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Mr. Simrnoff

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"Just because I am being a little nice doesn't mean you gonna jump up on my head little Angel" his jaw was clenched and his eyes were holding so much darkness that for a second I thought I was standing in front of Lucifer himself, he had my hands pinned up on my head with his one hand. "Then let me go I will not sit up on your fucking head!" I snapped feeling irritated and frustrated because of his sick behavior saw something flashnto into his eyinto es and suddenly his free hand was around my throat, my eyes widened, He was choking me "Le..leave me", I said trying to get out of his hold but he let out a loud growl making me flinch I felt his hold getting tighter and tighter on my neck with each second. "Say you will be a fucking good girl and will listen to me," he said bringing his face near to mine, I could feel his hot breath tickling my nose and his scary face through my teary eyes, I bite down at my lips but didn't repeat that he wanted me to do, it made him even more pissed "SAY IT!" He shouted making me flinch as the oxygen supply started to decrease, "i... I will listen" I managed to say as tears ran down my cheeks, Why? Why do I have to meet this monster again? I just wanted to live a normal life was it too much to ask for? "Good" he muttered slowly releasing me from his death grip, I instantly fell into a fit of coughs and slumped down on the floor gasping

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sophie jane
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"Sir we are standing in front of his house right now," a man all covered in black informed the person on the other end through the earpiece, the man on the other end dabbed his used-up cigarette on the ashtray before throwing it into the dustbin behind the chair getting up on his feet.

"Prodolzhat" his low throaty voice responded through the line and that guy nodded in response holding his gun in his both gloves covered hands and turned lightly to his left looking at the other three men standing right behind him with weapons in their hands, they were wearing the same type of clothing and their bodies were properly built. He signaled them to move towards the house in front of them with his head and they all nodded in response before running past him towards the dark brown front door of the beautiful-looking house.

( Go on)

"Ya shochu yego zhivym" the man on the other end sounded a little pissed as he spoke again, he tightened his hold on his gun before giving a slight okay with a nod and ran towards the other guys, they stood in front of the door looking at each other, they were wearing a mask which was covering their half face from nose to down their necks, one of them reached down in his pocket and bought some keys out passing it to the guy with green eyes on the right side, he grabbed the keys and picked one out of them before pushing it into the hole and turning it around, after a while, a click sounded in the dark silent place, the door was open.

(I want him alive)

It was around three in the morning still dark outside, it was all silent, people were sleeping soundly in their places, they opened the door softly, entering inside making sure their feet doesn't make much sound before gently closing the door behind their backs, the same guy with green eyes directed them to split up with his left hand so that they could easily scan the whole house. They all nodded before splitting and walking in different directions.

Two of them checked the bottom floor, from the kitchen to almost everywhere but nothing at all while the other two walked upstairs in hope that they will find what they were looking for there, both of them started searching the rooms, the one who was talking to his boss on the phone entered the second room in the hallway quickly pointing his gun on the bed as soon as the door opened but it was empty, he turned on the light and looked around in the room. Some pictures were hanging on the walls and the bed was looking like nobody ever touched it, he clenched his jaw in anger when he realized that maybe that motherfucker never came here or maybe it was wrong information. Something was wrong but he couldn't put his finger on it until he heard a voice coming from his behind.

"Who are you?" He heard a soft tired voice say from behind which made him jump slightly as his eyes widened and he turned around on his feet pointing his gun towards the little figure who was standing at the doorstep, his eyes scanned her up and down until they rested on her face, she was looking like she just woke up from her sleep, her eyes half closed and her hair slightly messed up, white PJs and a cute bunny stuffy in her left arm, she rubbed her right eye with her palm and yawned as she tried to make sense of what was happening around her. Her face held a small frown and a soft sleepy pout.

He watched her with a cocked eyebrow, he wasn't expecting something like this to appear in front of him.

"Sir" he whispered behind his mask into the earpiece, the man on the other end hummed in response, he licked his lips before speaking.

"I...I think we have a little problem here."

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