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Not alone anymore

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Ally is used to long boring parties with a bunch of billionaires. But suddenly she doesn't have to face it alone. Holden, son of one of the richest guys in America, seems to also hate this. Suddenely their friendship gets complicated when Ally realizes she likes him. Read the story to find out what will happen. Comment on the chapters. And leaves reviews.

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Tonight was the same as every night. Another stupid designer dress at another stupid billionaires party. The dress part I don't mind but the party's suck.
Growing up this has been my life since I was seven. Dad struck it rich and started making money fast. Mom quit her job as a nurse and became a stay at home mom since there was no need for both of them to be working their asses off. The difference between mom and me is she is destined for this life. Parties, Glamour, Fashion. I am not. But unfortunately its a package deal. When Dad has a party we all come. It gets old. Fast.
There are always people my age there but they are all the same two faced, gold-digging, bratty and just plain rude people.
I sighed walking away from Keisha Millers and her friends all talking about some sad cause that's in desperate need for charity. That's what bothers me about bitches like them. Don't pretend you care about the orphans in Morocco and then do nothing about it.
I look around the food table for something to eat cuz that's probably the most fun I'll have tonight.
Then I see something a bit out of place. At these parties everyone is part of a conversation or doing something with someone. But not this guy. He is sitting on the couch looking almost as bored as I feel.
Grabbing a cup of seltzer, I walk by.
"Hi, I'm Ally"I say brightly "Mind If I sit?"
"Sure, my names Holden" He says putting out a hand.
I raise an eyebrow at the hand but I shake it.
"I'm sorry, not used to talking to people at these type of parties. Thought you'd expect something formal" He said chuckling.
"Nah, not really. First time at an obnoxiously rich party" I asked with a smirk.
"Beleive it or not, no. My dad is Dr. Gellers, so I am always at these parties. I was more enthusiastic about making friends at these parties when I was younger. But I got tired of the backhanded compliments and fake smiles. Normally I find a room to kill time in, but the first room I entered there were a bunch of people going at it, soo. Think I'm gonna lay off of burning my eyes twice in one day." He said.
Dr. Geller. Nice. He's a famous plastic surgeon. Loaded. This guy seems nicer than that type. I definitely see the resemblance though. Both tall, dark chestnut hair, same face shape and jawline. His eyes though are not like Dr. Geller's cold steel grey eyes. His are more of a dark blue with a hint of sadness and soulfulness to them.

We continued talking through the night and we have a lot in common. For once I am actually looking forward to tomorrows party.

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