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Two Week Honeymoon

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Standalone Honeymoon for one Rebound/Second chance romance HEA After embarrassing my fiancé at the altar, I ran off to Barbados, the two-week all-inclusive trip Tristan had bought for our honeymoon. Then, while trying to forget the man who betrayed me, I met Gareth--a tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed, overly sexy man who made me swoon every time he smiled his playful, flirtatious smile at me. The guy was hot AF, and the more I hung out with him, the more attracted I became to him, which caused me to let down my guard by agreeing to sleep with him with no strings attached for the rest of my stay. All I needed was a distraction to keep me from thinking about what I did for Tristan to want to try new things and explore his sexual wants and needs. And I got what I wanted, but when I left Barbados, I went with more than what I came with. And now I have no idea what to do because the agreement I made with Gareth was without special conditions--just sex buddies while vacationing. The agreement would have worked had I not been attracted to him, fallen in love with the guy, or left with a piece of him, but I did. And because of that, I can't see myself with any other guy. I think I'm screwed... Credit for cover: www.selfpubbookcovers.com/VonnaArt

Romance / Erotica
Jeni Rae D
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1 - Kinsley

“I can’t believe you made your wedding cake when you had the money for someone else to make it for you,” my best friend and maid of honor, Kristine, said as she stood, observing me frosting the cake, “it’s not like you didn’t have other things to worry about.”

Yeah, no kidding. I’ve had plenty of things to stress about. But soon you’ll understand why I made everything for my wedding—my wedding dress, the wedding favors, invites, cake, food, and everything else.

With my eyes on the cake as I dispersed the frosting, I filled her in a little. “To be unique and cost-efficient to show Tristan what he means to me without breaking the bank. So having the wedding still be impressive, where it’ll blow everyone out of the water, I made everything myself,” I said, slowly spinning the cake to ensure the frosting was even, and that I didn’t miss a spot. “Not to mention, baking is what I do for a living, so why not save myself some money there?”

“Because you had everything picked out already—the dress, centerpieces, cake, flowers, and everything else. So after planning and making payments on that mega-dream wedding, you always wanted to have, what made you change your mind to go as cheap as you are?”

I picked up the icing spatula, touched up an area that looked thin, then looked up at Kristine with a mischievous smile. “Tristan told me there was no reason to spend thousands of dollars for an event that lasted only a few hours. So because he demanded I make this wedding as cheap as possible, he’s getting what he asked for. And some,” I added, grinning wider.

Kristine’s eyes narrowed, and then her head tilted to the side as she studied my face. “You were looking forward to this massive, elegant wedding you were planning. You may not be the breadwinner in the relationship, but that doesn’t matter since Tristan’s parents have money and have helped you by paying for most of it. Plus, I remember him telling you that money wasn’t an issue and that he wanted you to plan the most extravagant wedding ever. So. Kinsley. What are you up to?”

My hand flew to my chest, asking, “Me? Why would making all my own things look like I’m up to something?” I extended my hand toward her. “Can you hand me the piping bag and tips behind you, please?”

Two months ago, he went out of town for work, and when Tristan returned a week later, he surprised me when he handed me paperwork for an all-inclusive two-week vacation he had purchased for Barbados for our honeymoon.

Then, not long after, exciting me with a trip of a lifetime. Tristan shocked me when he asked if I could find a way to do everything cheaper for the wedding. Telling me that his parents told him they were no longer paying for it—saying whatever they had paid for already, I needed to return to them—citing that his father had lost a boatload of money when the stock market crashed.

Whatever, it’s fine. I thought it was weird when Tristan’s mother offered to pay for our wedding, anyway.

Tristan also told me that if I pulled off an inexpensive wedding, he’d use his savings to buy us a home—the dream home I always wanted.

That’s when everything changed. And the more things changed, the cheaper I got. And when I mean by reasonable, I mean like bargain-basement cheap. So instead of using my money and credit cards, I used Tristan’s—without him knowing.

“I saw that look in your eye and how your mouth formed into that famous Cheshire Cat grin you always do when you’ve got something planned in your mind. Then when you said he’s getting what he asked for, it got me curious about what you meant by it. So, Kinsley. Are you going to fill me in on what’s going on?” Kristine asked as she handed me the piping bag and tips. “And since I’m your best friend and maid of honor, I deserve to know what’s going on, especially since you’re getting married tomorrow...”

I filled the piping bag with gold-colored frosting, then, as I started designing the cake, I asked, “What are you doing tonight?”

“Going to the groom’s dinner; what do you think I’m doing?”

“I meant afterward?”

“Since you didn’t want to have a bridal shower, the girls and I figured we’d bring you out bar hopping. Why?”


“Because I was going to see if you and the girls would like to help me with something.”

“With what?”

