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Tyrant’s paramour

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It had been five thousand years since the Third World War. Five thousand years after humankind fractured. Five thousand years after the radiation cleared enough for the remnants of humanity to exit their overcrowded bunkers. It took five thousand years exactly for the world to fear the name of Ryder Jacobson. It took few more for him to conquer it. Now, Ryder rules his pack on a quest for world power. He demands tribute in the form of valued objects from whatever remnants of a country he can capture in his conquest. Gifts of silver, gold, platinum and wine fell gently into the palm of his hands every year. While he savored every moment with his riches, he was still quite surprised when a priest appeared at the foot of his throne and declared that he was the tribute offered from his small, holy country. (Though he certianly wasn’t complaining.)

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Pre-story disclaimer

Obligatory Disclamer:

This story is intended for teen and adult audiences, it is not sutuble for children under the age of 16, or any readers who may be sensitive to themes of domestic violence and/or religion related traumas (being harmed by others in the name of God, being threatened with Hell for minute reasons, feeling unworthy and unholy, etc.).

Please be aware that I, the author of this story, do not harbor resentment towards anybody who feels represented by any of the characters fearured in this story, I simply wanted to write a story.

I, the author of this story, also do not wish to harm anybody through my portrayal of these characters, situations, mentalities or behaviors. Any negative or positive portrayals of characters, situations, mentalities or behaviors are included to advance the plot of this story or to add to a character's development, not to reflect the author's belief or further a specific mindset; while stories may have discussions of morality and occasionally contain generally unethical themes, it is ultimately the reader and not the author's choice to find (or fail to find) deeper meaning in the work that may influence thoughts and behaviors. Some stories or parts of stories may not contain a deeper meaning, and in those situations it is the reader's choice what, if anything at all, to take from a piece of artwork.

This book is purely fictional. Any included relations to real life events is purely coincidental, this story was originally written in 2019 and is currently being fully fleshed out.

Viewer discretion is advised. You have been warned.

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