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Two Week Honeymoon

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2 - Kinsley

Love grows when there’s trust in the relationship; however, when that trust is betrayed, love quickly dies. Therefore, I believe that cheating on your other half doesn’t happen from a lack of love—it comes from an insufficiency of respect and selfishness.

Tristan has always shown me love and had given me everything I always wanted, as I did for him, but somewhere in our relationship, something went wrong. And that’s okay—things happen. I’m just glad I found everything out before we said our I do’s. The last thing I want is to waste money on something that will end in a messy divorce.

“So, when are you going to fill us in with what you’re up to?” Alondra asked as I lifted the doormat outside Tristan’s front door to grab his spare key. “And what was with those strange comments earlier?”

“What I said to you girls is true,” I enlightened as I shoved the key into the door lock. Then, with my hand on the door handle, I turned, smiling. “Remember when you told me you saw Tristan and Harvey at the mall and how you thought it seemed like they were acting a little too friendly with one another?”

“Yeah,” Alondra acknowledged, her eyes slowly widening.

“Well, that’s because they have been... and they involved Miranda with their sexual rendezvous play time.”

All the girls, in unison, squealed, “What?”

I opened the door, saying, “Yep. Apparently, Harvey and Tristan discovered they’re into open-faced sandwiches and polishing sausages.”

“No way! Are you serious?” Jasmine asked as she stepped inside. “If that’s true. How have you been so quiet, and why have you not said anything about it until now? The night before you get married?”

I set my bag on the floor, then turned to my curious friends, saying, “I haven’t said anything because I had been planning my revenge since finding out, and I didn’t want it getting back to Tristan.”

“None of us would have said anything,” Trisha said, “so now I’m curious, as well as everyone else here. How long have you known about this?”

“About a week or two after Tristan returned from his ‘work trip’ two months ago,” I said, finger-quoting work trip.

“Girl, how have you been so calm all this time?” Jasmine asked, shocked. “I would have confronted my man if I found out he was betraying me. Actually, instead of just confronting him, I would have blown a gasket and gone Mike Tyson on him! How on earth did you not lose it?”

I shrugged a shoulder. “I figured the best way to get revenge would be to remain calm, playing it off by acting as if I knew nothing. Since I knew the wedding was only a couple of months away, I figured the best way to wreak vengeance on Tristan would be to embarrass him in front of his family at the wedding.”

“Is this why he asked that you go cheap on the wedding?” Kristine asked.

“Probably,” I nonchalantly said. “Tristan’s dad did lose a lot of money when the stock market crashed, that much I know, but in all honesty, I don’t think his parents asked for their money back. Instead, I feel Tristan asked me to go cheap because of having a guilty conscience. He knew he was unfaithful and felt guilty that his parents were paying for our wedding. So, not wanting to upset them, he asked me to return their money and go cheap to save him the embarrassment of his parents paying for a high-end wedding that he knows will end up in divorce.”

“So, Harvey, Miranda, and Tristan have been doing the pump, suck, and munch?” Carmen asked, a stunned look on her face.

“You got it,” I said, lowering down to my bag and unzipping it.

“No way! How did you find out?” Kristine asked.

As I removed items from the bag, I admitted, “Well, one night, I noticed something was off with Tristan when he came home from work. But I didn’t think anything of it until he was in the shower after his phone repeatedly went off, so I looked. It was Harvey. Saying he couldn’t believe it took them fifteen years to figure out they were more than just best friends. He also said that he was happy that Miranda understood what the two of them were trying to figure out and that she offered to have a threesome so they could explore their sexual preferences.”

All of my friends’ mouths dropped, and they widened their eyes.

“So, instead of forwarding the messages to my phone. I took pictures of the messages. Then, I checked Tristan’s photo gallery and found pictures of them all doing the boom boom. With Miranda having both bananas on her lips—while he was supposedly out of town for work,” I added.

“He was taking pictures of that? And didn’t lock his phone to keep you from snooping?” Jasmine asked, surprised.

I laughed. “His phone was definitely locked. And it took me forever to figure out the password. So, after I figured it out, I checked his phone every night until last night while he was sleeping, and any messages from Harvey and Miranda I took pictures of.”

“I’m floored!” Trisha shouted. “I never would have suspected Tristan to do anything like this.”

Yeah, me too.

“I never imagined it either. So it shocked me when I saw what I did. I didn’t know what to think. Tristan never indicated that he was struggling with his sexual orientation. And given Harvey and Miranda are married, and how he’s been friends with Tristan since they were ten years old, I never in my wildest dreams would have suspected they had a thing for each other.”