Well, since Tristan’s friends are taking him to the strip club and then taking him to a hotel afterward to finish partying, I figured we’d have a little fun of our own,” I grinned, pausing the piping to look up at her. “And when I mean fun—I mean entertaining, jollification, amusing, pleasurable fun.”

Kristine rested her elbows on the counter, then lowered down and planted her chin into her fists, smiling. “How you described it, it sounds like it’ll be a blast. So, what do you have in mind?”

“Oh, it’ll be a blast, all right.” And I can’t wait to have the type of fun I’m looking to have. “Just make sure to tell all the girls to bring casual clothes to change into after the groom’s dinner.”


Spray paint, check.

Shaving cream, check.

Colored chalk, check.

Pictures, check.

Everything else on my list, check, check, check.

After loading everything I needed into the trunk of my car, I showered, dressed, did my hair, then drove over to meet Tristan at his parent’s house.

Originally, Tristan had made reservations at one of the finest restaurants in Wisconsin. But since plans changed, with Tristan wanting the wedding to be as cheap as possible, I called and canceled the dinner. So Tristan’s mom offered to have everyone come to her home for dinner.

Which works for me—I don’t have to worry about anything.

“Why does it look like you’re dressed for a funeral?” Corrine, Tristan’s mother, asked when she let me inside.

I looked down at my clothing choice after stepping inside. It was a beautiful sequon black, seductive mini dress with a plunging deep V, revealing a sexy peek of my skin and breasts. So asking why I looked like I was headed to a funeral flattered me because I wore black for a reason—and it wasn’t to make me look any slimmer—it’s about my current emotions.

Looking back at her, I shrugged a shoulder with a smile. “I thought I looked pretty flashy. Do you not like it?”

Her brows lowered, looking unsure if she approved of my dress choice. “It’s flashy, that’s for sure. But I don’t understand why you’d wear black when you’re getting married tomorrow. If anything, you should have worn something more colorful to show how excited you are to marry my son.”

I was extremely excited to marry Tristan after five years of dating that had been full of promises. That was, until some unimaginable things came to light—things I never saw coming.

“You’ll see me looking colorful tomorrow,” I promised, grinning while lifting a large tray of cookies and cupcakes I had baked earlier. “Where would you like me to put these?”

“Follow me; there’s a table for treats in the dining area,” she said, still looking bewildered as she eyed my dress.

Corrine got quiet as she walked me to the dining room, so I figured to strike up a conversation. “I noticed Tristan isn’t here yet. Has he called to say he’d be late?”

“He did. And he asked me to tell you that an issue came up at work and that he can’t leave until the problem is solved.” Of course... “But he said not to worry, that it shouldn’t take long, so he should be here shortly.”

Friends with benefits not going the way he’d like it to go?

Or, it is, but he’s craving for more peenie polishing. Hence, the reason for him being late.


“Okay, well, I won’t worry about it then.”

After setting the tray of sweets on the table, I saw my friends talking amongst themselves in the corner of the room and walked over to them. “Where’s Tristan?” Alondra asked when I approached. “I figured you two would have come here together.”

We were supposed to come together, but I called and told him I’d drive myself since I had quite a few things to do before the party started. Plus, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway since he’s late to his own groom’s dinner, doing God knows what.

“He’s probably on his knees somewhere yawning the worm. Or allowing a beaver to trim his wood.”

Jasmine’s eyes grew wide, and Carmen and Trisha both choked on their wine.

“What?” Alonda asked. “You’re joking, right?”

I wish I were.

“His mom said he called saying he was running late; supposedly, he’ll be here soon.”

“So, Kinsley? Kristine told us you planned something fun and exciting for us after leaving here. Whatcha got cooking for us?” Jasmine asked.

Thinking of what I’ll be having them help me with later made me smile. “You’ll see.”

Kristine’s eyes shifted away from mine and over behind me. “He’s here. It looks like he came with Harvey and Miranda.” Of course, he did... “And now he’s on his way over to us,” Kristine warned.

A pair of hands rested on my shoulders, and Tristan’s cologne lingered in my senses when he leaned over my shoulder to kiss my cheek. “Sorry I’m late,” he said. Then his hands slid down my arms, saying, “I see you wore my favorite dress. The one I said you should wear tonight.”

I smiled as I looked at the girls. He asked me to wear it, but he didn’t know that I had already planned on wearing it for other reasons. “Your mom hates it. She said it looked like I was dressed to go to a funeral.”

He laughed. “My mom’s old school, so don’t let what she said to get to you.”

Don’t worry; I didn’t.

“I’m going to steal her from you girls; there’s someone here I’d like her to meet,” he said, lowering his hand to mine. Then his hand rested on my lower back as he guided me away from my friends.

“I thought I’ve met everyone in your family already?”

“Everyone but my uncle, my dad’s brother. Nobody has seen him since he moved to Los Angeles ten years ago.”


“Too busy chasing tail.”

