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Mafia boss wants the bad girl.(mafia story)

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Aubree owns her art studio where she likes to spend her free time after a long day and the many parties her best friend Zoey gets invited to and her baddie self can't just go. She is noticed by the world's most ruthless Mafia boss Rainer Wright who comes from a family of old money and is currently the CEO of the world's largest oil company. He encountered Aubree in the most unexpected situations but slowly he got intrigued with her. She stood out and no man wouldn't recognize a beautiful bad girl attitude brunette woman like her.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: you better have the money

Aubree was looking at herself in the mirror smiling at how good she looked with the new red lipstick she applied on her lips. This was the best shade so far and she loved it.

"It's too shouting." she smiled when her brother's face came in the mirror and she locked her eyes with him.

"And you think I care?" she raised a brow at him." it makes me look good so...." she trailed off shrugging then turned to look at him.

Austin looked at his sister with a smug expression on his face. He knew how she was and his opinion wouldn't matter, mostly when it came to her appearance and her shitty fashion." where are you going?" he changed the subject because looking at Aubree's outfit, she was someone who was going somewhere.

"Why do you care? I am probably the black sheep of this family and no one cares if I decide to suddenly disappear and go to some village in Kenya or any part of Africa."Aubree smirked at Austin as she walked to her bed and sat down looking up at him.

Austin chuckled at her ridiculous statement and he snuck his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants." you know that's not true. I love you and nothing can change that. Not even your freakish outfits or the fact that you are a complete freak." he pursed his lips so that he couldn't burst out laughing seeing his sister's expression.

"I'm not a freak you asshole. That's so mean of you yet you claim you love me. You hate me just like mom does but don't worry I'm so cool about it. I came to terms with it long ago so I don't give a damn anymore these days." Aubree sighed and before her brother could say anything, she continued speaking." and I'm so cool. I'm the coolest person you'll ever meet you are just so old-fashioned. My outfits are fire and get this inside your silly head, I set the outfits trends."Aubree smiled looking at her brother quite proud of the influence and power she has over most people.

"I think it's bullshit, no offence," Austin said licking his lips to wet them.

"None took because I can say that all those tattoos on your body are bullshit too."Aubree chuckled when Austin furrowed his brows at her statement.

"Dude, this is like the coolest thing. Tattoos are cool," he said but Aubree just rolled her eyes and she reached for her phone when she felt it vibrate.

She unlocked it and a smile formed on her lips." my ride is here to see you loser later or maybe never." she said staffing her phone in her cargo pants pocket and stood up, took her purse and looked at his brother just so she can see his miserable face because she was leaving without saying where she was going and he hates it.

"Where are you going? And what do you mean by your ride is here? Are you seeing someone?"Austin asked concerned. He loves his sister and he always wishes for her safety all the time even if his concern is not always well appreciated.

"One, I'm not your girlfriend. Two, I'm a grown-ass woman who can do whatever I want you to stop acting like I'm some egg you need to be careful with."Aubree replied with a smile.

"Damnit Bree, you are my sister. It's my responsibility to know where you are all time so that I can know you are safe. You might be 23 years but you are my little sister who I need to protect so forgive me for always wanting to do that every single time."Austin said giving his sister glares." Where are you going and with who, no games." he said with a sigh knowing he is about to lose it if his stupid sister don't answer his question.

"You need to get laid Tintin. Probably get a girlfriend so that you can find yourself a better job. I'm fine like I've always been so expect nothing less or different."Aubree said and she got out of her room leaving her brother looking at the door.

"What a stupid sister I was born with."Austin clicked his tongue annoyed but he still took a deep breath to calm down.

Aubree walked to their driveway straight to the jeep car waiting for her.

"What took you so long?" the person in the car asked as soon as Aubree got in the car.

"It was my brother just being him. You know what he's like."Aubree chuckled buckling her seat belt.

"He just loves you a bit too much and you are such an undeserving bitch who doesn't see it." the person said and Aubree sighed.

"I know with no doubt he loves me. He's just a pain in the ass sometimes and I'm not an undeserving bitch, of course, I love him too, I just like making him a little mad. You should know better."Aubree said with a serious face.

"Whatever asshole, where are we even going?"

"Shopping. I'm treating today."Aubree replied closing her eyes as a satisfied smile appeared on her lips.

"You are taking me on a date?" the other person asked enthusiastically.

"Call it a best friend date Zoey. You saying that makes it look like we are dating or something though my mom thinks we are."Aubree chuckled her eyes still closed.

Zoey smiled and she started the car." that lipstick shade is a vibe dude." she said her eyes fixed on the road.

"I know right? It might just become my signature lipstick shade."Aubree replied with a faint smile and Zoey nodded her head still smiling. There was a short but blissful silence before Aubree spoke again." drive to whatever mall you want. Today I'm spending my money on us for sure."

"Someone got paid or what? It's not even the end of the month yet."Zoey said and this got Aubree to open her eyes looking at Zoey run her eyes up and down her and Zoey chuckled seeing the expression.

"Like I depend on my monthly salary. Don't you know I'm rich?"Aubree tipped her chin up.

"Naah...you are not rich yet. I'm looking forward to hearing you have millions and millions in your account. Don't boast to me about that hundred thousand dollars in your account, that's like my weekly allowance."Zoey said glancing at Aubree.

"Asshole, you don't have to boast," Aubree said though not affected by Zoey's statement.

"I have to humble you bestie and with that, I am paying for everything. I'm treating now and for sure taking us on a damn date."Zoey said.

Aubree smiled knowing that she would say that at some point." thanks. I knew you can't let me pay not that I have much to pay for anything anyways."

"Next time you are treating though, you better have the money bitch."Zoey chuckled and Aubree chuckled too.

"Yeah...yeah... whatever. Don't you have sunglasses or something like that here?"Aubree asked looking back at the backseats and she was disappointed when she didn't find any.

"I didn't carry any today so bear with it, "Zoey said and they drove to the mall.

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