“So, to not have his family know he’s been engaging in sex with his best friend, he wants to continue with the wedding, to use you as a prop for them not to suspect he likes men, too.”

“Exactly...” I said, holding up bags of glitter for my friends to grab. “I thought we’d pour this on top of all his fan blades.”

Carmen took a bag of hot pink colored glitter, asking, “So what about tomorrow? Are you not going to show up?”

My mouth curled into a mischievous grin. “Oh, I’ll be there. I’ll walk down the aisle with my father acting like it’s no big deal, and I’ll go through the ceremony, but when it comes to saying our vows, that’s when I’ll be exposing Tristan’s infidelity ways.”

Kristine’s eyes jumped wide. “How are you going to do that?”

“Tristan doesn’t know it, but I informed the priest the other day that I wrote my own vows. And I told him that I’ll be having a slideshow while saying the vows.”

“I’m already nervous for you,” Alondra said, a worried look in her eye. “What do you think Tristan and Harvey will do?”

I shrugged a shoulder. “I don’t know, and I don’t care. There’s nothing they can do since I’m showing all the evidence in front of the entire church attendees.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing this in a house of worship,” Jasmine said. “Isn’t that a no-no?”

“Again, I don’t care. For the last two months, Tristan played me a fool. Now it’s time to make him look like one, too. So... are you all ready to have some fun?”

The girls looked at the supplies I removed from the bag, then at the loads of glitter I handed them. “Tristan could press charges for this. Especially if you plan on ruining his property,” Trisha nervously said.

“So, let him. He can do whatever he wants; he has been anyway, so why not get him back for embarrassing me and making me look like someone I’m not? If this is how he felt, he should have called off the wedding and broken up with me. But no. He continued acting as if I were the only one he loved. And that we’d be happy spending the rest of our lives together. So, he deserves this. And if he calls the police? Then so be it. I’ll expose him once again in court.”

Kristine excitedly clapped her hands. “There’s no way I’m letting Tristan throw dust in Kinsley’s eyes. Cheaters need to be exposed, and I refuse to allow you to do this alone and for Tristan to continue misleading you. He’s the asshat, not you. So, let’s do this!”

“Great! Let’s have fun getting back at him!” I cheerfully said. “I have more items in my trunk, which is still wide open,” I informed.

When we left Tristan’s parent’s house, I noticed his car wasn’t there after seeing him getting into Harvey’s truck, so I went into his garage, and when I saw it parked inside, I got excited and began having fun.

On both sides of his car, I spray painted ‘I cheated on my fiancée with my best man, Harvey,’ and on all the windows, I used the car chalk to write ’I’m a cheater.’

Then, while my friends were pouring glitter on all of Tristan’s fan blades, I went into his bathroom, grabbed his toothbrush, and used it to scrub the inside of the toilet before putting it back in the toothbrush holder.

Next, I went out to my car, removed the blow-up dolls, brought them inside, blew them up, and positioned them on the bed with the female sandwiched between the male blow-up dolls. Then I spray painted on the wall above the bed and my lovely display, saying, ‘Three’s a fucking crowd.’

“Oh, that’s brilliant!” Kristine excitedly said when she entered the room. “I love it!” she said, snapping a picture of my incredible display.

I laughed. “I thought so too.”

“What else would you like done? Carmen and Trisha are hanging up the pictures all over the walls. Alondra is painting the bathroom mirrors with the shaving cream saying, ‘I love the taste of bone sauce,’ as well as ’Cheater,’” Kristine laughed. “Jasmine’s also online exposing Tristan’s infidelity on some of the cheating websites she found.”

“Whatever you can think of that’ll embarrass him and freak him out.”

I grabbed a garbage bag, threw all his spare razers in it, then poured some scentless dye into his shampoo bottle. I also went outside and hung all his boxers in a tree after toilet papering them.

About a month ago, I found women’s panties hidden in his car, along with briefs that weren’t Tristan’s. So, I brought them along and superglued them to his outside front window. Using the car chalk to write the names of the owners of the undergarments below them. Also, writing, ‘I hope having sex with your best friend and his wife was worth it!’

They say time heals all wounds, and they’re right. When I first found all of this out, I wanted to beat the living shit out of Tristan. I was hurt, angry, upset, confused, and depressed. And I was going to call off the wedding and break up with him over what came to light. But then I started thinking. What’s the best way to get revenge on a cheating fiancé that’ll expose and embarrass him in front of his unsuspecting family?