Even though Tristan wanted me to meet his father’s brother, his arm tightened around me when he introduced me to him, acting afraid his uncle would steal me away from him. “You’re right. She’s stunning,” his uncle emphasized happily, grinning from ear to ear as he checked me out from top to bottom. “You picked a good one here, so don’t you dare let her get away.”

At least he sees it. So now it’s time to embarrass Tristan.

“Arlo, was it?” I asked.

“It is,” he grinned.

“It’s nice to meet you. Tristan was just telling me you’ve been a bit busy chasing tail, so I’m curious about how that’s been going for you. Have you caught what you’ve been after?”

Instead of embarrassing him as I hoped, Tristan bellowed a laugh, and so did Arlo.

“Actually, yes. She’s right over there,” he admitted, pointing at a youthful, radiant woman talking to Corrine. “She’s a bit younger than me, but since we met, she sure has given me many reasons to smile and want to stay alive. I’ve never been so fortunate to have a woman such as her in my life. Isn’t she gorgeous?

She reminded me of Raquel Welch when she was young. Lucky girl... “She is. How long have you two been together?”

“A week,” Arlo proudly admitted, making me giggle after he made it sound like they had been together for a while. His smile broadened when he looked back at Tristan and me. “I should also tell you that I asked her to marry me on our way here, and she happily accepted.”

I coughed. Dumbfounded he’d want to wed someone so much younger than him and astounded that he’d ask someone he hardly knows to marry him after only knowing her a week. “I guess congratulations are in order?” I said, but then voiced, “But before you lead her to the altar, I’d like to stress that you ensure that she has no skeletons in the closet,” I indicated, curious to hear Tristan’s response to my advice.

“Not everyone has skeletons in their closet,” Tristan responded.

I know I sure don’t, but you most certainly do. “True, but I strongly believe before anyone takes a huge step like that, you should always find out everything about the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with,” I grinned, hinting I knew more about him than he thought I did.

Instead of responding to my remark, Tristan looked at Arlo as his hand formed around my shoulder, smiling as he pulled me to him. “I’m happy you found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, as I have.”

Gag me with the spoon already, would you?

Throughout the evening, Tristan refused to let me out of his sight. I don’t know if he’s on to me or because he’s finally feeling guilty for what he’s done after letting out subtle hints to his family members about how one should always be faithful and truthful to their partner, no matter the situation.

I’m sure it also didn’t help that I was being as friendly as possible with his blood relations—smiling, laughing, making jokes, as well as flaunting my skin and breasts—a part of me Tristan will never see ever again. And I did it to ensure they’ll be on my side when I expose his infidelities to all the attendees attending our wedding.

While walking to my car, Tristan grabbed hold of my hand, spun me around, then pulled and held me in his arms. Then, as he looked at me, I noticed the remorseful and conscience-stricken look in his eyes. “I say we forget about going out with our friends to do our own thing tonight—like getting a hotel room with a jacuzzi in it and then making love all night until the sun rises.”

I would have been all for it a couple of months ago, but after what I learned and saw, no thanks.

My lips curved upward into a fake, dampened smile. “It sounds like a wonderful plan, but you know the rules about seeing your bride before she walks down the aisle.”

His knees bent, and his eyes closed as he leaned backward. “Ah, come on, Kinsley... It’s been forever since you’ve been intimate with me. Who cares about that stupid old wives’ tale? It’s just a superstition that’s never been proven,” he tried claiming. “So now you’re telling me I have to wait one more day to make you smile?”


“Just one more day,” I said, smiling.

“Ugh,” he groaned. “Fine. It is what it is, I guess.”

I raised my hand and patted his cheek, still smiling. “You’ll be fine. You won’t think of me when you’re feeding your gut with booze; you’ll think of other things.”

He scrunched his face. “That’s not true.”


“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Fine. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Tristan sighed, making me want to hurl when his lips touched mine. But since I didn’t want to make him suspicious, I kissed him back with a simpering smile. “You girls stay out of trouble tonight,” he grinned.

Trouble will be my middle name tonight.

“You also,” I said, getting out of his grip.

After getting in my car, I sent out a group text to my friends.

Me:Follow me over to Tristan’s house.

My friends must have been in their cars waiting for me to get a hold of them because no sooner did I hit send; my phone went bonkers after they all replied to my message.

Jasmine: I thought we were still going bar hopping?

Alondra: What are we going to do there?

Carmen: What’s there to do?

Trisha: I’d rather we go bar hopping.

Kristine: You guys, chill. Kinsley’s up to something, and after what she told me, I can’t wait to see what she’s planned for us! So, Kinsley? Now that you have us all in suspense. What exciting plans did you have for us?

I couldn’t help but laugh at their responses. So, to give them a general idea of what was on my mind, I responded to them.

Me: Once upon a time, a boy and a girl loved each other very much. Then a slut and a nympho entered the picture and ruined everything. End of story. So, girls... It’s payback time!

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