabbed my name tag, and started my shift.

The cafe opened, and about 15-30 customers poured in. I started taking orders and making a good portion of their drinks, my coworkers making and taking the rest. It was a busy day today as well, being the most famous cafe on the block. Almost every seat was filled. Except for two. There’s a back seat next to a window, with a vase of big, bright red roses.

I hear the door open, and a tall woman about my age, maybe younger, walks in.

I inhaled sharply, and take my time to look at her from top to bottom.

Her light skin complimented her bright hazel eyes and blonde hair. Her chest was just the right size, about 2/3 less of C cup. Her ass was also just the right size, not too big, but also big enough that I can see it jiggle under her jeans.

She was wearing a black hoodie to where I assumed is the school she went to, and a pair of blue jeans with white Converse. She had her hair in a ponytail, just in the middle of her head.

I summoned up the courage to go talk to her, aggressively grabbed my pen and notepad, and made a beeline to where she was sitting.

I saw that as soon as I kept walking to her table, her beautiful face got even more beautiful up close.

“Hi, my name is Gwen, welcome to The Lustrous Flower, I’ll be your server today, is there anything I can get you?”

She gave me the most heart melting smile I had ever seen, before she replied, “I’ll have a cookie dough mocha frappe, please.” Then closed it off with another charming smile.

“Can I have a name for the order?” I asked politely.

“Sarah.” She stated warmly. She looked like she was in a daze, yet she looked like she was concentrated on me.


I wrote her order in my notepad, smiled, then headed off to the kitchen to make the lady’s drink.

“Busy day today huh? We’re never this packed.” I turned around to see my favorite coworker, Stephanie Hill. “It’s always packed, your just never here to see it. I’m actually surprised that you haven’t gotten fired yet.”

“I’ll never get fired, I’m basically the favorite.”

Literally almost 30 seconds after she said that, Henry came over and whispered something in her ear, gave her a piece of paper, and then he left.

“What was that about?” I asked. I finished making the frappe and I turned to Stephanie, awaiting my answer.

“Just got fired, he came and gave me my last check.”

She didn’t look like she was bothered by it though. She shrugged it off and took off her name tag then she left. I snapped on the lid, and left the kitchen to give the lady her drink. When I gave her the drink the first thing she did was take a sip.

“Would you like anything else for today?”

“Just the check please.”

“Yes ma’am, I’ll get it right away.” I said smoothly, smiled and went to get her check.

I ran off into the kitchen to grab her check, and put it in the check-holder. Then I jogged back towards her.

“Here’s your check ma’am, have a nice day.”

She payed the bill with cash and walked off to the door in a rush and hit her head. I giggled at her clumsiness. But she brushed it off like she didn’t just slam her head on the door. She opened the door after a few seconds, sporting a confused look on her face. The bell jingled just a few inches above her head.

“You have a good day as well…” she murmured while rubbing the spot on her head that she hit. Then just like that, she ran off into the busy street, and by the looks of it, also trying not to spill her drink.

I smiled warmly as I started cleaning the area. I opened the curtains then started to work. I wiped the table, really working the soap so it shines. I set the appliances on the table, and went to get the broom, and started sweeping.

But when I was about to finish, I noticed an item on the red, plush seat. A dark rectangular object reflecting in the sun. I went over to the table the woman sat in, to see that it was a phone. I turned it in my hand, and saw that it had some sort of student ID card on the back of the case as well.

“Henry I have some where to go!” I yelled to Henry in the back, urgently tugging on my sweater. I was heading off to the front door when I said,

“I’ll be back I swear! I’ll have someone to cover the rest of my shift!”

“Well, you have 10 minutes left of your shift so why not-”

I left before he could finish his sentence that could have saved me the embarrassment. All I knew I had to be somewhere. ‘Photo & Video Editing Education University’. right near Red Phoenix Avenue.

I jumped into my Jeep and stepped on the gas.

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