The wedding.

So, I bit my tongue for two months, pretending to be excited about our upcoming wedding. And believe me, it was tough acting like I knew nothing, especially when Tristan tried having sex with me; I had to think of every excuse I possibly could to not give in to him.

The last thing I wanted was for them to give me an STD or a yeast infection. I also didn’t want the skank’s rotten crotch touching my skin or Harvey’s dried-up jizz left on Tristan’s body to rub off on me, either.

I could say it’s partially my fault he continued straying because I wasn’t giving him anything, but that was never the case. In the five years, we were together; I gave him everything he wanted—sexually. It never mattered where we were or what time of the day it was; he got the pie, the donut smile, and his wick wet.

Howbeit, even though Tristan got his jollies off whenever he wanted, I guess it still wasn’t enough for him not to want to stuff another woman’s muffin, fish for brown trout, or smoke the cockpipe. So, if that’s what Tristan enjoys and makes him happy, well, then he can continue doing it without me in his life because I won’t have any part in it.

“What else do you have that you’d like us to do?” Carmen asked as she stood by me, admiring the artwork on Tristan’s front window.

“Did anyone turn off the water heater?”

“Jasmine did. And Trisha made a heart in the middle of his living room with the battery-operated candles you had, turned them on, and placed the giant picture you had of Harvey and Tristan getting it on—right in the center of the heart,” Carmen laughed. “And Kristine snapped pictures of everything.”

“Perfect. Now we need to go to the reception hall and finish setting everything up there.” I raised my hand, dangling the key from my middle finger. “I stopped by there earlier and got a key from them. Once we’re done with that... we’re good.”

“What about the church stuff? How are you going to get that all there tomorrow?”

I grinned. “I was there this morning and got it all set up.”

Carmen’s eyes widened. “They know what you’re doing?”

“Somewhat.” I grinned. “They know I’ll have a slideshow going during my vows,” I snickered. “They don’t know what exactly I’ll be showing; other than that, they’re pictures of Tristan.”

“You’re going to make the priest faint. And then they’ll want to douse you of holy water.”

“If anything, they’ll need to douse Tristan in it. He’s the one who’s been holding secrets—bad secrets. I just hope his parents and grandparents don’t have a heart attack and keel over.”

“They just may,” Carmen said, clenching her teeth, showing a grimacing look.

“Well, his family needs to know. And what better time than at our wedding?” I said, grinning wider. I motioned for her to follow me. “Come on, let’s grab the others, then head over to the reception hall.”

I may be losing my mind doing all this, but I can’t pretend with Tristan any longer. After wasting five years of my life, and the last year planning a wedding that’ll never be, all because he couldn’t stay faithful or be true to everyone around him, Tristan’s getting what’s coming to him.

So, as a result of his selfishness, I’m giving him everything he deserves—humiliation.

After entering the reception hall, I walked my friends to the kitchen, opened the fridge, removed the cake, then set it on the counter for them to see.

They all busted a gut after looking at the wedding cake topper.

“Girl, you didn’t!” Jasmine squealed, then laughed. “Where in the world did you find those?”

“My mom made them,” I admitted, laughing. “My mom and dad are both in on this,” I proudly said, my friends’ expressions all in shock.

“Two dicks, a pussy between them, a picture of all three of them behind it, and a sign saying ‘What goes around, comes around. And in case you didn’t know, karma has no menu. So you get what you deserve. Have a happy life! I know I will! Kinsley,’” Kristine read out loud, laughing while reading it.

“Now that’s good,” Alondra said, smiling while shaking her head.

I lifted a couple of the centerpieces. “And these need to go on all the tables.”

Again, they all laughed.

“I’m dead,” Jasmine said, choking on her laughter. “And you’ll be dead once Tristan finds you.”

“I’m not worried,” I happily said, looking at the picture of Tristan swallowing Harvey’s worm. And the threesome picture holder the image needs to be in. “Let’s get this over with so we can go wherever you all want before the bars close.”

If you cheat on a good woman, karma will ensure you end up with the shit you deserve. So it’s a good thing I hired someone to take pictures of Tristan, Harvey, and Miranda’s faces when they see what I have done—during the vows, after I leave the church, and at the reception hall.

Hopefully, all three will show up, and if they don’t? They have another thing coming because I have everything set up to be shared live, with it also going straight to their phones.

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